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The ‘West Bank’ denotes East Palestine, that borders the Jordan River.

Complex matrix of control

Exploiting the genuine security related worries of the Israeli people and the majority’s wish for a political parting from the Palestinians, the Sharon government is constructing a system of fences that will not achieve separation, that will not draw a border, and that will not, eventually, bring security. What we are facing in the “fence” is yet another typical, thoroughly calculated “Sharonic” act of deception. The real purpose of the walls is very different. They are intended as another layer–maybe the ultimate one–in the complex matrix of control which constitutes the Israeli occupation: the settlements, the roads, the roadblocks, the curfews, the closures, and the use of brute military force. The walls that Sharon is building now are intended to render Israel’s hold over the land it captured in 1967 irreversible. They are the last nail in the coffin of the two-states solution. We shall wake up, in another year and a half from now, to a drastically different reality: a cruel state consisting of pens enclosures will stretch between the Jordan river and the Mediterranean.

Yigal Bronner, 23 September 2003

Expansion of settler colonies in Palestine

Apparently as both compensation for losing the genocidal war on Gaza, and to keep his government, “Israel” announced the most massive land-grab in 30 years: 400 hectares of privately-owned Palestinian land in the ‘West Bank.’ And the government just published tenders for 283 new squatter flats in one of its colonies. Continue reading Expansion of settler colonies in Palestine

The land rejects you, the stones cry out against you

Though the Gentile world has been taught that the famous 10 Commandments apply to all, Jews believe it only applies to other Jews, not to their behaviour towards Gentiles, whom they regard as “innately evil,” without a soul, with no redeeming qualities, and whose property is “opened” for Jews to take at will. So Jews who have moved themselves into Palestine have an entitlement mentality, that is they are entitled to any land, resources, homes or belongings they want. But Palestine is not their land, and the land itself rejects them in their hubris and criminal, un-neighbourly behaviours. This is about an act that began with this insolent attitude and inspired an act, which did not go to plan, even with the military (whose duty, according to international law in occupied territory is to protect the occupied population). It was a good day. Continue reading The land rejects you, the stones cry out against you

Video: What Palestinians deal with in al-Khalil

Meet Zionist Miriam Levinger, hideous Brooklyn, New York born Jewess and arch-settler. This is what Palestinians in al-Khalil/Hebron and elsewhere have to deal with on a daily basis.
Imagine that into your beautiful vibrant city moves this woman, who, along with her highly-funded terrorist friends, tries to take it over through genocide. This is the reality in Hebron, Palestine.
Meet Miriam Levinger, U.S. citizen from the Bronx, New York… the mother of the Israeli colonial settlers in the ‘West Bank’

Filmed in Tel Rumeida, Hebron, Palestine

Uprising continues, clashes all over West Bank

Palestinians in the ‘West Bank’ are not lying down, not submitting to Jewish domination, oppression or occupation. A large protest at al-Khalil/Hebron resulted in clashes with IOF in which 40 have been injured thus far.

seven have been injured in clashes with the IOF in Safa, near Ramallah.

In Bethlehem, the IOF is shooting large amounts of tear gas at protesters. Two “Israeli” soldiers have been wounded at Rachel’s Tomb.

At Qalqialiya, 4 have been injured by IOF shooting live bullets.

Child in coma after being shot by IOF near Hebron

Since “Israel’s” military cannot prevail by fighting trained, armed men in battle and it is losing most decidedly in its genocidal project in Gaza, instead it shoots children. And the result is that one is now in a coma, after being shot in the chest. Continue reading Child in coma after being shot by IOF near Hebron

Unrest in Nablus, Ramallah: live fire on people, ambulance


1 Aug ambulance shot by IOF outside Nablus. Ma'an
1 Aug ambulance shot by IOF outside Nablus. Ma’an

Typical occupation behaviour: as it is losing (but causing much death and destruction) in Gaza, it lashes out at any semblance of Palestinian unity and lack of subservience in the ‘West Bank.’ Unrest is continuing in multiple locations there as Palestinians refuse to be divided and to lay down and submit to domination and oppression during the “Day of Anger.” Continue reading Unrest in Nablus, Ramallah: live fire on people, ambulance

Mass arrests in al-Khalil, East al-Quds

“Israel” certainly has its hands full. It’s losing in Gaza and the Palestinians in the ‘West Bank’ are rising up in defiance of the occupiers and oppressors. So its continuing the campaign of mass arrests in order to deter further vocal popular support for fellow Palestinians in Gaza, and to punish those who do so. Of course this strategy is unbelievably stupid, but that is no comfort to those who enter the Kafkaesque ‘administrative detention’ inside “Israeli” prisons. The uprising will continue. Continue reading Mass arrests in al-Khalil, East al-Quds

