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Violent Jews set Palestinian school on fire

Violent, heavily armed Jewish squatters constantly harass students of the school, whether on the way to or from school. In their minds, neither the Palestinian students or teachers have a soul (are soulless animals), are polluting “their” land and they are within their moral guidelines to harass, injure or even kill them. Such is the ideology of Judaism and these violent Jews squatting in Palestine. The purpose of this attack is to deny Palestinian children education, to punish them for being born Palestinian as well as to exact revenge for the Palestinians who have the temerity to stay in their own land. Continue reading Violent Jews set Palestinian school on fire

Institutionalised discrimination in Israel

The ethno-supremacist structure and gentile-hating nature of a “Jewish state” and the “national homeland” for all Jews worldwide necessarily must elevate the racial or ethnic Jew and discriminate against all Gentiles. And so it does, with numerous laws, policies and most absurdly, nationality. This has been the subject of scrutiny by various rights organisations and even studied by the UN Special Rapporteur to Palestine and Middle East Project of the Human Sciences Research Council of South Africa. During this most recent war on Gaza, the situation of Palestinians in “Israel” became more precarious with numerous instances of violence and mobs of Jews chanting “Death to Arabs” encouraged by the Jewish leadership and government, and others enjoying the show knowing that each bomb their fellow tribe members dropped on Gaza, Palestinians there were murdered. Continue reading Institutionalised discrimination in Israel

America threatens: Join ICC and face sanctions

In an inversion seemingly straight out of Orwell’s 1984, “Israel’s” patron, the United States, reportedly threatened Palestine with sanctions if it accedes to the Rome Statute and joins the International Criminal Court. This is done to protect “Israel” from the consequences of its many war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in Gaza, al Quds/Jerusalem and the ‘West Bank’ of Palestine. Continue reading America threatens: Join ICC and face sanctions

Boycott of Israel to be stepped up

Indigenous people in South Africa that participated in the historic struggle for their freedom and dignity now band together in a fearless and principled gesture of solidarity with Palestine, through trade unions and vow to ‘step up’ the boycott of “Israel”- the only country in the world currently practising apartheid, which is a crime. Continue reading Boycott of Israel to be stepped up

Israel’s celebration of Jewish terrorism

European Jews who immigrated to Palestine, flouted the immigration quota and set about to be so troublesome to both the indigenous Palestinians and British that they would voluntarily leave. This took the form of numerous terrorist acts, including false flags (wearing Palestinian clothing, pretending to be Palestinians), assassinations and bombings. The most famous Jewish terrorist attack, at least to Westerners, is the bombing of the Kind David hotel in Jerusalem, which was used by the British as a headquarters of sorts. That despicable act of terrorism is still celebrated by Jews in “Israel” with a pride that clearly is unaware of the irony. Continue reading Israel’s celebration of Jewish terrorism

Hamas does not equal ISIL, no matter what Israel says

Jewish ad in New York Times attempts to conflate two groups that are nothing alike, somewhat like it attempted to link Hamas and other resistance factions in Gaza with child sacrifice in the Guardian. Both were failures partly because of the “schmaltzy,” conflation and tasteless, juvenile character of both ads, as well as the blatant lies. Hamas, though Islamic in character, bears no resemblance whatsoever with the Mossad/CIA-linked “Islamic State” firstly because the former has no interest outside the borders of historic Palestine, and secondly because its goals and methods are diametrically opposed to the artificial “Islamic State.” Continue reading Hamas does not equal ISIL, no matter what Israel says

Complex matrix of control

Exploiting the genuine security related worries of the Israeli people and the majority’s wish for a political parting from the Palestinians, the Sharon government is constructing a system of fences that will not achieve separation, that will not draw a border, and that will not, eventually, bring security. What we are facing in the “fence” is yet another typical, thoroughly calculated “Sharonic” act of deception. The real purpose of the walls is very different. They are intended as another layer–maybe the ultimate one–in the complex matrix of control which constitutes the Israeli occupation: the settlements, the roads, the roadblocks, the curfews, the closures, and the use of brute military force. The walls that Sharon is building now are intended to render Israel’s hold over the land it captured in 1967 irreversible. They are the last nail in the coffin of the two-states solution. We shall wake up, in another year and a half from now, to a drastically different reality: a cruel state consisting of pens enclosures will stretch between the Jordan river and the Mediterranean.

