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Jerusalem Archbishop: Israeli aggression on Al-Aqsa targets Muslims and Christians

For a long time, Christians and Muslims have been pitted against each other in order to benefit Jews. And in the last 25 years, people in the West have been constantly told that Muslims are primitive, barbaric and violent, unintelligent and uneducated, unsophisticated, and most of all hate Christians and Christianity. That is of course foolish propaganda. In “Israel” not only are Christian priests and nuns spit on regularly and churches and convents attacked with firebombs, but so are mosques. Arch-genocide promoter, Talmudist and Jewish supremacist deputy speaker of the Knesset, Moshe Feiglin, regularly storms the al Aqsa compound with fellow Jewish supremacists and perform their filthy Talmudic rituals there. In addition, Jewish police and soldiers close the al Aqsa compound to Muslims who go to pray there. The archbishop of Jerusalem considers this aggression that targets both Muslims and Christians. Continue reading Jerusalem Archbishop: Israeli aggression on Al-Aqsa targets Muslims and Christians

New attempts to define Israel as “the Jewish state”

We’re always scolded that it’s ‘anti-semitic’ to conflate “Israel” with Jews, though it was created for Jews alone and Jews have automatically more privileges and opportunities than Gentiles who happen to be “polluting” their land. But “Israel,” we are told, is the nation-state of “the Jewish people” so the scolding doesn’t really make any sense whatsoever, it’s merely a way to shield Jews in “Israel” and its government from their many crimes. However, the conflation is reasonable: if “Israel” is the state of all Jewish people, then those Jewish people aren’t really Australian, Turkish, or Canadian, they’re “Israeli.” Continue reading New attempts to define Israel as “the Jewish state”

Gaza: Death toll now over 2.100, 10.550 injured in 48 days

Victims’ names and ages were compiled based on information released by the Gaza health ministry, while the circumstances of the deaths were taken from the ministry and local news sources.

The number includes 553 children, 253 women, and 96 elderly, since July 8, while more than 10310, including 3106 children, 1970 women and 368 elderly, have been injured with some losing limbs and others disabled for life, not to mention those who will die from cancer later on from the banned DIME munitions and potentially DU weapons employed as well. The amount of dead is underestimated as there are many whose bodies have still not been retrieved from the rubble and therefore their names are not listed.

The majority of the wounded are children, according to the Ministry of Health. All of the casualties listed below are victims of Israeli bombs dropped on Gaza since Tuesday July 8th. There is a running list of those murdered here, updated daily. For photos and facts about these real people with real lives, families, hopes and dreams, see

Killed Saturday, August 23

  1. Hadi Hayel Abu Dahrouj, 3, Central Gaza.
  2. Abdullah Hayel Abu Dahrouj, 4, Central Gaza.
  3. Hayat Abed-Rabbo Abu Dahrouj, 49, Central Gaza.
  4. Hoda Mohammad Abu Dahrouj, 27, Central Gaza.
  5. Hayel Shihda Abu Dahrouj, 26, Central Gaza.
  6. Abdel-Rahman Hadayed, 25, Khan Younis, died of earlier wounds.
  7. Hussein Khaled Ahmad, 8, Deir al-Balah, Central Gaza

Killed Friday, August 22

  1. Mahmoud Nasser Qashlan, 24, Nusseirat, Central Gaza.
  2. Yassin Hamed Abu Hamad, 22, Nusseirat, Central Gaza.
  3. Ismael Mosallam Abu Bteihan, 75, Nusseirat – Central Gaza
  4. Ahmad Qassem Al-‘Abadla, 59, Khan Younis
  5. Mousa Ahmad Al-‘Abadla, 23, Khan Younis

