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Israel desperate to avoid war crimes charges

Despite the fact that the patron of “Israel,” the USA, are not a ratified signatory of the Rome Statute, “Israel” have begged its patron to help it avoid war crimes charges. And it has employed other means designed to avoid the ICC as well: initiation of its own Commission of Inquiry, which of course will find no unlawful acts or wrongdoing. And that COI will drag on for years, hoping the world will forget the barbarity of the genocidal project on Gaza. We won’t. Continue reading Israel desperate to avoid war crimes charges

Rights are not negotiable

It’s absolutely baffling that anyone would accept the “Israeli” narrative and assertion that anyone’s political, social or human rights must be negotiated. Rights exist, and are also enshrined in law. Rights are not subject to the whims of this country or that. It is the height of arrogance to demand that the State of Palestine and the Palestinian people compromise with the occupying power and cede not only territory in the State of Palestine but inherent rights. It is not a requirement of law anywhere to cede rights of a State or people or individual to anyone or any country.  And it is detached from law, common sense and morality for anyone to expect Palestine to accept the absurd demand of its occupier and oppressor. Continue reading Rights are not negotiable

“Day of Rage” across world shows overwhelming support for Gaza

Now the governments of the world have no illusions as to the wishes of the populace they govern. We demand the end to the siege of Gaza, to the genocide, to the occupation of Palestine and full sovereignty. And will not be silent, we will not rest until that occurs. No amount of Jewish pressure and lobbies drown out the sound of our call for Palestinian freedom. We demand the end to “Israeli” impunity, to hold it accountable for its many crimes. Continue reading “Day of Rage” across world shows overwhelming support for Gaza

As ICC case looms, Israel panicking and preparing its defense

According to published reports, Prime Minister Netanyahu implored a delegation of “Israel-firster” lawmakers from America to help keep his country out of the ICC. No doubt the contingent of willing traitors will do their utmost to accommodate him. Meanwhile the military of his country is said to be “gearing up” for the imminent war crimes case at the Hague. Continue reading As ICC case looms, Israel panicking and preparing its defense

Gaza: Were war crimes committed by Israel or not?

Gaza - tiny little boy trying to be brave by himselfWhile most people have never heard of the Laws of War, it is an instinctual reaction to recoil in horror from the barbaric and savage attacks “Israel” has wrought upon Gaza. Intentional destruction of civil infrastructure, attacking protected civil facilities such as hospitals, schools, banks and mosques, as well as outright targeting of civilians are obviously objectively and morally wrong, laws or no laws. Every parent who sees the images of dead children, injured and terrified children and ponders how many are now homeless and orphaned cannot help but be moved. But there are laws that govern conduct in wars, and all countries and parties to a conflict (in the case of non-state actors, and in this case of a non-sovereign State of Palestine). Violation of these laws are war crimes. But what to the experts say about “Israel’s” choice of targets and slaughtering of entire families? As the State of Palestine is poised to accede to the Rome Statute and drag “Israel” to the Hague, their insight, knowledge and opinions are timely and informative. Continue reading Gaza: Were war crimes committed by Israel or not?

Lack of cooperation with investigation won’t protect Israel from ICC

The Foreign Ministry of “Israel” has advised Prime Minister Netanyahu not to cooperate with any UN investigation into war crimes the country committed in its genocidal project in Gaza. But this tactic will not shield the military state from prosecution of war crimes. In fact, the overt lack of cooperation shows the need to hide information that show war crimes were committed. Continue reading Lack of cooperation with investigation won’t protect Israel from ICC

Gaza: UNOCHA report 2 August

Following yesterday’s collapse of a 72-hour humanitarian cease-fire brokered by the UN and the USA, hostilities intensified. The Rafah area in southern Gaza was subject to the heaviest shelling and fighting recorded since the start of the emergency, as well as the advancement of Israeli forces westwards into the most densely populated areas. According to Israeli media reports, these developments took place in the context of the Israeli army’s attempts to locate a soldier missing in action and reported to have been captured. Continue reading Gaza: UNOCHA report 2 August

Gaza: the Laws of War in context

It is said that “truth is the first casualty of war.” Every war sees propaganda put out by each party for domestic consumption, enemy consumption (comprising an aspect of psychological warfare), and international consumption, and this recent genocidal project is no different. But noticeably absent from any commentary or news reporting is how the Laws of War are being followed or broken. Accusations without evidence simply constitute propaganda, however, there is ample evidence of violations of the Laws of War in this genocidal war on Gaza that Israel call in Hebrew “Operation Strong Cliff.” Continue reading Gaza: the Laws of War in context

Israel fears investigation, and it should

What Israel dreads almost as much as loss of American military and financial support and diplomatic protection is investigation into its acts in Gaza and the ‘West Bank’ of Palestine. There is ample evidence of war crimes such as targeting undefended civilian dwellings and protected facilities (medical and UN schools), using banned weapons such as DIME and flechette shells. And there is also ample evidence of crimes against humanity. Somehow Israel managed to get itself on the Human Rights Council, but it shouldn’t be mistaken that it can derail investigations into its bad acts. Continue reading Israel fears investigation, and it should

Israel to humanitarians: Why don’t you support our genocide in Gaza?