Yigal Bronner, 23 September 2003

Video: Iron Wall


In 1923 Vladimir Jabotinsky, leading intellectual of the Zionist movement and father of the right wing of that movement, wrote:

“Zionist colonization must either stop, or else proceed regardless of the native population. Which means that it can proceed and develop only under the protection of a power that is independent of the native population – behind an The Iron Wall , which the native population cannot breach.”

First published in Russian under the title O Zheleznoi Stene in Rassvyet, 4 November 1923. Continue reading Video: Iron Wall

Video: immigration for others not for Israel

The immigration laws of “Israel” are the strictest in the world: only Jews can immigrate. Sure a few converts are allowed in but the bar is set extremely high to keep those who don’t actually have Jewish blood (or, as they believe don’t even have a soul since the person was born a Gentile) out of their country. But of course Jews demand unlimited immigration for other countries whilst they themselves want only Jews to immigrate to their own “Jewish state.” What you see is a collection of overtly racist Jews (as opposed to the soft, friendly anti-zionist religious Jews who have fooled the Gentiles by protesting against “Israel” but are in fact just as racist) in their anti-miscegenation group, Lehava, protesting any pure Jewess coming near any Gentile Palestinian resident of “Israel” and exposing the agenda and double-standard.

Evolution of God in context of Middle East History

Most Christians know only the god of the bible, divorced from the historical context outside the Old Testament. Even many Muslims are unaware of the evolution of the god of the bible. The real ancient history of the Middle East provides a fascinating evolution of the original creator deity to the one recognised by the ‘big 3’ Abrahamic monotheistic religions. Understanding the past and the evolution of the deity billions worship around the world, helps us understand the past history, the present and even our own religions. Continue reading Evolution of God in context of Middle East History

Why does Abbas block ICC application?

A curious piece of theatre took place outside the Chief Prosecutor’s Office in the International Criminal Court in The Hague on August 5. This was 28 days into Israel’s attack on Gaza, just over half way through, and the Palestinian foreign minister banged the drum. Continue reading Why does Abbas block ICC application?

Gaza: Yes, it was genocide

A delegation of the European Parliament visited Gaza and saw for themselves the scale of devastation wrought by “Israel” over a 50 day period. Thirteen members saw for themselves the scorched earth policy (Dahiya doctrine) employed that intentionally destroyed infrastructure -water and power grid, healthcare system and government ministries- and tens of thousands of homes. Continue reading Gaza: Yes, it was genocide

Desperation shows as AIPAC drafts anti-boycott laws

Though Jews in “Israel” and elsewhere pretend that the Boycott, Divestment and Sanction (BDS) movement is a non-starter, has had no effect on “Israeli” economy and doesn’t worry “Israel” at all, it clearly does. In April of this year, a secret meeting was held in London, attended by representatives of 20 countries with the focus on how to counter the growing BDS movement and it’s success. Finance minister Yair Lapid and (in)Justice minister, Tzipi Livni have both spoken publicly about the fear of growing BDS success. And it is a success: massive Dutch pension funds have divested, as have a number of other firms, Jewish squatters in the Jordan valley farming on Palestinian land have seen their produce boycotted (UPC code beginning with 729) by not only individuals but stores are just not stocking them. So now comes the loud and always pushy Jewish lobby in America, AIPAC, to presume to write legislation for the American Congress criminalising citizens’ rights of free choice – whether to buy or boycott, and also separately to tie anti-boycott legislation in EU to the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. That alone shows the level of success BDS is having and the level of panic in “Israel” over it. Continue reading Desperation shows as AIPAC drafts anti-boycott laws

