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Violent Jews set Palestinian school on fire

Violent, heavily armed Jewish squatters constantly harass students of the school, whether on the way to or from school. In their minds, neither the Palestinian students or teachers have a soul (are soulless animals), are polluting “their” land and they are within their moral guidelines to harass, injure or even kill them. Such is the ideology of Judaism and these violent Jews squatting in Palestine. The purpose of this attack is to deny Palestinian children education, to punish them for being born Palestinian as well as to exact revenge for the Palestinians who have the temerity to stay in their own land. Continue reading Violent Jews set Palestinian school on fire

Fance may ban Jewish terrorist group

When a group bombs, intimidates, assassinates people it doesn’t like, that’s properly called terrorism. But some places have hesitated to call out Jews when they commit terrorist acts or Jewish organisations that commit terrorism. The JDL has been designated as a terrorist organisation in the United States and France may be the next country to properly call out Jewish terrorism. Continue reading Fance may ban Jewish terrorist group

Playing both ends – expand invasion, ask for ceasefire

Although it seems insane, it’s quite the Talmudic method of behaviour and negotiation: ask for something you want while appearing to do the opposite. Israel is losing: “soldiers,” equipment, enormous amounts of money in its economy, and international support. And despite the braggadocio of its leaders, it desperately needs a ceasefire. So the prime minister approached the American Secretary of State John Kerry and asked him to procure one, albeit one in which the Jewish military state gets to continue to oppress Gaza and continue the siege. At the same time, the cabinet was meeting and decided to call up 16000 additional reservists for a total of 86000 “soldiers” to widen the invasion of Gaza. Because 70000 clearly isn’t enough. It has admitted defeat. Continue reading Playing both ends – expand invasion, ask for ceasefire

Karama al-Hashlamon found burned to death near Hebron

This is not an aberration. it is not the first time. There have been multiple kidnapping attempts by vengeful Jews [and see here, here and here] in order to maim, torture and kill Palestinians out of impotent rage that their military is inferior to Palestinian resistance. Continue reading Karama al-Hashlamon found burned to death near Hebron

Israel’s goal in Gaza: irreparable damage, unlivable

I’m not sure how many commentaries I have read about the genocidal project in Gaza, but none have made the connections to the true aim of Israel. Sure, some have discussed targeting civilians, infrastructure and so on, but not the real goal. Israel cannot any longer claim it is about rockets – their main airport was shut down and they wept and wailed about how safe it is to fly into it. It can no longer claim it is about tunnels, since all the targets have been civilian and above ground. It isn’t about a political party, Hamas, either. It is also not just about domination, revenge or oppression. It cannot actually kill every Gazan, nor can it deport them. But it can make Gaza utterly irreparable, unable to support the almost 2 million souls who live there. Continue reading Israel’s goal in Gaza: irreparable damage, unlivable

Did you miss it? al-Qassam televised statement, video, photos

“When you are strong, appear weak. When weak, appear strong,” says Sun Tzu. Certain persons have studied this and it is obvious the enemy Jewish military state has not! Its inherent weakness is being laid bare for all to see. It sends in toy “soldiers” to fight men, and it cannot win, so it takes revenge on women and children and elderly. It is dishonourable and despicable. But the people’s resistance, al-Qassam and other factions fight with honour – they fight only the enemy “soldiers” not civilians, even when they have the chance to do so. There was a televised statement by Mohammad Deif, commander of the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, at 10 p.m. local time with a lot of surprises! What follows is a translation (thanks to Ahmad Nimer, @ANimer), a video and some photos. Continue reading Did you miss it? al-Qassam televised statement, video, photos