Always the victim even, and especially, whilst victimising Others. Sure, almost two thousand have been killed, but there are still almost two million left to kill in Gaza! Sure we keep changing the ostensible reason for making war on the population we have under siege, but we’re the victims here! The psychopathology of the rotting Jewish society in Israel has been exposed several times, but none more clearly than a plea to the humanitarians in the world support its genocide in Gaza. Continue reading Israel to humanitarians: Why don’t you support our genocide in Gaza?

World getting fed up: Israel declared a terrorist state

The barbarity ans savagery of the genocidal campaign on Gaza has not escaped notice. While Western governments, notably in the EU and of course the Americans are in thrall to zionists, Latin America is not. They have condemned in no uncertain terms the disgusting carnage that is not only inflicted by the Jewish military state, but cheered by its Jewish citizenry. Finally, it has been declared what it truly is: a terrorist state. Continue reading World getting fed up: Israel declared a terrorist state

Gaza: Red Crescent building attacked

Civil infrastructure, schools, hospitals/clinics/disabled and elder-care facilities, mosques and churches, graveyards and now the Red Crescent has been attacked by the genocidal maniacs in American-donated F16s. In their determination to make Gaza unlivable and irreparable, it has created beyond crisis condition in the healthcare system, water system and internally displaced persons. Now it is targeting healthcare persons and offices. Continue reading Gaza: Red Crescent building attacked

UNRWA school shelter bombing: it was no mistake

“Didn’t know it was a school sheltering civilians”? No. “Didn’t know it was there”? No. “Errant ‘khamas’ missile”? No. None of the lies and excuses so often put forward by Israel will suffice. No one believes them any more. In fact, the “precision” about which it has boasted is now an indictment on its intent to commit war crimes. It was given the precise coordinates to the UNRWA school in Jabiliya at total of seventeen times. The Jewish military state targeted and attacked it intentionally, and precisely. This makes the fifth sixth school it has precisely targeted and attacked. Continue reading UNRWA school shelter bombing: it was no mistake

MSF: Patching up torture victims in an open-air prison

Governments in thrall to zionism or blackmailed into support by the American NSA kindly giving all raw data to Israel, hold back when the Jewish military state commits wanton destruction and war crimes in Gaza. But doctors don’t have those constraints. And doctors are horrified by this ugly situation in “the world’s largest open-air prison.”  Médicins Sans Frontières has relayed this in stark, honest fashion. Continue reading MSF: Patching up torture victims in an open-air prison

Gaza: UNOCHA Emergency Situation Report 29 July

29 July, 2014
The Gaza emergency enters its fourth week amidst a severe deterioration in the humanitarian situation. Last night witnessed one of the heaviest Israeli bombardments so far, resulting in dozen of additional civilian fatalities along with widespread destruction of civilian property. An external wall of Shifa, the largest hospital in the Gaza Strip, was hit and damaged, and another UNRWA staff member was killed, mounting to five UNRWA staff killed so far. Continue reading Gaza: UNOCHA Emergency Situation Report 29 July

Policy Statement, State of Palestine Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Palestine continues to struggle with mourning, grief, and loss. However, The Palestinian people remain proud, refusing to surrender to humiliation, murder, and wanton destruction that is borne out of racism and fueled by a resounding international failure of morals and responsibility. Continue reading Policy Statement, State of Palestine Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Gaza: Let’s talk about war crimes

Hospitals, medics/ambulances, and rescuers. Schools. Mosques. Undefended civilian dwellings. Civilians fleeing on the street. Children playing on the beach and a playground. Those are all protected facilities and buildings, prohibited to attack them according to the Laws of War, Article 25 and 27. Using banned weapons such as white phosphorous, DIME and flechette shells are prohibited by the Laws of War Article 23. Civilians are also not legitimate military targets. Civilians, especially children, and media are not legitimate military targets and are protected by the Geneva Conventions. There are many good people that are documenting the war crimes and crimes against humanity that Israel, the Jewish military state, is committing in Gaza that will be presented to the ICC. Continue reading Gaza: Let’s talk about war crimes