Karama al-Hashlamon found burned to death near Hebron

This is not an aberration. it is not the first time. There have been multiple kidnapping attempts by vengeful Jews [and see here, here and here] in order to maim, torture and kill Palestinians out of impotent rage that their military is inferior to Palestinian resistance. Continue reading Karama al-Hashlamon found burned to death near Hebron

The uprising continues – Al-Aqsa opens fire at Qalandia

The people of Palestine are one! Clashes in Bethlehem, al-Khalil/Hebron and Qalandia checkpoint continue. As confirmation emerged today that Hamas had nothing to do with the “missing” 3 Jewish settler colonists and the terror inflicted on the ‘West Bank’ of Palestine was merely revenge and a political propaganda stunt Palestinians there rose up last night in the largest marches seen in 13 years. Continued tonight, the occupiers have sent thousands of ‘soldiers’ to the flashpoints, dividing its forces between the ‘West Bank’ and Gaza. This comes after a televised statement by Hassan Nasrallah, leader of Hezbollah, proclaiming support to the resistance in Gaza and devastating losses by the invaders of many of its Merkava tanks and “best” soldiers. The ever-timid so-called Palestinian Authority has called for a ‘peaceful’ intifada, as if to bestow upon the occupiers bouquets of flowers and cakes. The people of Palestine have had enough. Continue reading The uprising continues – Al-Aqsa opens fire at Qalandia

5 killed in West Bank, one shot by violent Jewish settler colonist

After last night’s #48KMarch to the Qalandia checkpoint to al-Quds/Jerusalem from Ramallah, in Nazareth, Bethlehem, Hebron, Nablus to the Huwara checkpoint, and inside al-Quds/Jerusalem, the occupier was overwhelmed and panicky. Laser-sights for live ammunition on weapons fitted with silencers claimed at least 4 lives. One Palestinian was shot by a violent Jewish settler colonist – also panicky and shocked because heretofore, the settler colonists had felt ‘safe’ behind their fences, walls and protection by the IOF. Last night showed how wrong they were. Continue reading 5 killed in West Bank, one shot by violent Jewish settler colonist

#48kMarch Palestinians will not be silenced or silent


Here are some live ‘tweets’  in various areas on different aspects of this march. There are reportedly over 70.000 Palestinians involved; occupiers are using live ammunition, with laser sites and silencers. They are terrified; they are losing in all ways despite American-donated military equipment and monies. This will be updated through the night. You can follow the ‘hashtag’ #48kMarch or #Intifada2014 on Twitter. Continue reading #48kMarch Palestinians will not be silenced or silent

Updated: Protests in West Bank and Jerusalem growing

In solidarity with brothers and sisters in Gaza, Palestinians in the ‘West Bank’ and al-Quds/Jerusalem are protesting, with increasing numbers.

In Ramallah, 500 coffins are being carried through the city as a symbolic gesture for the fallen in Gaza. At Qalandia checkpoint, more than 5.000 are marching:

In Jerusalem, massive demonstrations and clashes are being reported, with a heavy hand by the occupiers:

IPS special unit assaults Palestinian prisoners

Just when you think it cannot go any lower, it does. the air assault on Gaza failed. The ground invasion of Gaza is failing – their expensive equipment is being destroyed, soldiers killed and taken prisoner, their “best” soldiers are bested by Palestinian resistance. World opinion is turning rapidly against the Jewish military state. They are getting humiliated. The Palestinians in the ‘West Bank’ are getting uppity and unruly. So the ethno-supremacists inside Israel turn to their captives, many who are held without charge. This shows the level of intense fury and spirit of vengeance so central to the society inside the Jewish military state. Continue reading IPS special unit assaults Palestinian prisoners

Update: Protests and confrontations across West Bank

Monday 21, July, there is a strike across the ‘West Bank’ of Palestine in solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza. Multiple protests are reported, including in Nazareth, Beit Sahour and Hebron, and Nablus. PIC reports that many shops and government offices were closed in different parts of the ‘West Bank’ in protest against the Israeli massacres and the many war crimes committed against the people in the Gaza Strip. In response, the former Moldavian nightclub bouncer and current FM of Israel, Avigdor Lieberman “calls for boycott of Israeli Arab businesses who strike for Gaza,” reported the Jerusalem Post. Solidarity marches were also organized last night in different cities and towns in the ‘West Bank’ in celebration of the capture of an Israeli soldier and in protest against Jewish military state’s genocidal project on Gaza.

Ma’an reports that the occupation forces used live fire on protesters causing many injuries.
UPDATE: reported shooting and death of Mahmoud al-Shawamira, by settlers in Hizma, which is surrounded by Jewish settler colonies in the East of al-Quds/Jerusalem. Also there are reports that a demonstration protesting at his killing is now underway: Continue reading Update: Protests and confrontations across West Bank

Has the third intifada finally begun?