Boycotts of Israel gather steam

While its patron, America, protects it from within the UN Security Council promising to veto any Chapter 7 resolution with actual military consequences, “Israel” is not completely covered. It seems that it has forgotten that individual nations are perfectly free to enact their own sanctions, outside of the rubric of the United Nations, and that is something even their erstwhile ‘superpower’ patron cannot protect it from facing. Growing calls for boycotts and arms embargoes worldwide from individual nations continue to mount, hopefully, to finally get this rogue “mad dog” nation to heel and curb its voracious appetite for destruction and deaths of Gentiles in Palestine. Sound harsh? That’s just plain honesty. And that’s not a fraction as harsh as the Jewish ethno-supremacists’ thinking or speech about genociding Gaza and completely subjugating the ‘West Bank’ of Palestine. It’s time to call a spade a spade and reject the thought- and language-policing that has enabled this repellent slaughter and oppression to continue. Continue reading Boycotts of Israel gather steam

Is Israel’s goal of turning people against Hamas working?

One goal of “Israel’s” continued ritual slaughterings in Gaza is to make the citizens so miserable that they turn against Hamas and turn towards Fatah. It hoped that it’s siege that deprives the people of so many tiny things, coriander for example, besides human dignity and self-determination that the people will rise up, abandon Hamas and resisting the oppressors and turn to them in love and welcoming instead. And in this latest campaign of utter destruction (implementing the Dahiya doctrine) it hoped to cause such death and misery to accomplish the same. But is it working? Continue reading Is Israel’s goal of turning people against Hamas working?

Hamas fighters kill dozens of Israeli soldiers

You can train monkeys to do various things. But teens with gun, even trained, are no match for Palestinian resistance. Israel sent it’s “best” into Gaza, the Golani Brigade, and was thoroughly thrashed and utterly humiliated. They have not learned, are emotional and un-tested, and are losing. Badly. Every attempted incursion is met with deaths and injuries. Continue reading Hamas fighters kill dozens of Israeli soldiers

Gaza: UNOCHA Emergency Situation Report 29 July

29 July, 2014
The Gaza emergency enters its fourth week amidst a severe deterioration in the humanitarian situation. Last night witnessed one of the heaviest Israeli bombardments so far, resulting in dozen of additional civilian fatalities along with widespread destruction of civilian property. An external wall of Shifa, the largest hospital in the Gaza Strip, was hit and damaged, and another UNRWA staff member was killed, mounting to five UNRWA staff killed so far. Continue reading Gaza: UNOCHA Emergency Situation Report 29 July

IOF outmatched at Shujaiya, admits panic bombing

It sent its “best” into Gaza, the Golani brigade, but was outmatched by Palestinian resistance fighters at Shujaiya. In a stunning admission in Jewish Israeli press, it is admitted that it resorted to panic-bombing a densely populated civilian area because it couldn’t beat Palestinian resistance and feared too many losses. Continue reading IOF outmatched at Shujaiya, admits panic bombing

Gaza: Death toll tops 1.000 including whole families 6.000+ wounded

At least 5840 Palestinians, including children, women and elderly, have been injured.

The casualties listed below are victims of Israeli military attacks on Gaza. As more are pulled from the rubble of their homes, the count will increase dramatically. A running list of the savage butchery of the genocidal war on Gaza is here, updated daily.

Even during the “humanitarian ceasefire” on 27July, many Palestinians died. Some died due to complication of wounds received in the onslaught because Israel has specifically targeted the healthcare system in Gaza and the siege has depleted the system of necessary supplies and assistance.

Killed Sunday, July 27
  1. Ikram ash-Shinbari, 23, Gaza City, died of earlier injuries.
  2. Yusef Jamil Sobhi Hammouda, 16, Gaza City, died of earlier injuries.
  3. Ibrahim Khalil ad-Derawi, 27, central District.
  4. Ala Nahedh Matar, 26, central District.
  5. Hazem Fayez Abu Shammala, 33, central District
  6. Issam Abdul-Karim Abu Sa’ada, Khan Younis.
  7. Ahmad Abu Sweirej, 23, Nusseirat, Central Gaza.
  8. Mohammad Abu Haroun, 29, Nusseirat, Central Gaza.
  9. Fadi Baraka, Gaza, child, died of earlier injuries.
  10. Baha’ ed-Deen Ahmad Sa’id, al-Maghazi, died of earlier injuries.
  11. Yousef Abed Shehada al-Masri, 24, Shuja’eyya, Gaza.
  12. Khaled Abdul-Sattar Samhoud, Khan Younis.
  13. Jalila Faraj Ayyad, Gaza City.