Confirmation: Israel’s losing so wants ceasefire to save face

I an others have repeatedly stated that the impetus for the ceasefires has come from Israel because it is losing. It wrote the “Egyptian proposal” while the world ignores the reasonable requirements Hamas put for that are legally consistent with UN Security Council resolutions and international law. Israel has no real other option but to acquire a ceasefire at this point. It has widened the scope of its genocidal project in Gaza, destroyed the civil infrastructures (water, power -including bombing the fuel tanks last night- grid, lines and power plant, sewage treatment, post offices, ministries of finance and agriculture, banks, agricultural land, schools, hospitals and clinics) out of pure spite in order to render Gaza utterly unlivable and ungovernable. And even that vengeful frenzy of destruction has not broken Gazan people or their resistance. The Jewish military state is sustaining heavy losses of its “soldiers” – over 100, though its military censors are keeping that number out of the Israeli and Jewish media) and equipment. Its economy is seriously suffering: trade is down over 40%, billions lost from tourism and manufacturing; Chile suspended all trade and Maldives has formally announced a total boycott. The international condemnation of the Jewish military state is reaching new heights as is its isolation with various governments fielding requests to follow suit. Even the Americans are disgusted. The public is getting, really for the first time, a glimpse of the utter nastiness of the genocidal campaign and seeing Palestinians as people instead of terrorist monsters that eat babies at midnight.

In a 29 July article on the Israeli daily Yedioth Ahronoth it is admitted that the prime minister Netanyahu is the one who is attempting to reach a ceasefire agreement, while attempting at the same time to project the ever-more ridiculous image of strength. Strong countries do not target women and children. This is an admission of defeat: it cannot ever bomb Palestinian resistance into nothingness. Every bomb dropped, every mother and child and grandparent that it murders ensures the resistance becomes stronger. And that strength is real, perhaps not with F16s but inside, where it counts. When one is killed, 50 will rise up in its place, which is what terrifies Israel and its Jewish population, which is why it is targeting women: women bear children; and children: because they grow up remembering the wrongs and will become the resistance when they are old enough.

That is why Israel is already defeated, no matter how much foreign aid the Americans give it.

Death toll of Israeli soldiers on the rise, equipment losses mount

It’s dangerous to believe one’s own propaganda, and the Jewish population in Israel has no other conception. It believes all its own myths and participates in retelling and reinforcing them. And the devastation felt at the deaths of its best “soldiers,” losses of tanks and American-donated fighter jets, serious damage inside their country is quite upsetting. They believed they could ‘eliminate Hamas in 12 days’ but they were wrong. Continue reading Death toll of Israeli soldiers on the rise, equipment losses mount

If you thought massacre of civilians was revenge, you were right

As I’ve written repeatedly, the Jewish military state, with its American-donated hardware and foreign aid funds, is not a real military, it is not capable of fighting trained, armed men: other soldiers. It is only used to dropping bombs from the skies in F16s and F22s and drones, shooting boys with rocks or activists with flags or cameras. But when it is faced with trained and armed men, it can only lose. And it really, really hates to lose. It hates losing its “soldiers” to real soldiers in battle. So what does it do? What does it always do? It exacts a toll, it takes revenge, and it does so in the most craven, despicable manner reserved for the lowest of the low: it kills women, children and the elderly and then blames its victims. Continue reading If you thought massacre of civilians was revenge, you were right

Lynching outside of Jerusalem

Not content with killing women and children and elderly in Gaza, the violent Jewish settler colonists, apparently unsettled by last night and tonight’s continuing uprising, have attacked two Palestinian men outside of Jerusalem.

IPS special unit assaults Palestinian prisoners

Just when you think it cannot go any lower, it does. the air assault on Gaza failed. The ground invasion of Gaza is failing – their expensive equipment is being destroyed, soldiers killed and taken prisoner, their “best” soldiers are bested by Palestinian resistance. World opinion is turning rapidly against the Jewish military state. They are getting humiliated. The Palestinians in the ‘West Bank’ are getting uppity and unruly. So the ethno-supremacists inside Israel turn to their captives, many who are held without charge. This shows the level of intense fury and spirit of vengeance so central to the society inside the Jewish military state. Continue reading IPS special unit assaults Palestinian prisoners