The problem that the Jewish military state has in its occupation of Palestine, meaning al-Quds/Jerusalem, Gaza and the ‘West Bank’ is that the more tightly it cinches the noose, the larger the struggle,and the fiercer the backlash against it, and there is no mistaking, there is a serious and vigorous backlash coming against the Jewish oppressors. They have tried many things, many methods – all of the degrading, insulting, humiliating – to control Palestine and Palestinians. And all of those things are doomed to failure because they are invaders, not neighbours, oppressors, not brothers or cousins, they hate and beat down instead of love and extend their hand in friendship, they believe themselves superior instead of equal. The so-called “Palestinian Authority” headed by the coward and traitor Mahmoud Abbas is nothing but an extension of the Jewish occupation and oppression. As Ali Abunimah (of Electronic Intifada) said, “When ‘IDF’ enters Ramallah, Abbas’ forces go and hide. When “IDF” enters Gaza City, they are met and stopped by resistance fire.”The feckless Abbas is merely a subcontractor, and the Americans want to help him and the equally ineffective Fatah party to “take back and run Gaza” because in the ‘West Bank’ there is no organised, armed resistance. The Jewish military state is scared to pieces by Hamas and the resistance fighters defending Gaza – their “best,” the Golani brigade have failed, there is nothing but the same American-donated F16 and F22 fighter jets and their own tanks that still have not broken the spirit of Palestinians in Gaza, despite the death toll, the destruction and horror. And now, in the ‘West Bank’ there are stirrings. Continue reading Has the third intifada finally begun?

Clashes Erupt Across Hebron, Several Shot and Injured, Dozens suffocate

Occupation forces still lashing out due to their failures and deaths in the attempted invasion of Gaza and the refusal of Palestinians to submit to Jewish oppression and occupation. Those who are weak lash out, those who are strong remain centred and thoughtful. The inherent weakness of the Jewish military state is being exposed daily and it is furious and also panicking, which produces the lashing out at Palestinians in the ‘West Bank.’ Continue reading Clashes Erupt Across Hebron, Several Shot and Injured, Dozens suffocate

Heavy clashes with occupation forces across West Bank

The more solidarity is shown, the more the occupation lashes out. It will not quell the uprising, it will not separate the people: the People of Palestine are ONE. Resistance will continue.

Forty-six Palestinians were injured in clashes in the central West Bank on Friday as Israeli forces dispersed widespread demonstrations in solidarity with the besieged Gaza Strip. Continue reading Heavy clashes with occupation forces across West Bank

Israeli forces shoot 20-year-old with live ammunition during Ni’lin demonstration

As the Jewish military state fails in Gaza due to strong resistance, and is being hounded by the world, it lashes out against Palestinians in the ‘West Bank’ as well as solidarity activists supporting them in their own land. This lashing out is due to a frenzy of frustration, anger and fear as it becomes more and more obvious how weak the military state actually is. But the obvious has failed to be grasped even as it becomes clearer and clearer to the world. Continue reading Israeli forces shoot 20-year-old with live ammunition during Ni’lin demonstration

West Bank Palestinians rally for embattled Gaza

Jewish media reporting MK Zoabi has been arrested for allegedly “attacking” a Jewish soldier! It seems they are just as scared of a woman as they are of young boys with rocks, whilst they are wearing combat gear.
Protesters in the West Bank rally in solidarity with the Gaza Strip where Israel has stepped up a wide-scale military offensive Continue reading West Bank Palestinians rally for embattled Gaza

Occupation Forces Arrest 38 Palestinians from West Bank Areas and 1948 Areas

Can’t win the war? Beat the people down harder! Except that doesn’t work, and the Jewish military state is obviously not as clever as it would portray because it hasn’t figured out that one simple truth yet.

Israeli forces early Thursday arrested 38 Palestinians from 1948 areas (Israel), Jerusalem, and West Bank areas, according to witnesses and security sources. Continue reading Occupation Forces Arrest 38 Palestinians from West Bank Areas and 1948 Areas

Clashes Across Hebron, Palestinian Youth Shot and Injured

As the quest to commit genocide in Gaza falters due to international pressure and a UN-demanded 5-hour ceasefire to allow humanitarian aid into Gaza, The occupiers from the Jewish military state step up the repression in the ‘West Bank’ of Palestine. The frustration is taken out on Palestinians there, who don’t have the courtesy to just lay down and die, or at least vacate the premises so Jews from Brooklyn can move in. Those not complying will be shot, rounded up or homes demolished. Because the Jewish military state engages in punitive home demolitions, which it has decided now, for the three suspects in the “disappearance” of the three “missing” Jewish settler colonists. Not convicted, just suspects. Proper civilised countries do a police investigation and charge people in court. Israel is not civilised. At all. Not even remotely. Continue reading Clashes Across Hebron, Palestinian Youth Shot and Injured