Gaza: 854 dead including whole families, 5.400 wounded

Ministry of Health numbers, although not all of the names yet released.

These are the names that have been confirmed by medical sources in Gaza. Over 5.400 have been injured, with some losing limbs and others disabled for life.

The majority of the wounded are children, according to the Ministry of Health. All of the casualties listed below are victims of Israeli bombs dropped on Gaza. The running list is updated daily here.

Killed 25 July, 2014

  1. Maram Rajeh Fayyad, 26, Deir al-Balah
  2. Shaima’ Hussein Abdul-Qadder Qannan (pregnant), 23, Gaza.
  3. Abdul-Hadi Salah Abu Hasanen, 9, Rafah.
  4. Hadi Salah ed-Deen Abu Hassanen, 12. Rafah.
  5. Salah Ahmad Hassanen, 45, Rafah.
  6. Abdul-Aziz Salah Ahmad Hassanen, 15, Rafah.
  7. Abdul-Hadi Salam Ahmad Hassanen, 9.Rafah.
  8. Mohammad Ibrahim al-Khatib, 27, Khan Younis.
  9. Mohammad Samir Najjar, 25, Khan Younis.
  10. Rasmiyya Salama, 24, Khan Younis.
  11. Suleiman ash-Shawwaf, 21, Khan Younis.
  12. Rasha Abed-Rabbo ‘Affana, 25, northern Gaza.
  13. Ali Mohammad Asfour, 58, Khan Younis.
  14. Eid Mohammad Abu Qteifan, 23, Deir al-Balah.
  15. Eyad Nassr Sharab, Khan Younis.
  16. Najat Ibrahim an-Najjar, 35, Khan Younis
  17. Sharif Mohammad Hasan, 27, Khan Younis
  18. Mohammad Khalil Hamad, 18, Khan Younis.
  19. Mandouh Ibrahim ash-Shawaf, 25, Khan Younis.
  20. Walid Sa’id al-Harazin, 5, Gaza
  21. Tareq Zohdi, 22, Meghraqa, Central District
  22. Salama Abu Kamil, 26. Meghraqa, Central District
  23. Ahmad Mahdi Abi Zour, 25, Gaza
  24. Naji Bassem Abu Ammouna, 25, Gaza
  25. Mohammad Yassin Siyam, Zietoun – Gaza
  26. Rami Mohammad Yassin, Zeitoun – Gaza
  27. Imad Adnan Abu Kamil, 20, Al-Meghraqa
  28. Mohammad Yassin Siyam, Zeitoun – Gaza
  29. Rami Mohammad Yassin, Zeitoun, Gaza

Killing babies shockingly offensive but Israel hates Twitter

Israel is having a problem in this latest genocidal project on Gaza. It’s quite frustrated in fact. There were already some international reporters in Gaza, it made others sign a waiver before committing the massacre of Shujaiya, then denied entry to anyone else. But there are social media, and anyone can snap photos on their mobile, or short videos, and they go around the world in an instant. Graphic evidence of the Jewish military state’s war crimes aren’t going over too well with the good people of the world.

No matter how much hasbara (Israeli propaganda) its trained and paid students put out online, no matter how nicely scripted the speeches at the UN or on American television are or how often its talking points are repeated, they cannot counteract the visceral reaction good people have to seeing homes demolished: a little doll in what is left of a pink bedroom; or dead women and children: some of whom were systematically gunned down in the street by Jewish snipers and the tanks as they fled.

