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Gaza ceasefire: the terms and the stakes

Despite having an advanced, American-donated military, dutiful puppets in governments worldwide and a patron with veto-power in the United Nations Security Council, “Israel” still lost. It wrought massive and far reaching destruction of infrastructure as well as agricultural lands, homes and historic mosques. It made roughly half a million Palestinians in Gaza homeless, killed over 2100, wiped out nearly 100 families entirely and made almost two thousand children orphans. But it could not break Gaza. It did not destroy all or even a significant fraction of tunnels, nor the ability of resistance in Gaza to respond to its barbaric savagery. It also committed blatant war crimes in full view of the world, which will be impossible to explain away. The International Criminal Court will not accept cartoons as proof, nor will the pretext that over 10000 houses all had rocket launchers inside in the kitchens. The enormity and savagery of the genocide shocked the conscience of the world in a way that other conflicts haven’t and brought millions out into the streets to demand their governments stop capitulating to Jewish power politics and lobbies. The public of the world was horrified, disgusted and enraged that the population of the largest open-air prison in the world was subject to such brutality with nary a peep from the UN or our governments, most particularly the Americans (whose public, despite being larger than Britain’s, did not take to the streets en masse). Regardless, the southland of “Israel” was shut down, as was its airport and large sections of its economy, most notably tourism. And while Jewish media in “Israel” try to put a happy face and bluster with typical bravado about how ‘the khamas was khumiliated’ not even the Jewish public believes it. So after the retired American Marines General John Allen, former former commander of US forces in Afghanistan, arrived on an unannounced visit Monday night, it was made clear to the lunatics running the asylum that is “Israel” that they really had no choice but to accept a truce since they could not, even after 51 days, militarily defeat Gazan resistance, and that the patron would not be able to shield the mad dog from the world any longer. Tuesday, 26 August it was announced that a ceasefire agreement had been reached to take effect that evening. So what did it say and what is at stake? As is par for the course in the Gordian knot that is the Middle East: everything and nothing and everything. Continue reading Gaza ceasefire: the terms and the stakes

Gaza collaborators eliminated to save lives

In most countries execution is the penalty for collaborating with the enemy during wartime. Collaborators are traitors who have the ability to endanger and even kill thousands, hundreds of thousands or millions. In Gaza, where the unemployment, poverty and food insecurity rates are staggering, thanks to the siege and destruction of factories and the economy, “Israel” exploits the hardships it created and dangles food, shekels or even life-saving medical procedures in return for collaboration. And collaboration starts small, but once the person accepts, it is ever-escalating betrayal of not just all Palestinians in Gaza, but in al-Quds/Jerusalem, the ‘West Bank,’ all in the diaspora, all who have been slain by brutal Jewish supremacists, and all Palestinians yet to be born. And this weighs heavily on the minds of most collaborators. They do have opportunities to turn themselves in and receive amnesty. Some do, many don’t. Those who don’t kill their brethren and their brethren’s children. So before recoiling in horror that collaborators are executed, please consider the situation in its totality, and put yourself in the shoes of a Palestinian in Gaza who cannot leave and is forced to endure savage massacres and hardships by the occupier, “Israel.” Continue reading Gaza collaborators eliminated to save lives

Israeli laments lack of inventiveness in torturing Palestine

“Israel” is bemoaning the lack of military victory over Palestinian resistance, despite the mechanised, high-tech American-donated armaments. The armament industry in “Israel” itself is big business. It takes armaments other countries have invented and changes them a bit, repackages them, tests them out of Gaza and then stamps them with “brand Israel.” This has been documented in “The Lab” and has been also published in “Israeli” media. But despite this, it still has no definitive military victory over Gaza, all the destruction of infrastructure and protected facilities notwithstanding. Great frustration is being expressed in the “Israeli” Jewish media that all the methods of torture and destruction of Gazans haven’t weakened Hamas or Palestinians in general and this is due to a “lack of creativity” on behalf of the military. Amazing. Continue reading Israeli laments lack of inventiveness in torturing Palestine

Uprising continues, clashes all over West Bank

Palestinians in the ‘West Bank’ are not lying down, not submitting to Jewish domination, oppression or occupation. A large protest at al-Khalil/Hebron resulted in clashes with IOF in which 40 have been injured thus far.

seven have been injured in clashes with the IOF in Safa, near Ramallah.

In Bethlehem, the IOF is shooting large amounts of tear gas at protesters. Two “Israeli” soldiers have been wounded at Rachel’s Tomb.

At Qalqialiya, 4 have been injured by IOF shooting live bullets.