Strategic expert: Netanyahu ordered the ground operation because aerial strikes failed

As the illusion of Jewish military “might” crumbles, it is left to make foolish and short-sighted decisions: strategic mistakes. The centrality of vengeance and revenge to the Jewish consciousness is not readily understood by the majority of Gentiles, nevertheless a cursory review of history bears this point out and it becomes clear. The blood-lust for Palestinian deaths and gore-worship has been mentioned, and it is even the subject of a CNN clip. The reporter tweeted an honest statement and was promptly reassigned to Russia for her journalistic ethics. But that is the Jewish-owned and dominated Western media modus operandi. And that is not the only journalist removed for conveying too much truth. It is essential that truths be kept out of the media to retain and reinforce the myths and illusions that have kept the Jewish military state going. And there is not just blood-lust, vengeance and revenge at play, but panic as well. Continue reading Strategic expert: Netanyahu ordered the ground operation because aerial strikes failed

Gaza: this shameful injustice will only end if the cost of it rises

Faced with growing unity and collective realisation by Palestinians that the feckless Mahmoud Abbas and his Fatah party only contribute to the Jewish military state and make their lives worse every day, Netanyahu and the government choose genocide in Gaza to distract attention, divide the new unity government and punish both Hamas and Palestinians. But without actual cost to the Jewish military state, it will continue the slaughter of civilians in Gaza. But with the protection of the Americans, can and will this actually force an end to this nightmare? Continue reading Gaza: this shameful injustice will only end if the cost of it rises

Israel’s war on civilisation

It should be clear by now the inherent weakness of the Jewish military state, despite its military hardware donated by the Americans. Its own society is putrid from the inside, rotting from ethnic-supremacism, Gentile-hatred, existence founded upon myths of its own making and perceptions based upon a mountain of lies. Now gathered together, Jews prey upon each other with organised crime pervasive, no one wants to be a “frier” (a ‘mark’ or ‘sucker’ in Hebrew), and corruption is off the scale. “Finish ’48” is the mantra of the right-wing majority, alluding to the ethnic cleansing and massacres Jewish terrorists performed in 1948. So it must kill, and kill, and kill every day: destroy the ancient and beautiful, mature civilisation of Palestine out of fear, spite and pure malevolence. How Talmudic. Continue reading Israel’s war on civilisation

Living in a state of fear: The rising spectre of vengeance attacks on the Palestinian population

Vengeance and revenge is central part of the Jewish consciousness in the Jewish military state. it is not limited to the current situation, as racist attacks have been ongoing and are ugly, violent and hidden from the Gentile world by the Jewish-owned and dominated media. Pogroms occur. In the Jewish military state, one doesn’t have to hide racism, there is no fear of prosecution for violent attacks on Gentiles and one knows that the government supports this. This is spreading outside of Israel. Continue reading Living in a state of fear: The rising spectre of vengeance attacks on the Palestinian population

Three of the butchers of Abu Khdeir confess, eldest will plead ‘mental illness’ in defense

The savage revenge-murder of Mohammad Abu Khdeir, 16, by violent Jewish settler colonists rocked all of Palestine to the core. Learning the details of his demise was even more shocking, but then once found, several of the confessed murderers have been remanded to ‘house arrest’ (with no guard of course) until their trial. And that was another outrage. Now we find another level of duplicity and deviousness in this sordid, tragic affair: the eldest confessed murderer will plead ‘mental illness’ defense to escape punishment, assisted by an organization that receives grants from the Americans. The cousin of Mohammad, Tariq, a Palestinian-American on holiday in al-Quds/Jerusalem, was brutally beaten by violent Jewish police while watching a demonstration from his relatives’ yard, and then made to pay the Jews a fine! The Jews in Israel will desperately want to acquit their fellows of the tribe, to help them escape what passes for Justice there, due to the fact that not only do the people condone and celebrate that act of horrific revenge-murder, but no matter what they say in public the leaders do, too. There seems to be no end to the depravity of this “shitty little country,” as a famous Frenchman called it. Continue reading Three of the butchers of Abu Khdeir confess, eldest will plead ‘mental illness’ in defense