Right now, Israel hates Twitter and Facebook. Before, it could rely on several factors to control the ‘narrative’ and what the Americans and other Westerners were told and shown: the majority of media outlets, television and newspapers in particular, are owned by Jews. They, of course, want to protect the tribe and are typically more loyal to Israel than their own birth nation. So editorial lines are made clear to staff: minimise images of suffering of Palestinians and paint them as ‘terrorists’ or backwards barbarians that want to kill all Jews, and pound home the Israeli narrative that it is the victim and is forced to kill Palestinian babies to protect the Jews in Israel. Any staff deviating from that propaganda and reporting honestly is swiftly curtailed and either reassigned or sacked.

This has occurred twice in the latest war on Gaza thus far, and thanks to social media it was known by millions in a matter of minutes.

But like the blatant Jewish censorship and lack of journalistic ethics was known so quickly, so are the horrendous massacres committed in Gaza by the Jewish military state. The war crimes of not allowing ICRC and medics into these scenes are also known instantly. Medics and ambulances picked off by tanks and snipers are known instantly. Videos and still images of bodies in the streets of civilians that were slaughtered as they fled, the young man who was searching with other rescuers and was murdered by a Jewish sniper are instantly broadcast worldwide. And the neither Jewish military state, nor the Jewish-owned and dominated media can control it.

It no longer has control of the ‘narrative.’ In fact, Twitter and Facebook are now deemed an “enemy” of Israel, said one Jewish author in a Jewish publication the Forward.

That is striking in its admission and implications.

Over the last 16 days, Israel has intentionally targeted and destroyed civil infrastructure: water and sewage treatment facilities, schools, and more: it targeted the power grid. Over 13 power lines were intentionally taken down, cutting Gaza off from power supply from Egypt. And arch ethno-supremacist Talmudist MK Moshe Feiglin called, in the parliament, to cut off all electricity in Gaza, so dialysis patients there would die. Several days later, Israel did just that. And then it purposefully bombed the other power plant that was limping along and only able to provide electricity for 4 hours per day. Now?

Then the Jewish military state targeted the mobile network.

Consider this carefully: power grid and mobile network.

How will the international journalists report? How will they recharge their batteries? How will they or citizens in Gaza ‘tweet’?

That is the entire point. To remove the ability of reporters to report on the atrocities being committed in Gaza. To remove the powerful on-the-ground and current reporting on social networks by those who are there.

Israel wants to silence those voices and regain control of the ‘narrative’ because it doesn’t control social media,and because it is losing the war, both militarily and in ‘hearts and minds’ of the world.

Gaza: 487 killed, including whole families – 21 July update

These are the names that have been confirmed by medical sources in Gaza. Over 3100 have been injured, including 657 children and 408 women, with some losing limbs and others disabled for life.

The majority of the wounded are children, according to the Ministry of Health. All of the casualties listed below are victims of Israeli bombs dropped on Gaza. Running list of all killed by the Jewish military state is here, updated daily.