ICRC Update 27 July

The conflict now under way affecting the Gaza Strip and Israel is exacting an appalling price from the civilian population. While attempting to reach all people in need of help, humanitarian workers themselves face acute security risks. A Palestinian Red Crescent volunteer was killed as he attempted to treat wounded people in Khuzaa, south of Gaza City, on 25 July. Other paramedic volunteers who tried to rescue him were also targeted, making it impossible to bring him to hospital in time. Another volunteer was killed and three others wounded in Beit Hanoun earlier the same day. Continue reading ICRC Update 27 July

IOF soldiers violate ceasefire, fire at ambulance cars

Israeli occupation forces (IOF) violated the humanitarian ceasefire on Saturday morning and fired at Palestinian citizens and ambulance cars while trying to enter Khuza’a town to the east of Khan Younis. And 11 hours into the 12-hour ceasefire, the IOF finally allows medics in without attacking them. Continue reading IOF soldiers violate ceasefire, fire at ambulance cars

Video: Tactics and ethics of of warfare on PBS

This PBS Newshour segement reflect’s PBS’s concern wiht the “growing number of casualties in the battle between Israel and Hamas” which “raised questions about the tactics being used by both sides.” Judy Woodruff invites Jadaliyya Co-Editor Noura Erakat of George Mason University and Amos Guiora of the University of Utah to discuss and debate accusations that “Hamas is using civilians as human shields and the ethics of targeting civilian areas.”

The video speaks for itself

Let it end: ceasefire without end of seige is useless

It really isn’t too much to ask. Palestine is a separate country, no many how many deranged people say it isn’t, or wish it wasn’t. And as a state, it is entitled to sovereignty and not be under the Jewish jackboot of oppression, occupation and siege. This is recognized worldwide, though the Americans for some reason insist on allowing its client state to violate all international laws and norms. This is ending. Continue reading Let it end: ceasefire without end of seige is useless

Gaza: Beit Hanoun hospital under direct attack

War planes are attacking the hospital in Beit Hanoun. International activists report:

FINALLY! Case filed in ICC against Israel

Though the State of Palestine still has no acceded the Rome Statute, a case on behalf of Palestine has been filed by a French barrister. This comes after the UN Human Rights Commissioner, Navi Pillay, warned this week Israel may be committing war crimes in Gaza, and 4 UNRWA schools have been intentionally attacked by the Jewish military state in 4 days. The massacres in Shujiaya and Khan Younis as well as Kuza’a will be very damning. Continue reading FINALLY! Case filed in ICC against Israel

Gaza: Cast Lead Redux – UN School housing refugees


In a horrible repetition, the UN school housing refugees who fled their homes in Beit Hanoun, Northern Gaza, has been bombed.  Many dead, many more wounded. This is what Gazans feared: If they follow the ‘ advice’  of the Jewish military state and leave their homes, that they would be killed in the ‘ safe place’ anyway.

Continue reading Gaza: Cast Lead Redux – UN School housing refugees

Make your voice heard on Gaza

Despite worldwide protests featuring hundreds of thousands in each country, our governments haven’t listened. Or they heard but continue the same philo-judaic or pro-Israel genocide party line. This has to do with intelligence and geopolitical factors. They don’t listen to the ‘little people’ but maybe they will listen to professions? It’s worth a chance, and only takes a moment. It surely cannot hurt. Continue reading Make your voice heard on Gaza

Gaza: There is no justification for this

Not content with the massacre at Shujaiya and Toffah, Israel turned its attention to Khan Younis, the site of heavy shelling for many days. The famous “warnings” are awfully selective when it plans to commit war crimes such as targeting an undefended civilian dwelling (Laws of War Article 25), and are mostly for PR purposes. The elimination of civilians, whole families included, is not just war – it is population control and psychological warfare. It wants Palestinians in Gaza to realise there is no safe place, your home is insecure, we can and will kill you whenever we want so you should submit to our domination and oppression. Or better yet, leave so we can move Jews into the ancient and beautiful Gaza. Israel will target any place, filled with civilians or not, to kill one in the resistance, for it cannot brook any resistance – it is determined to dominate and dispossess. Continue reading Gaza: There is no justification for this

Gaza: Medics again denied entry- now in Khan Younis

The invading military has declared Khan Younis a “closed military zone” after heavy and sustained shelling and are not allowing medics entry to collect the wounded and dead. Reports of ‘tens’ of injuries and many dead in Khuza’a, but of course despite many calls to medics, they are unable to reach the victims.