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Israel has various Jewish lobbies worldwide in order to pressure the governments of the world to do what is “good for the Jews” and Israel, though it may be detrimental to the Gentile citizens of that country.

Worldwide outrage – massive solidarity, and then France does this

Just as it was shown the reality of what happened earlier in France when the violent Jews who could not abide solidarity with Gaza went on an horrible violent rampage (hidden by Jewish-owned and dominated media), now CRIF, the main Jewish lobby in France has manoeuvred to get the government of France to ban Pro-Palestinian demonstrations and marches. It may make them feel powerful to manipulate the government so, but it only shows their weakness. They are afraid because they know that the people of France see and know the truth despite all of the propaganda, and they choose Palestine and Gaza. Continue reading Worldwide outrage – massive solidarity, and then France does this

Twitter capitulates to Jewish pressure

Hamas’ armed wing, al-Qassam Brigades’ Twitter account is suspended… because it upsets Jews. Because it was repeating that “Palestine has a right to defend itself” and announced each volley of rockets into Israel and the targets – all military targets (though obviously the rockets aren’t laser-guided like the American-donated missiles of Jewish military state are!).  Did the Jewish military state announce each attack on civilians (not military targets) beforehand or as  it dropped bombs on families? NO. Apparently Jews believe (and they admit this) that only Jews have the “right of self-defense,” Palestinians only are ‘granted’ by the occupier the ‘right’ to capitulate or and die. Continue reading Twitter capitulates to Jewish pressure

The Israel Lobby and French Politics

Two weights, two measures.
7 July, 2014 Counterpunch
Pascal Boniface is a specialist in what the French call ‘geopolitics’. His output has been prodigious, traversing a wide variety of subjects. His latest book was published in May, titled: La France malade du conflit israélo-palestinien. For his literary efforts in this arena, Boniface has moved from respected commentator to being persona non grata in the mainstream media. Continue reading The Israel Lobby and French Politics

The root of the colonist Lobby’s sick mentality

4 July, 2014 Gulf News
The insular right-wing minority queering Israeli political discourse can be traced to a mindset moulded by the Western Talmud.

Studying the Talmud at a Yeshiva

Israeli pundit Nahum Barnea, recently wrote in Yediot Ahoronot describing “the sick mentality” of the colonists, saying “Israel is being ruled by a lobby of a radical religious minority that is turning Israel into a state boycotted by global business, besieged politically, legally and culturally”. He added that “the lobby will shape Israel’s face, turning it into an apartheid regime, thus forcing Israel to end up as a bi-national state”. Continue reading The root of the colonist Lobby’s sick mentality

Will Jewish meddlers dictate UK Methodist policy?

30 June, 2014 Redress

United Methodist Church logo
United Methodist Church logo

At its conference four years ago the Methodist Church in the UK set a brave example. It voted to boycott products from Israeli settlements in occupied Palestine, regarded as illegal under international law, and to encourage Methodists across Britain to do the same. Continue reading Will Jewish meddlers dictate UK Methodist policy?

Fighting a losing battle, UK’s Israel lobby bolsters links with Christian fundamentalists

26 June, 2014 Middle East Monitor

The Jewish Leadership Council (JLC) recently published an item announcing the arrival of the “United Christian Alliance for Israel” (UCAI). The new organisation, described as “still in the infancy stages of growing”, is intended to give the UK “a voice to Christian unity in support for Israel”. Continue reading Fighting a losing battle, UK’s Israel lobby bolsters links with Christian fundamentalists

How the Israel Lobby Works

Pressuring Candidates Even Before They Are Nominated

By Philip Giraldi June 3, 2014 Unz Review

The major organizations that comprise the Israel Lobby are well known: the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), the American Jewish Committee (AJC), the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations and Christians United For Israel (CUFI). All are well known, benefiting from large budgets and staffs. They are extremely effective, having excellent access to politicians and the media to promote their points of view, and are, as a group, regular visitors to the White House. AIPAC is without doubt the most powerful lobby in the United States that is focused on a foreign policy issue. Continue reading How the Israel Lobby Works

Tegenlicht – The Israeli Lobby (about AIPAC)

Excellent documentary from 2007 about the Israeli lobby and it’s impact on US foreign policy. The first minute and 20 seconds are entirely in Dutch – but the rest of documentary is in English (occasionally Dutch narrated but you won’t miss a thing if you don’t understand it). Featuring John J. Mearsheimer of the University of Chicago’s Department of Political Science and Stephen M. Walt of Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government who wrote the paper: “The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy” and later a book by the same name.