Including Two Legislators, At Least Twelve Palestinians Kidnapped In Hebron

If targeting a geriatric hospital and nursing home next door, water and power grids, sewage treatment plant, UN food stores, and civilian homes, MKs calling to cut off all power/water/food aid to Gaza and kill dialysis patients doesn’t show the true evil face of the Jewish military state, whatever will? It continues the mass-arrest campaign in Palestine’s ‘West Bank’ in ancient Hebron, specifically rounding up members of the Palestinian government, since its earlier attempts did not break up the unity government. It is hoping that imprisoning the majority of Palestinian legislators will ‘encourage’ capitulation: it won’t. It is planning on torturing them in order to get information on Palestinian resistance: they won’t give it. Continue reading Including Two Legislators, At Least Twelve Palestinians Kidnapped In Hebron

Casualties reported in violent clashes in Bethlehem

The criminals in the Jewish occupation force commit atrocities in the ‘West Bank’ of Palestine whilst world is focused on its war crimes in Gaza. The IOF furiously lash out at Palestinians who do not lie down and accept Jewish domination and oppression, protesting peacefully in solidarity with their fellows in Gaza. IOF is using live bullets much more quickly than in previous acts of repression, hoping to cause more deaths that might go unnoticed by observers and the world. They are not; we observe and publish the crimes for the world to see. Continue reading Casualties reported in violent clashes in Bethlehem

Wounded Young Man Left Bleeding To Death In Hebron

Several Israeli military jeeps invaded, on Monday morning, the Sammoua’ town, south of the southern West Bank city of Hebron, seriously shot a young Palestinian man, then prevented medics from reaching him, instead forcing the young man to bleed to death 40 minutes later. Continue reading Wounded Young Man Left Bleeding To Death In Hebron

Israel detains 11 Hamas lawmakers in West Bank

The occupation forces staged a massive operation in the West Bank last night, kicking out international media so there would be no real record as to their activities. The IOF told reporters that it was a “closed military zone” and that their operation was connected to the “missing” Jewish settler colonists, though it is patently obvious that was another pretext to round up those who are members of Hamas, and in particular parliamentarians, in order to torture them to extract information about resistance activities for their genocidal war on Gaza. They will not succeed, as Palestinians are strong and members will not divulge resistance information to the occupiers. Continue reading Israel detains 11 Hamas lawmakers in West Bank

Gaza Supporters Clash with Israeli Military in the West Bank

Palestinians resist occupation forces in West Bank, solidarity with brothers and sisters in Gaza. Palestine remains, Palestine resists!
13 July, 2014 IMEMC
In the West Bank, fierce clashes broke out late Friday and early Saturday, between Israeli troops and young Palestinian men who had been protesting the military offensive in Gaza.
In Ramallah, central West Bank, Palestinian protesters blocked, with rocks, the road to an Israeli military base near the northern town of Sinjel, Ma’an further reports. Protestors then clashed with Israeli troops who met them with teargas, rubber-coated bullets and stun grenades. Continue reading Gaza Supporters Clash with Israeli Military in the West Bank

14 Palestinians Injured in Clashes in Ramallah, el-Bireh Villages

11 July, 2014 Ma’an
Fourteen Palestinians were injured with live fire and rubber-coated bullets during clashes in the villages of Ramallah and el-Bireh that continued until early Friday.

In al-Janiya village, in western Ramallah, nine youths were hit with live fire during clashes between Palestinian youths and Israeli soldiers. Continue reading 14 Palestinians Injured in Clashes in Ramallah, el-Bireh Villages

968 Palestinian Civilians Rounded up Since Launch of IOF Arrest Campaign

Before the “missing” Jewish settler colonists’ bodies were found, Israel could pretend that its mass-arrest campaign was ostensibly geared towards finding the settler colonists. But the entire world knows that a kidnapping is a crime, and crimes are solved by investigations conducted by police, which is a civilian institution. Armies do not solve crimes. Large-scale military revenge-round ups are not investigations, so the world wasn’t fooled by this pretence. Now that the bodies were found, Israel’s Jewish military is continuing it’s mass-arrest campaign, showing quite clearly that it never had anything to do with the “missing” Jewish settler colonists at all, but was -and is- targeted at any Palestinians that are members of, affiliated with or have any affinity with Hamas, to cause a split in the new unity government, and targeted toward any Palestinian that is uppity enough to not lie down and take the occupation politely and ask for more repression, oppression, humiliation, home demolitions, administrative detention, assassination and lack of dignity from the Jewish military occupation. Even the Americans are starting to see the light. Continue reading 968 Palestinian Civilians Rounded up Since Launch of IOF Arrest Campaign