Disappearing PalestineThe State of Israel was declared in 1948 “within the frontiers approved by the General Assembly of the United Nations in its resolution of November 29, 1947” explicitly referencing and accepting the territory allotted to Jews in UN Resolution 181, commonly referred to as the ‘Partition Plan.’  Even while the declaration of independence was being read, Jewish fighters were outside the territory being claimed ethnically cleansing and massacring defenseless Palestinians.

Israel has never lawfully annexed any territory since then, although it has through unethical and unlawful means confiscated much Palestinian personal private property and territory of Palestine for Jew-only colonies. Israel’s previous attempts to unilaterally annex territory outside its legitimate and recognized 1948 boundaries have been immediately rejected as unlawful. Since then, Israel has relied on the use of ‘closed military zones’ to appropriate private property and Palestine’s territory to transfer it to the Jerusalem National Fund (JNF) and Israel Land Authority (ILA) to create Jew -only colonies outside Israel within Palestine. Israel, while founded by atheists, has tended to use the Old Testament to ‘prove’ its so-called claim of territory, while ignoring and flagrantly flouting international laws and conventions.

Israel was admitted into the UN as a Member state conditional upon the respect for the rights of Palestinians and repatriation of refugees under UN Resolution 194. It has failed to meet either of those criteria and even today violates international law by refusing to repatriate refugees it made in 1948 and 1967, which is a war crime.

In the present, Israel treats its Gentile citizens as less than second-class and its rampant bigotry and racism with attacks on Christians and property of Gentiles is well known. Israel additionally has laws and policies that the panel of the Convention on Ethnic and Racial Discrimination (ICERD) have catalogued and cited as discriminatory on the basis of racial/ethnic lines and apartheid. Other documents decry Israel’s discriminatory policies and laws and one study compared those with South Africa’s under apartheid with damning conclusions.

If the truth offends, stop living the lie. Truth is necessary to understand and decide accordingly