Gaza - 19 July night sky - many houses burning now

Gaza: The massacre at al-Shujaya and Toffah

The Jewish military state has abandoned any pretence of being civilised, the Laws of War and Geneva Conventions have clearly been burned up like President Bush did with the American Constitution. This is truly an atrocity.

Intense shelling by Jewish military state for 12 hours.

Civilian homes (apartment buildings and separate) were targeted, and residents who were fleeing were specifically targeted.

Medics and ambulances were prevented from accessing the wounded and dead as was ICRC.
Invaders told ICRC that it is a “closed military zone” and refused them access. Houses collapsed on civilians, killing entire families. Many people buried in the rubble of their former homes, rescuers unable to reach them. Many are still trapped there. People bled to death due to the blatantly illegal act of refusing access to medical and rescue personnel. And while anyone would want to treat the living, the dead are not being collected for burial, which will spread disease.

Medics and rescue personnel become the targets
In places with limited access, any medical or rescue personnel within range of the invaders’ tanks were targeted. One ambulance driver was wounded in the head.

Completely overwhelmed
There are so many wounded that neither the ICRC nor Red Crescent can get to them all. Resources are stretched beyond breaking. There is no more room in the remaining hospitals, so patients are laying on the floors.

As usual, most of the victims are children. (graphic photos at bottom)

Bodies lay on the streets, some bled to death there. Horror on a grand scale.

70.000 residents of al-Shujaya attempt to flee the massacre, after 12 hours of constant bombardment.

By ‘runaways’ this gentleman means civilians who fled (sometimes languages don’t translate directly). UNRWA is also at the breaking point and is out of money and are offering an appeal for donations due to the enormous scope of this humanitarian crisis, which was exacerbated when the Jewish military state bombed the UN food stores.
Many are seeking shelter at al-Shifa hospital.

These are flagrant war crimes.
Graphic: Photos of what is being shown on local media:

Graphic video: shows one street; people fleeing and also bodies -of women and children- lying on the walkways. The narrator (in Arabic) wants viewers to understand that this video is not of the infamous Sabra and Shatila massacre, that it is al-Shujaya, in Gaza.

Graphic photos of massacre victims in hospital
Israel targets in the East of al-Shujaya neighborhood in Gaza

There will be more. They are still bombing.
The Jewish invaders have even organised a ‘rave’ party to celebrate the massacre:

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