ProPublica: US Funding Defense of Suspected Killers of Mohamad Abu Khdeir

A controversial Israeli organization that is representing the six men recently arrested [confessed, and subsequently released to house arrest] in the recent revenge killing of a Palestinian teenager [Mohamad Abu Khdeir] is receiving thousands of dollars in tax-deductible support from Americans. The group, called Honenu (which roughly translates to “pardon”), supports Israelis charged with or convicted of violence against Palestinians. Continue reading ProPublica: US Funding Defense of Suspected Killers of Mohamad Abu Khdeir

Photo Confirmed: Sick Jews Cheer Massacres in Gaza as Spectators

A photo has made its way around on Twitter that purported to show some really sick Jews sitting in lawn chairs in Sderot cheering on the bomb blasts ripping apart bodies of little children and disabled people in Gaza. But until now, I wasn’t sure if it was genuine. It is, as the Jerusalem Post confirms. Continue reading Photo Confirmed: Sick Jews Cheer Massacres in Gaza as Spectators

Israel’s Self Constructed Image is Crumbling

5 July, 2014 Palestine Chronicle
The reignited cycle of violence in Palestine and Israel provides the Israeli government with exactly what it has been begging for months for, violence. However, for once, Israel may be facing a new fact of life—as the sole military power in the conflict, it has the full ability to start a widespread campaign of violence, but it may no longer be the party who single-handedly decides how it ends. This particular round of violence has the potential to surprisingly end with political progress towards peace. Continue reading Israel’s Self Constructed Image is Crumbling

Butcher’s Bill Passes 120 as Israel Continues Gaza Slaughter

As both the UNOCHA and Ministry of Health have stated, over 70% of injuries are women and children. Israel’s aim is to make resistance to Jewish domination so painful that the population will rise up against Hamas and other militias, which according to the Laws of War have the absolute legal right to engage in armed resistance. That is unlikely to happen. As the death toll rises, the Palestinians get angry with Israel, not themselves. The Jewish military will continue on, but at its own peril. Apparently Israel is shocked at the level of resistance thus far, but it should prepare for more since Palestine will never, ever give up nor give in to Jewish domination, oppression and theft of its land and legal territory. Continue reading Butcher’s Bill Passes 120 as Israel Continues Gaza Slaughter

Israel Awakens the Palestine It Tried to Crush

11 July, 2014 Palestine Chronicle
When the bodies of three Israeli settlers – two teenagers, Aftali Frenkel and Gilad Shaar, both 16, and Eyal Yifrach, 19 – were found on 30 June near Hebron in the southern West Bank, Israel went into a state of mourning and a wave of sympathy flowed from around the world. The three had disappeared 18 days earlier in circumstances that remain unclear. Continue reading Israel Awakens the Palestine It Tried to Crush

Israeli PM vows there will be more air strikes on Gaza

Netanyahu shrugs off foreign criticism after top UN human rights official warns that air strikes could violate international law
11 July, 2014 The Guardian
The UN’s top human rights official has called for an investigation into Israeli air strikes on Gaza, on the grounds that the targeting of Palestinian homes – resulting in a high death toll among civilians, particularly children – could violate international law. Continue reading Israeli PM vows there will be more air strikes on Gaza

Israel’s Operation Stone Age

10 July, 2014 Middle East Monitor
Summer Rains, Autumn Clouds, Hot Winter, Cast Lead, Returning Echo, Pillar of Defence [in Jewish media in Hebrew it was “pillar of smoke” -ed] and now Protective Edge. The names of Israel’s assaults on Gaza are a fantasy, an exercise in make believe. They buy Israel neither peace nor deterrence. Continue reading Israel’s Operation Stone Age