Killed 21 July

1. Shahinaz Walid Mohammad Abu Hamad, 1, Khan Younis.
2. Husam Abu Qeinas, 5, Khan Younis.
3. Somoud Nassr Siyam, 26, Gaza City.
4. Bader Nabil Siyam, 25, Gaza City.
5. Ahmad Ayman Mahrous Siyam, 17, Gaza City.
6. Mustafa Nabil Mahrous Siyam, 12, Gaza City.
7. Ghaida’ Nabil Mahrous Siyam, 8, Gaza City.
8. Dalal Nabil Mahrous Siyam, 8 months, Gaza City.
9. Kamal Mahrous Salama Siyam, 27, Gaza City.
10. Mohammad Mahrous Salaam Siyam, 25, Gaza City.
11. Shireen Mahmoud Salaam Siyam, 32, Gaza City.
12. Jowdat Tawfiq Ahmad Abu Jame’, 24, Khan Younis.
13. Tawfiq Ahmad Abu Jame’, 5, Khan Younis.
14. Haifa Tawfiq Ahmad Abu Jame’, 9, Khan Younis.
15. Yasmin Ahmad Salama Abu Jame’, 25, Khan Younis.
16. Soheila Bassam Abu Jame’, Khan Younis.
17. Roseanne Tawfiq Ahmad Abu Jame’, 14, Khan Younis.
18. Child from Abu Jame’ family, name not yet confirmed
19. Child from Abu Jame’ family, name not yet confirmed.
20. Woman from Abu Jame’ family, name not yet confirmed.
21. Ahmad Suleiman Abu Saoud, 34, Khan Younis.
22. Manwa Abdul-Baset as-Sabe’, 37, Beit Hanoun.
23. Kamal Balal al-Masri, 22, Beit Hanoun.
24. Bilal Jabr Mohammad al-Ashab, 22, Gaza City.
25. Raed Ismail al-Bardawil, 26, Rafah.
26. Zakariya Masoud al-Ashqar, 24, central Gaza.
27. Abdullah Matroud Abu Hjeir, 16, central Gaza.
28. Ahmad Salhoub, 34, central Gaza.
29. Raed Issam Daoud, 30, Gaza City.
30. Younis Ahmad Younis Sheikh al-Eid, 23, Rafah.
31. Raja’e Hammad Mohammad, 38, Gaza.
32. Ahmad Khale Daghmash, 21, Gaza.
33. Mahmoud Hasan an-Nakhala, Gaza.
34. Saleh Badawi, 31, Gaza.
35. Kamal Mas’oud, 21, Gaza.
36. Majdi Mahmoud al-Yazeji, 56, Gaza.
37. Mohammad Samih al-Ghalban, Gaza.
38. Mayar al- Yazeji, 2, Gaza.
39. Anas al- Yazeji, 5, Gaza.
40. Tamer Nayef Jundiyya, 30, Gaza.
41. Kamel Jundiyya, 32, Gaza.
42. Rahma Ahmad Jundiyya, 50.
43. Mohammad Mahmoud al-Maghrebi, 24.
44. Ibrahim Sha’ban Bakron, 37.
45. Yousef Ghazi Hamdiyya, 25, Gaza.
46. Mo’taz Jamal Hamdiyya, 18, Gaza.
47. ‘Aaed Jamal Hamdiyya, 21. Gaza.

Gaza: reports banned flechette shells are being used


Flechette removed from Bedouin man in Gaza clinic. ABC news
Flechette removed from Bedouin man in Gaza clinic. ABC news

In the infamous 2009 ” Cast Lead” the Jewish military state used white phosphorous over an area with many civilians, as a weapon (and not ‘illumination’ as it claimed) causing horrific injuries. It has been reported and confirmed that it has used this again, as well as sarin. In addition, health officials and foreign health workers have state unequivocally that the Jewish military state is using the banned DIME weapons on Gaza. There have been reports for several days that flechette shells have been used as well, which seems to correspond to the photos of explosions over Gaza and some of the peculiar injuries.

Continue reading Gaza: reports banned flechette shells are being used

Active fighting and al-Wafa geriatric hospital being heavily bombed


Media Distorts Truth About Israel’s Campaign of Brutality Against Gaza

Without protection from the Americans, the Jewish military state would have long ago faced serious consequences for its war crimes, crimes against humanity and the host of international laws it has violated. Without the cover of the Jewish-owned and dominated media, the people in America would learn of its outrageous crimes and violence against Palestine and Palestinian people and would rise up and demand that no more protection or foreign aid (the military hardware or funds) be given this rogue state. Continue reading Media Distorts Truth About Israel’s Campaign of Brutality Against Gaza

