Israel: We admit we shelled UNRWA school but deny killing anyone

The spokesperson for the Israeli military admitted that the IOF fired tank shells at a clearly marked UNRWA school in Beit Hanoun that was sheltering refugees – civilians who fled their homes from bombing and tank shelling- but the Jewish military state is not responsible for any deaths or injuries there,despite the UNRWA conveying the precise coordinates 12 times and attempting to procure a humanitarian corridor so that the refugees could flee, again. This was a war crime.
IOF denial of responsibility for UNRWA school deaths it caused
The pools of blood at the school obviously show that the courtyard was not empty. Samples of the shell fragments present in the courtyard, as well as the numerous injuries and 16 deaths also show clearly that, once again, the Jewish military state lies chronically to cover for its bad acts and numerous war crimes in Gaza. It is time for the International Criminal Court to judge Israel, finally and stop this rogue state.

UN Satellite image shows utter ruin of Gaza

Channel 4 reports a United Nations agency releases satellite imagery showing the level of destruction of buildings and infrastructure in the Gaza Strip. Satellite image taken 25 July an area in the northeastern Gaza Strip, including areas of Gaza City – Shajaiyah, Toffah and Shaaf, the location of a massacre. 604 destroyed structures, 236 severely damaged structures and 46 moderately damaged structure were identified in the Unosat analysis (report here, pdf).
UN satellite photo - ruin of Gaza

Israel Losing PR War, Losing Sympathy So Invent Injuries for TV

There are just too many shocking and disturbing images of dead children, bleeding women, destroyed houses coming out of Gaza and Israel has lost the sympathy it had gained during the false flag “missing” Jewish settler colonist episode. So the “clever Jews” have decided to stage their own sympathy-producing segments. Witness the deceptive nature of this effort and reflect on what else you have seen, read or heard that caused you to have sympathy for them in light of this:Jewish military girls using fake blood for fake injuries for the TV news
That’s cause for a re-think.