Israeli Lynch Mobs

Banality of the West
10 July, 2014, Counterpunch
On June 30th, 2014, the bodies of three kidnapped Jewish-Israeli settler colonist boys, Naftali Frankel, Gilad Shaar and Eyal Yifrach, were found in a shallow grave. In response, Israeli authorities and vigilantes killed ten Palestinians, “including at least three children, a pregnant woman, and a mentally ill man.” Recently, Israeli officials arrested six Jewish suspects in the kidnapping and murder of a 16-year-old Palestinian boy, reportedly as “extremist revenge” for the prior kidnapping and murder. Around the same time, two videos surfaced on social media showing the brutalization of Black American women by American police. In one, a professor is arrested and beaten for jaywalking and in the other an older Black woman is severely beaten. Continue reading Israeli Lynch Mobs

Gaza Mother Dies Shielding Children from Israeli Attack

11 July, 2014 Ma’an

Hamad family mourning Maan
Hamad family mourning Maan

Suha Hamad, 25, sacrificed herself to save the lives of her four children.

All the children survived but one of them, a toddler, is in the ICU.

Suha took her last breath saving their lives; when the power went out at 11 p.m. Tuesday night Suha took three of her children to sleep the night in the room. She thought it was the safest in the house, their grandmother’s, when she went back to get her four-month-old baby. Continue reading Gaza Mother Dies Shielding Children from Israeli Attack

968 Palestinian Civilians Rounded up Since Launch of IOF Arrest Campaign

Before the “missing” Jewish settler colonists’ bodies were found, Israel could pretend that its mass-arrest campaign was ostensibly geared towards finding the settler colonists. But the entire world knows that a kidnapping is a crime, and crimes are solved by investigations conducted by police, which is a civilian institution. Armies do not solve crimes. Large-scale military revenge-round ups are not investigations, so the world wasn’t fooled by this pretence. Now that the bodies were found, Israel’s Jewish military is continuing it’s mass-arrest campaign, showing quite clearly that it never had anything to do with the “missing” Jewish settler colonists at all, but was -and is- targeted at any Palestinians that are members of, affiliated with or have any affinity with Hamas, to cause a split in the new unity government, and targeted toward any Palestinian that is uppity enough to not lie down and take the occupation politely and ask for more repression, oppression, humiliation, home demolitions, administrative detention, assassination and lack of dignity from the Jewish military occupation. Even the Americans are starting to see the light. Continue reading 968 Palestinian Civilians Rounded up Since Launch of IOF Arrest Campaign

Humanitarian Crisis Imminent: Gaza Municipality Facilities Destroyed by Airstrikes


It is a war crime (violation of the Laws of War) to target civilians, civilian infrastructure and facilities providing medical aid and hospitals. This in a long list of Israeli war crimes committed by its Jewish military. These destroyed facilities will cause a severe humanitarian crisis as it significantly exacerbates the destruction is has wrought in its previous slaughtering and devastation in Gaza in previous wars on the trapped civilian population in the world’s largest open-air prison. The world must act to stop Israel. Continue reading Humanitarian Crisis Imminent: Gaza Municipality Facilities Destroyed by Airstrikes

Terrifying Tweets of pre-Army Jewish Israeli Teens


This article showcases a number of ‘tweets’ of Jewish Israelis who not only celebrate the massacre of innocent civilian Gazans slaughtered by the Jewish military, but also profess their undying hatred of this particular group of Gentiles and their lust for maximum carnage and death, revenge and genocide. Par for the course in Israel, where racism and bigotry are rampant, and accepted; they don’t even have to hide it in Israel. Wherever do they get such ideas as you will see below? Why, it’s from their holiest text, the Talmud. It is inculcated from a young age amongst even secular Jews and not geographically limited to Israel. Continue reading Terrifying Tweets of pre-Army Jewish Israeli Teens