GazaGaza is located in West Palestine, and is currently under an illegal and brutal blockade by the State of Israel, since 2007. Palestinians living in Gaza routinely suffer from Israeli military bombardment, coercion to become spies for Israel and suffer collective punishment in the forms of lack of clean potable water, sewage treatment, power outages, diminished economic prospects and assassination by Israeli forces for farmers who venture into their own land too near to the ‘buffer zone’ Israel has located inside West Palestine. In addition, Gazan citizens of Palestine endure white phosphorous, sound barrier torture, constant drone buzzing and civilian attacks by Israel’s military.

West Palestine – Gaza- has a border with Egypt, which is prevented from opening its border by its treaty with Israel. In order to circumvent the punishing and brutal blockade, Gazans dug many tunnels into Egypt in order to import goods. The new coup-regime of Egypt (and now-president Gen. Sisi) have closed and blocked many of those tunnels.

If the truth offends, stop living the lie. Truth is necessary to understand and decide accordingly

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