Gaza: Truce over, no agreement reached, bombs falling again

They are having a hard time letting go of their captive and oppressed population. Those in power typically do not want to relinquish it, so freedom must be taken by force. The requirements presented to “Israel” in order for a long-term (10-year) ceasefire were simple, reasonable, logical and most importantly, in line with international law. “Israel’s” blockade (or siege, if you prefer) is illegal, as is the occupation of the ‘West Bank’ and all of al-Quds/Jerusalem. Negotiations in Cairo did not go well, as “Israel” was employing its Talmudic negotiation strategy and, as always, negotiating in bad faith. Towards the end of the ceasefire, it -also typical– employed a ‘false-flag’ attack on itself to get out of the negotiations. It has a history not only of doing things in bad faith, but for false flag attacks. So the bombs are falling once again. Continue reading Gaza: Truce over, no agreement reached, bombs falling again

Guernica in Gaza

Everyone knows that one little tiny desert state in the Mediterranean is the client state of the United States. Everyone knows that it is armed to the eyeballs, lavished obscene amounts of the tax-payers money and diplomatically shielded from any and all legal consequences in the fora designed to solve international disputes and hold bad actors accountable. Yes, I mean the Jewish military state. Everyone also knows that the client state has also been shielded from actually having to behave as any other civilised nation would be required to be. Continue reading Guernica in Gaza

Utter absurdity of requiring Gaza be “disarmed”

“Israel” is considered still the occupying Power of Gaza, though it typically has no “soldiers” stationed inside Gaza Strip. In international law  “Territory is considered occupied when it is actually placed under the authority of the hostile army. The occupation extends only to the territory where such authority has been established and can be exercised.” (Laws of War: Section III, Article 42). A siege: controlling all the ingress/egress, imports and exports, population registry and so on, constitute “effective military control” and therefore occupation. That the occupying power, who regularly assassinates citizens of the territory that it occupies, ‘counts calories,’ works to keep the economy of the territory at a level just above a ‘humanitarian disaster’ and makes war upon it repeatedly would demand that any reconstruction of the infrastructure that it intentionally destroyed, including homes, be linked to total disarmament is out of the Twilight Zone. It is absurd on its face, has no connection to international law and is simply the wish of the occupier to ensure that the population it so occupies is more vulnerable to its predations and more subservient and docile. It is, in a word, madness. Continue reading Utter absurdity of requiring Gaza be “disarmed”

Palestinian resistance: how it evolved

Everything evolves or devolves, and the resistance in Palestine to Jewish domination is no different. It certainly has surprised many in “Israel” and worldwide by its evolution into an organised, highly trained, efficient army. But it was always going to be this way, as long as “Israel” continues to lay siege to Gaza and oppress and dominate Palestine. Now the “Israeli” toy “soldiers” are finding that, like Hezbollah, Palestinian resistance not only fights them but wins each confrontation on the field of battle. This explains why “Israel” prefer to drop bomb and lob artillery from tanks and gun boats. But it is losing even with those mechanical, removed means of causing the death of innocents. Continue reading Palestinian resistance: how it evolved

Child in coma after being shot by IOF near Hebron

Since “Israel’s” military cannot prevail by fighting trained, armed men in battle and it is losing most decidedly in its genocidal project in Gaza, instead it shoots children. And the result is that one is now in a coma, after being shot in the chest. Continue reading Child in coma after being shot by IOF near Hebron

Is Israel’s goal of turning people against Hamas working?

One goal of “Israel’s” continued ritual slaughterings in Gaza is to make the citizens so miserable that they turn against Hamas and turn towards Fatah. It hoped that it’s siege that deprives the people of so many tiny things, coriander for example, besides human dignity and self-determination that the people will rise up, abandon Hamas and resisting the oppressors and turn to them in love and welcoming instead. And in this latest campaign of utter destruction (implementing the Dahiya doctrine) it hoped to cause such death and misery to accomplish the same. But is it working? Continue reading Is Israel’s goal of turning people against Hamas working?

