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Gaza poverty rate goes through roof after war

Of course all of that destruction – from the civil infrastructure (power, water/sanitation, healthcare, schools), to industries including factories and agricultural properties to housing was designed to degrade the living standard of Palestinians in Gaza to encourage them to emigrate more quickly. Jews from Brooklyn would like a nice flat on the Mediterranean. So now the poverty rate in Gaza has skyrocketed as refugees, some now for the second time, are homeless on top of the crippling siege, which by the way is a weapon of war between States. Continue reading Gaza poverty rate goes through roof after war

America threatens: Join ICC and face sanctions

In an inversion seemingly straight out of Orwell’s 1984, “Israel’s” patron, the United States, reportedly threatened Palestine with sanctions if it accedes to the Rome Statute and joins the International Criminal Court. This is done to protect “Israel” from the consequences of its many war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in Gaza, al Quds/Jerusalem and the ‘West Bank’ of Palestine. Continue reading America threatens: Join ICC and face sanctions

Gaza: Yes, it was genocide

A delegation of the European Parliament visited Gaza and saw for themselves the scale of devastation wrought by “Israel” over a 50 day period. Thirteen members saw for themselves the scorched earth policy (Dahiya doctrine) employed that intentionally destroyed infrastructure -water and power grid, healthcare system and government ministries- and tens of thousands of homes. Continue reading Gaza: Yes, it was genocide

Israel worried US veto in UNSC not a sure bet

The American patrons of “Israel” have always either abstained or vetoed any UN Security Council resolution that would entail consequences for its land theft, human rights abuses and general lawlessness and impertinence. But that veto is not guaranteed, though successive servile Americans have slavishly worked to ‘protect’ and ‘defend’ the diminutive state in the Security Council as part of their job description. But now that the savage and barbaric nature of “Israel” has been laid bare for the world after its genocidal project on Gaza, its unprecedented theft of privately-owned Palestinian property 4,000 dunums (400 hectares/1000 acres/1.5 square miles) on 31 August, followed by theft of half that amount (2,000 dunums/200 hectares/500 acres/.77 square miles) on 7 September as punishment for Abbas’ new initiative. The Palestinian plan does not limit itself to approval by “Israel” or its patron, USA, which has the “Israeli” government spitting with fury, and no small amount of fear. Continue reading Israel worried US veto in UNSC not a sure bet

Medical personnel claim Israel tested new weapons during war on Gaza

It’s established and admitted that “Israel” used banned DIME munitions and flechette shells, but “Doctors describe injuries inconsistent with previously used ammunition” in previous wars on Gaza. The wounds described are like something out of science fiction, but considering that the “Israeli” armaments industry is big business (and tied to the government), and the complete lack of respect for Gentile life, it’s not surprising that “Israel” would test its most advanced and diabolical weapons on Gaza. It wouldn’t be the first time. But the sights were horrifying and no doubt those paramedics and doctors will have nightmares for years to come. Continue reading Medical personnel claim Israel tested new weapons during war on Gaza

Gaza ceasefire: the terms and the stakes

Despite having an advanced, American-donated military, dutiful puppets in governments worldwide and a patron with veto-power in the United Nations Security Council, “Israel” still lost. It wrought massive and far reaching destruction of infrastructure as well as agricultural lands, homes and historic mosques. It made roughly half a million Palestinians in Gaza homeless, killed over 2100, wiped out nearly 100 families entirely and made almost two thousand children orphans. But it could not break Gaza. It did not destroy all or even a significant fraction of tunnels, nor the ability of resistance in Gaza to respond to its barbaric savagery. It also committed blatant war crimes in full view of the world, which will be impossible to explain away. The International Criminal Court will not accept cartoons as proof, nor will the pretext that over 10000 houses all had rocket launchers inside in the kitchens. The enormity and savagery of the genocide shocked the conscience of the world in a way that other conflicts haven’t and brought millions out into the streets to demand their governments stop capitulating to Jewish power politics and lobbies. The public of the world was horrified, disgusted and enraged that the population of the largest open-air prison in the world was subject to such brutality with nary a peep from the UN or our governments, most particularly the Americans (whose public, despite being larger than Britain’s, did not take to the streets en masse). Regardless, the southland of “Israel” was shut down, as was its airport and large sections of its economy, most notably tourism. And while Jewish media in “Israel” try to put a happy face and bluster with typical bravado about how ‘the khamas was khumiliated’ not even the Jewish public believes it. So after the retired American Marines General John Allen, former former commander of US forces in Afghanistan, arrived on an unannounced visit Monday night, it was made clear to the lunatics running the asylum that is “Israel” that they really had no choice but to accept a truce since they could not, even after 51 days, militarily defeat Gazan resistance, and that the patron would not be able to shield the mad dog from the world any longer. Tuesday, 26 August it was announced that a ceasefire agreement had been reached to take effect that evening. So what did it say and what is at stake? As is par for the course in the Gordian knot that is the Middle East: everything and nothing and everything. Continue reading Gaza ceasefire: the terms and the stakes

