Israel makes money beating up children: Abused child has to pay a fine

15-year-old Tarek Abu Khdeir after being beaten by Israeli police
15-year-old Tarek Abu Khdeir after being beaten by Jewish Israeli police.

Tariq Khdeir (also spelled Tareq or Tarek in some places), cousin to the revenge-murdered Muhammad Abu Khdeir that was burned to death by Jews, was beaten within an inch of his life whilst in his family’s yard by Jewish police (caught on video, here). He, along with 3 other relatives, were beaten and arrested (no charges, naturally) and was scheduled to be taken to court on Sunday, where (naturally) the Jewish judge would be presented with secret evidence of some wrongdoing or other. No civilised person in the world believes an accused can mount a proper defence against charges they don’t know and evidence their barrister is not privy to access. Nonetheless, the beneficent state of Jews has decreed that the Palestinian-American Tariq will have a different, additional punishment, as if his summer holiday has not been nightmarish enough for him already!

6 July, 2014 WAFA

The Israeli authorities decided Sunday to expel Palestinian-American teenager Tariq Abu-Khdeir for 15 days out of his relative’s home in Shufat neighborhood to the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Beit Hanina in return for his release out of Jail, according to the Palestinian Prisoner’s Club (PPC) lawyer.

PPC lawyer Mufeed al-Haj said the Israeli authorities also decided to place Abu Khdeir under  house arrest for nine days, in addition to imposing a bail of 3000 Israeli Shekels (US$877), and a third-party custody of 10,000 Israeli Shekels (USD$2925).

Abu-Khdeir, cousin of Mohammad Abu-Khdeir who was kidnapped and killed by Israeli settlers on July 2, was severely beaten up while he was arrested by Israeli police.

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