Gaza: No victory image, only exit image for Israel

When a government set unachievable goals for a military campaign, it necessarily dooms it to failure. Considering that Israel keep changing the reasons it launched the genocidal campaign against Gaza, and the astounding losses racked during it, there is no happy “victory image” that can be sold to the Jewish public. Too many funerals of Jewish “soldiers,” too many equipment losses and not one military success to be had. This has been stated by myself and others several times, and it has been confirmed in the Israeli Jewish press as well. And the most recent time was yesterday. Continue reading Gaza: No victory image, only exit image for Israel

Qassam: We don’t have Israeli soldier, likely killed by shelling

If there is one thing one can count on with Al Qassam Brigades, besides only fighting “soldiers” not women and children, it is that it take responsibility quickly and publicly when it has captured (not “kidnapped”) an enemy soldier. In this case, the Israeli “soldier” is not in its custody and it has no knowledge of his whereabouts. One must therefore conclude one of two things: 1) the “soldier” was killed by Al Qassam or Islamic Jihad fighters, or 2) there was an attempted capture and the Israelis implemented the “Hannibal directive” of killing its “soldier” to avoid his capture. Continue reading Qassam: We don’t have Israeli soldier, likely killed by shelling

Gaza: the Laws of War in context

It is said that “truth is the first casualty of war.” Every war sees propaganda put out by each party for domestic consumption, enemy consumption (comprising an aspect of psychological warfare), and international consumption, and this recent genocidal project is no different. But noticeably absent from any commentary or news reporting is how the Laws of War are being followed or broken. Accusations without evidence simply constitute propaganda, however, there is ample evidence of violations of the Laws of War in this genocidal war on Gaza that Israel call in Hebrew “Operation Strong Cliff.” Continue reading Gaza: the Laws of War in context

Peace is not an option: on Israel’s doomed fate

In fact, peace is terrifying. While that sounds counter-intuitive to everyone else in the world, to the Jews of Israel it makes perfect sense. The status quo ante is fine: ongoing oppression and dispossession of Palestine and its citizens. That is not peace, that is belligerent military occupation, but that is the choice and preferred situation for Israel’s Jews. Not so for Palestinians. For peace to come to both, peace would have to break out, and that is a serious threat to the government of Israel. It was founded in terrorism and war crimes: blood, death, fire and expulsion of Palestinians. It cannot, as structured and as the society is, survive in a peaceful environment or in peace with its other neighbours. It is a military state, and both the national and personal identity is intrinsically tied to its military and military service. The economy is also deeply enmeshed with the military: it is a manufacturer and also tests out its weapons on Palestinians. Peace with Palestine would require a paradigm shift in national and individual consciousness, but a shift it is not willing or able to make. It is doomed, but by its own hand. Continue reading Peace is not an option: on Israel’s doomed fate

Mass arrests in al-Khalil, East al-Quds

“Israel” certainly has its hands full. It’s losing in Gaza and the Palestinians in the ‘West Bank’ are rising up in defiance of the occupiers and oppressors. So its continuing the campaign of mass arrests in order to deter further vocal popular support for fellow Palestinians in Gaza, and to punish those who do so. Of course this strategy is unbelievably stupid, but that is no comfort to those who enter the Kafkaesque ‘administrative detention’ inside “Israeli” prisons. The uprising will continue. Continue reading Mass arrests in al-Khalil, East al-Quds

Limited military achievements, rising costs: Israel fatigued

As has been mentioned several times before, Israel is inherently weak and its weakness is being laid bare before the world. It’s weakness is not only military, but economic as well. And its true ugly face of its rotting, racist and ethno-supremacist society. The “pretty face” mask of Israel is falling away and it’s true ugliness being revealed to the world. The Jews in Israel are angry: at the world for not allowing total genocide and unfettered aggression, at the fact that their military is losing, that their economy is being targeted by boycotts, that they have to “suffer” in their bomb shelters and cannot enjoy the oppression of Palestinians without cost. Those costs are rising daily. And the realities are causing friction between the military part of the government and the political part. Continue reading Limited military achievements, rising costs: Israel fatigued

Gaza resistance update: Israel now feeling the pain

Just a quick update on resistance efforts:

  • Assembly of tanks East of Zaytoun was bombarded, one tank destroyed.
  • Volley of rockets fired at Tel Aviv, Kiryat Gat, Sderot, Beer Sheba.
  • One person wounded in Kiryat Gat.
Channel 2 - damage in TA and Kiryat Gat from resistance rockets 31 July
Channel 2 – damage in TA and Kiryat Gat from resistance rockets 31 July
  • Power is out in 9 Kibbutzim (Communist communities) due to a resistance rocket hitting a power station
  • [And now the Jews in Israel will feel a fraction of the pain Gazans feel, with 5 days of no power, and 1 year needed just to repair the power station.]
  • al-Qassam has captured a “soldier” when he left his tank at Mt. Sourani.

