Abu Khdeir family home - he was victim of Jewish terrorism

Israeli Police to Release Suspected Killers of Abu Khdeir

While Israel is revenge-bombing and slaughtering innocents in Gaza, has rounded up around 800 Palestinians in the ‘West Bank’ it sees fit to release to house arrest its own Jewish terrorist settler colonists that are ‘suspected’ (several actually confessed that they made Mohammad Abu Khdeir drink petrol, doused him with it and set him on fire) of the gruesome, heinous torture and murder. This is typical of Israel and its treatment of most Jewish criminals – they aren’t actually confined to their homes (not guarded) and are therefore free to commit more revenge-kidnapping of Palestinian children. The lesson is that Jewish terrorism is acceptable within Israel.

1 July, 2014 PIC
Israeli police is to release three of the six settlers who confessed to the killing of the Palestinian boy Mohammed Abu Khdeir.

Hebrew daily Yediot Ahronot said on Thursday that the police will put the three under house arrest. The six settlers are charged with burning the boy alive.

The suspects have had close ties for many years. Among those still in custody is one 30-year-old who is suspected of driving the car during Abu Khdeir’s abduction. According to those who know him, he is a dominant character that has a great degree of influence on others.

The other two still in custody are 16-year-old teens that played an active role in the murder. Relatives of the two have been recently questioned in order to determine whether the two aided in the murder, and whether they acted to hide their tracks.

The three suspects who were set to be released have denied any involvement in the murder, and they have already met with their lawyers, provided for them by Honenu, an organization offering legal assistance to Jewish security prisoners

The six suspects, from the Jerusalem area, were arrested on Saturday and Sunday. Investigation raised the suspicion that some of them have planned the murder in advance, arrived in Beit Hanina last Wednesday in the early morning hours, kidnapped 16-year-old Abu Khdeir, tied him up in the forest outside Jerusalem and burned him to death. The murder was nationalistically motivated.

They are suspected of being members of a terror organizations, being members of a forbidden organization, abduction for the sake of murder, the murder of a minor, conspiring to commit a crime, possession of weapons and ammunition and committing a crime motivated by racism. One of them confessed and implicated the others.


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