invader soldiers funeral at night

Confirmation: Israel’s losing so wants ceasefire to save face

I an others have repeatedly stated that the impetus for the ceasefires has come from Israel because it is losing. It wrote the “Egyptian proposal” while the world ignores the reasonable requirements Hamas put for that are legally consistent with UN Security Council resolutions and international law. Israel has no real other option but to acquire a ceasefire at this point. It has widened the scope of its genocidal project in Gaza, destroyed the civil infrastructures (water, power -including bombing the fuel tanks last night- grid, lines and power plant, sewage treatment, post offices, ministries of finance and agriculture, banks, agricultural land, schools, hospitals and clinics) out of pure spite in order to render Gaza utterly unlivable and ungovernable. And even that vengeful frenzy of destruction has not broken Gazan people or their resistance. The Jewish military state is sustaining heavy losses of its “soldiers” – over 100, though its military censors are keeping that number out of the Israeli and Jewish media) and equipment. Its economy is seriously suffering: trade is down over 40%, billions lost from tourism and manufacturing; Chile suspended all trade and Maldives has formally announced a total boycott. The international condemnation of the Jewish military state is reaching new heights as is its isolation with various governments fielding requests to follow suit. Even the Americans are disgusted. The public is getting, really for the first time, a glimpse of the utter nastiness of the genocidal campaign and seeing Palestinians as people instead of terrorist monsters that eat babies at midnight.

In a 29 July article on the Israeli daily Yedioth Ahronoth it is admitted that the prime minister Netanyahu is the one who is attempting to reach a ceasefire agreement, while attempting at the same time to project the ever-more ridiculous image of strength. Strong countries do not target women and children. This is an admission of defeat: it cannot ever bomb Palestinian resistance into nothingness. Every bomb dropped, every mother and child and grandparent that it murders ensures the resistance becomes stronger. And that strength is real, perhaps not with F16s but inside, where it counts. When one is killed, 50 will rise up in its place, which is what terrifies Israel and its Jewish population, which is why it is targeting women: women bear children; and children: because they grow up remembering the wrongs and will become the resistance when they are old enough.

That is why Israel is already defeated, no matter how much foreign aid the Americans give it.

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