Hamas fighters kill dozens of Israeli soldiers

You can train monkeys to do various things. But teens with gun, even trained, are no match for Palestinian resistance. Israel sent it’s “best” into Gaza, the Golani Brigade, and was thoroughly thrashed and utterly humiliated. They have not learned, are emotional and un-tested, and are losing. Badly. Every attempted incursion is met with deaths and injuries. Continue reading Hamas fighters kill dozens of Israeli soldiers

Playing both ends – expand invasion, ask for ceasefire

Although it seems insane, it’s quite the Talmudic method of behaviour and negotiation: ask for something you want while appearing to do the opposite. Israel is losing: “soldiers,” equipment, enormous amounts of money in its economy, and international support. And despite the braggadocio of its leaders, it desperately needs a ceasefire. So the prime minister approached the American Secretary of State John Kerry and asked him to procure one, albeit one in which the Jewish military state gets to continue to oppress Gaza and continue the siege. At the same time, the cabinet was meeting and decided to call up 16000 additional reservists for a total of 86000 “soldiers” to widen the invasion of Gaza. Because 70000 clearly isn’t enough. It has admitted defeat. Continue reading Playing both ends – expand invasion, ask for ceasefire

Gaza Live Blog: As darkness falls, so do the bombs

Typically the bombs fall faster and harder at night, partly to create more fear, and partially to hide the extent of the war crimes. Out of sight, and all that. I will post updates here as I monitor the situation in Gaza, from people who are there. I promise it will be shorter than last night’s! All times are approximate local times. Continue reading Gaza Live Blog: As darkness falls, so do the bombs

Gaza: Israel still bombing during ‘ceasefire’

The invaders have bombed three residential towers during its so-called ‘ceasefire’: Al -Jondi, Dawoud and Al-Helo, in addition to its new massacre in the crowded market in Shujaiya, which has resulted in many traumatic limb amputations. 7 have been murdered in Khan Younis, 4 of which are from the same family.
Names of some of the dead in Khan Younis: 1. Abdullah Fayaz Fayyaz, 23; 2-soel valid safety 23; 3. Ibrahim Yousef Al-Astal, 35.

Israeli artillery shelling targets Alnusierat and Alburij refugee camps.

5 members of al-Batsh family have been killed, that’s the one that already had 20 killed. Mr. al-Batsh was the police chief.

Death toll rises to 1322, injuries top 7500.

Resistance has responded to IOF aggression by targeting configurations of tanks near Shujaiya (killed some and wounded other “soldiers”), as well as Mt. Surani, east of Jabiliya, and karem Abu Salem. 3 invader “soldiers” have been killed, 25 injured (per invader’s media). They will continue to stop the invaders, protect Gaza and cause very high mortality and damage to the invading “soldiers” and their oppressive, occupying state.

Did you miss it? al-Qassam televised statement, video, photos

“When you are strong, appear weak. When weak, appear strong,” says Sun Tzu. Certain persons have studied this and it is obvious the enemy Jewish military state has not! Its inherent weakness is being laid bare for all to see. It sends in toy “soldiers” to fight men, and it cannot win, so it takes revenge on women and children and elderly. It is dishonourable and despicable. But the people’s resistance, al-Qassam and other factions fight with honour – they fight only the enemy “soldiers” not civilians, even when they have the chance to do so. There was a televised statement by Mohammad Deif, commander of the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, at 10 p.m. local time with a lot of surprises! What follows is a translation (thanks to Ahmad Nimer, @ANimer), a video and some photos. Continue reading Did you miss it? al-Qassam televised statement, video, photos

Live Updates Gaza: As night falls, intense bombardment resumes

After revelations confirming that Israel is losing and is the party that desires a ceasefire, its military resumes heavy bombardment of civilians in Gaza. Gun boats are heavily shelling the coast, whilst the North is being pounded by airstrikes. Gaza remains without power, mostly without any water, and in the overflowing shelters, without food either. The Ministry of Interior of Gaza has announced that despite assurances, Egypt has refused for patients with serious complications to have passage through the Rafah crossing.