Hamas agrees: one step closer to unity government signing Rome Statute

Hamas has signed agreement to accede to the Rome Statute and join the International Criminal Court. This gives it jurisdiction to accept a case filed by Palestine for war crimes and crimes against humanity perpetrated on its soil currently and retroactively to 2002, the date of the creation of the ICC. This is what “Israel” fear almost more than losing the patronage, protection and largess of the Americans. Colonialism, apartheid, genocide, violations of the Geneva Conventions and war crimes are likely charges to be levelled against the “Israel.” The UN Human Rights Council will be investigating these -of both “Israel” and resistance factions in Gaza, their report is due to be completed in March 2015. Continue reading Hamas agrees: one step closer to unity government signing Rome Statute

Gaza: destroyed infrastructure, aid mission also targeted

After destroying the power and water/sanitation infrastructure, “Israel” now attacks convoys of relief supplies! The intent is to deprive Gazans of necessities: water for drinking, cooking and bathing, food and shelter. This is a violation of international law. Targeting non-combatants, and those carrying or delivering aid is also not just heinous and despicable, but criminal as well. This rogue state must be stopped! Continue reading Gaza: destroyed infrastructure, aid mission also targeted

Israel desperate to avoid war crimes charges

Despite the fact that the patron of “Israel,” the USA, are not a ratified signatory of the Rome Statute, “Israel” have begged its patron to help it avoid war crimes charges. And it has employed other means designed to avoid the ICC as well: initiation of its own Commission of Inquiry, which of course will find no unlawful acts or wrongdoing. And that COI will drag on for years, hoping the world will forget the barbarity of the genocidal project on Gaza. We won’t. Continue reading Israel desperate to avoid war crimes charges

As ICC case looms, Israel panicking and preparing its defense

According to published reports, Prime Minister Netanyahu implored a delegation of “Israel-firster” lawmakers from America to help keep his country out of the ICC. No doubt the contingent of willing traitors will do their utmost to accommodate him. Meanwhile the military of his country is said to be “gearing up” for the imminent war crimes case at the Hague. Continue reading As ICC case looms, Israel panicking and preparing its defense

Israel: We admit we shelled UNRWA school but deny killing anyone

The spokesperson for the Israeli military admitted that the IOF fired tank shells at a clearly marked UNRWA school in Beit Hanoun that was sheltering refugees – civilians who fled their homes from bombing and tank shelling- but the Jewish military state is not responsible for any deaths or injuries there,despite the UNRWA conveying the precise coordinates 12 times and attempting to procure a humanitarian corridor so that the refugees could flee, again. This was a war crime.
IOF denial of responsibility for UNRWA school deaths it caused
The pools of blood at the school obviously show that the courtyard was not empty. Samples of the shell fragments present in the courtyard, as well as the numerous injuries and 16 deaths also show clearly that, once again, the Jewish military state lies chronically to cover for its bad acts and numerous war crimes in Gaza. It is time for the International Criminal Court to judge Israel, finally and stop this rogue state.

Palestinian Resistance: an icon for those who long to live free

Resistance does not equal terrorism, the two are totally opposite. To dispel the myth that the resistance in Gaza is illegal, please remember that UN Resolution 3103 says that all people have the right to resist against colonialism and alien domination, which is what Gaza suffers. The Laws of War, Article 1 also state that militias are legal as long as they have an identifiable insignia (patch, headband, etc.) Keep in mind that so many militaries wear camouflage and all that distinguishes them is the insignia on a patch on their camouflage. Al-Qassam brigades, Islamic Jihad and the other resistance factions honour this by wearing insignia identifying them. To Palestinians, the resistance are heroes. There is no one else to defend them from aggression by the Jewish military state; they are not gifted with American-made fighter jets or missile defense systems. Yet they, against all odds, are defending the people, holding off the invaders from re-occupying Gaza. Continue reading Palestinian Resistance: an icon for those who long to live free

IOF soldiers violate ceasefire, fire at ambulance cars

Israeli occupation forces (IOF) violated the humanitarian ceasefire on Saturday morning and fired at Palestinian citizens and ambulance cars while trying to enter Khuza’a town to the east of Khan Younis. And 11 hours into the 12-hour ceasefire, the IOF finally allows medics in without attacking them. Continue reading IOF soldiers violate ceasefire, fire at ambulance cars