Living in a state of fear: The rising spectre of vengeance attacks on the Palestinian population

Vengeance and revenge is central part of the Jewish consciousness in the Jewish military state. it is not limited to the current situation, as racist attacks have been ongoing and are ugly, violent and hidden from the Gentile world by the Jewish-owned and dominated media. Pogroms occur. In the Jewish military state, one doesn’t have to hide racism, there is no fear of prosecution for violent attacks on Gentiles and one knows that the government supports this. This is spreading outside of Israel. Continue reading Living in a state of fear: The rising spectre of vengeance attacks on the Palestinian population

WAR CRIMES: Civilian dwellings, facilities and NGOs attacked by Israel

Since Israel began its latest genocidal death frenzy against Gaza on 8, July 2014, it has intentionally attacked a number of locations and facilities that are protected by the Laws of War and the Geneva Conventions. Violation of the Laws of war are war crimes, and bombing homes, and civil infrastructure such as power grid, water lines, and sewage treatment facilities, in addition to hospitals/ambulances/medical clinics and disabled or geriatric facilities, schools, and mosques are clear war crimes. The transparent pretext that any of these buildings (or infrastructure) contain or are used by “terrorists” is not a valid defense as they are not legitimate military targets in any case. Continue reading WAR CRIMES: Civilian dwellings, facilities and NGOs attacked by Israel

Not an accident: 75% of Gaza City without electricity after lines damaged by strikes

So Journalists and other won’t see what Jewish military is doing, how convenient! How can you see slaughtered children when the street lights are out? How can Gazans and journalists cover stories and events when their batteries die and cannot be recharged? This is not an accident. The lines from the East and from the South being disabled to ensure that they cannot adequately be repaired (due to constant bombardment) or re-routed.
12 July, 2014 Ma’an
Electricity was disconnected in major areas in Gaza City after heavy Israeli strikes on the al-Shujaiyya neighborhood, the electric company said Friday. Continue reading Not an accident: 75% of Gaza City without electricity after lines damaged by strikes

Israeli troops, Palestinians Clash Near Qalandia Checkpoint

8 July, 2014 Ma’an

Three young Palestinian men were hit by rubber-coated bullets during clashes with Israeli soldiers late Tuesday near Qalandiya checkpoint between Ramallah and Jerusalem.

Witnesses told Ma’an that Israeli soldiers fired tear-gas canisters and rubber-coated bullets at Palestinian stone-throwers. Three were hit by rubber-coated bullets, and dozens suffered from suffocation as a result of inhaling tear gas.

“operation” bomb-the-hell-out-of-Gaza-this-has-nothing-to-do-with-security

Rowan Berkley calls it like it is. It has nothing whatsoever to do with “security” – it has to do with Jewish revenge.

In Gaza

People gather around a vehicle targeted in an Israeli airstrike on Gaza City on July 8, 2014 that killed four Palestinians. (Photo: AFP - Mohammed Abed) gather around a vehicle targeted in an Israeli airstrike on Gaza City on July 8, 2014 that killed four Palestinians. (Photo: AFP – Mohammed Abed)

The Zionists are again bombing Gaza, in another sadistically-named “operation” which I will not repeat, out of respect for the Palestinians of Gaza. Why bother with the names, just be honest: bomb-the-hell-out-of-Gaza-this-has-nothing-to-do-with-security # XXX

[on that note, please re-read this important article:Dissecting IDF propaganda: The numbers behind the rocket attacks]

Also very relevant:Netanyahu government knew teens were dead as it whipped up racist frenzy

Some updates from folks in/following Gaza:

Bloody aftermath of Israeli airstrikes, Khan Younis, Gaza,  RT

Press TV:

The Israeli regime has ordered its military to mobilize 40,000 troops for a possible ground incursion into the Gaza Strip.

Media reports say the decision was made during a cabinet meeting on Tuesday.

Reports say Israeli Prime…

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