Day 23 Anadolu infographic
Day 23 Anadolu infographic
Continue reading Live Updates Gaza: As night falls, intense bombardment resumes

Confirmation: Israel’s losing so wants ceasefire to save face

I an others have repeatedly stated that the impetus for the ceasefires has come from Israel because it is losing. It wrote the “Egyptian proposal” while the world ignores the reasonable requirements Hamas put for that are legally consistent with UN Security Council resolutions and international law. Israel has no real other option but to acquire a ceasefire at this point. It has widened the scope of its genocidal project in Gaza, destroyed the civil infrastructures (water, power -including bombing the fuel tanks last night- grid, lines and power plant, sewage treatment, post offices, ministries of finance and agriculture, banks, agricultural land, schools, hospitals and clinics) out of pure spite in order to render Gaza utterly unlivable and ungovernable. And even that vengeful frenzy of destruction has not broken Gazan people or their resistance. The Jewish military state is sustaining heavy losses of its “soldiers” – over 100, though its military censors are keeping that number out of the Israeli and Jewish media) and equipment. Its economy is seriously suffering: trade is down over 40%, billions lost from tourism and manufacturing; Chile suspended all trade and Maldives has formally announced a total boycott. The international condemnation of the Jewish military state is reaching new heights as is its isolation with various governments fielding requests to follow suit. Even the Americans are disgusted. The public is getting, really for the first time, a glimpse of the utter nastiness of the genocidal campaign and seeing Palestinians as people instead of terrorist monsters that eat babies at midnight.

In a 29 July article on the Israeli daily Yedioth Ahronoth it is admitted that the prime minister Netanyahu is the one who is attempting to reach a ceasefire agreement, while attempting at the same time to project the ever-more ridiculous image of strength. Strong countries do not target women and children. This is an admission of defeat: it cannot ever bomb Palestinian resistance into nothingness. Every bomb dropped, every mother and child and grandparent that it murders ensures the resistance becomes stronger. And that strength is real, perhaps not with F16s but inside, where it counts. When one is killed, 50 will rise up in its place, which is what terrifies Israel and its Jewish population, which is why it is targeting women: women bear children; and children: because they grow up remembering the wrongs and will become the resistance when they are old enough.

That is why Israel is already defeated, no matter how much foreign aid the Americans give it.

Death toll of Israeli soldiers on the rise, equipment losses mount

It’s dangerous to believe one’s own propaganda, and the Jewish population in Israel has no other conception. It believes all its own myths and participates in retelling and reinforcing them. And the devastation felt at the deaths of its best “soldiers,” losses of tanks and American-donated fighter jets, serious damage inside their country is quite upsetting. They believed they could ‘eliminate Hamas in 12 days’ but they were wrong. Continue reading Death toll of Israeli soldiers on the rise, equipment losses mount

Gaza: Government buildings attacked, over 30 killed

So far, banks, media buildings, finance and agriculture ministries, post buildings, power plant and fuel tanks, water lines and sewage treatment facility, the port and the fishing boats, factories including paper box and fizzy drink, mobile towers, football stadium, agricultural land, mosques, hospitals, schools and of course homes have been attacked. The intent is manifold: destroy the ability to have any government, destroy the civil infrastructure to the extent that it will be un-repairable at least while there are Gazans as second or third-time refugees sheltering in UN schools. It is destruction on such a large scale that realistically, it will have to be almost totally evacuated while bulldozers clear debris and repairs are made to the civil infrastructure. That is the ultimate intent: if Israel cannot have Gaza, then Palestinians in Gaza cannot either. Continue reading Gaza: Government buildings attacked, over 30 killed

Israel cannot win, must make a fateful choice

Israel couldn’t beat Hezbollah, what it considered a rag-tag militia. It lost to Hezbollah twice. Israel cannot beat Palestinian resistance in Gaza, what it also considered a collection of rag-tag militias. It is finding out that just as it did with Hezbollah, underestimating one’s adversary is fatal. It’s losses, in terms of “soldiers” and equipment are mounting, the damage from resistance rockets inside 1948 Israel are being hidden from the world, but they are mounting as well. it’s inherent weakness is becoming more obvious by the day, despite destroying entire neighbourhoods in Gaza. International isolation is growing, calls to boycott by members of governments are becoming more common. It has lost billions in revenue from tourism and manufacturing. It is losing on all fronts, and it must make a fateful choice. Considering its history, it will chose wrong, again. Continue reading Israel cannot win, must make a fateful choice

Gaza: Resistance goes behind enemy lines, kills invader soldiers

28 July, 2014 Resistance goes behind enemy lines, kills enemy soldiers
Details of the incursion East of the Al-Qassam Brigades on Thursday says that a large group of its fighters stormed a border control tower and exterminated from the soldiers. Hamas says that all the bombers pulled out safely after the implementation process and tried to capture a soldier in the meantime but the capture could not succeed. Hamas announced that its fighters seized in the operation on the weapons and serial 438522900X95.
Translated from Arabic tweets by @BelalMD12 Israeli media report the location was Sha’ar haNegev, but typically, do not mention the deaths of their soldiers.