Israel worried US veto in UNSC not a sure bet

The American patrons of “Israel” have always either abstained or vetoed any UN Security Council resolution that would entail consequences for its land theft, human rights abuses and general lawlessness and impertinence. But that veto is not guaranteed, though successive servile Americans have slavishly worked to ‘protect’ and ‘defend’ the diminutive state in the Security Council as part of their job description. But now that the savage and barbaric nature of “Israel” has been laid bare for the world after its genocidal project on Gaza, its unprecedented theft of privately-owned Palestinian property 4,000 dunums (400 hectares/1000 acres/1.5 square miles) on 31 August, followed by theft of half that amount (2,000 dunums/200 hectares/500 acres/.77 square miles) on 7 September as punishment for Abbas’ new initiative. The Palestinian plan does not limit itself to approval by “Israel” or its patron, USA, which has the “Israeli” government spitting with fury, and no small amount of fear. Continue reading Israel worried US veto in UNSC not a sure bet

Video: Tears of Gaza

An extraordinary, internationally acclaimed documentary about impact of the 2008 Gaza bombings on civilians and children, by filmmaker Vibeke Løkkeberg. After watching news reports from her home in Norway, Løkkeberg attempted to gain access to Gaza to report on events there, but discovered first-hand that international journalists were barred from entering the area. The denial of access further impelled her to report on the story, and she proceeded to gather raw footage from Palestinian cameramen and eye-witnesses living in Gaza who recorded bombings on smart phones. Continue reading Video: Tears of Gaza

Medical personnel claim Israel tested new weapons during war on Gaza

It’s established and admitted that “Israel” used banned DIME munitions and flechette shells, but “Doctors describe injuries inconsistent with previously used ammunition” in previous wars on Gaza. The wounds described are like something out of science fiction, but considering that the “Israeli” armaments industry is big business (and tied to the government), and the complete lack of respect for Gentile life, it’s not surprising that “Israel” would test its most advanced and diabolical weapons on Gaza. It wouldn’t be the first time. But the sights were horrifying and no doubt those paramedics and doctors will have nightmares for years to come. Continue reading Medical personnel claim Israel tested new weapons during war on Gaza

Israeli hate speech against Palestinians

We all know Israeli Jews hate Palestinians, and some of us may even understand why – beyond the fact that they refuse to submit to Jewish oppression and occupation and/or leave: because Palestine pre-dates even the tiny ancient Israel by thousands of years, because it is a beautiful glorious history with a developed culture, a real history that did not need to steal from others or appropriate. Of course modern Israeli Jews hate Palestinians with an implacable, irrational hatred and refuse to acknowledge them, instead using “Arab” as a pejorative term or putting scare-quotes around Palestine or Palestinian. The following are over 50 examples of shocking Jewish hate-speech about Palestine and Palestinians. Continue reading Israeli hate speech against Palestinians

Every despot is tied to Israel

“There is no terrible regime – Columbia, Guatemala, Uruguay, Argentina and Chile during the time of the colonels, Burma, Taiwan, Zaire, Liberia, Congo, Sierra Leone – there is not one that does not have a major military connection to Israel. Israeli arms dealers are there [acting as] mercenaries – the guy behind Noriega was Michael Harari, an Israeli, who got out of Panama. Israeli mercenaries in Sierra Leone go around the UN boycotts of what are called blood diamonds, same in Angola. Israel was very involved in South Africa, of course, during the apartheid regime.”

Jeff Halper, 20 September 2003

Expansion of settler colonies in Palestine

Apparently as both compensation for losing the genocidal war on Gaza, and to keep his government, “Israel” announced the most massive land-grab in 30 years: 400 hectares of privately-owned Palestinian land in the ‘West Bank.’ And the government just published tenders for 283 new squatter flats in one of its colonies. Continue reading Expansion of settler colonies in Palestine

Israeli economy to benefit from Gaza reconstruction

As only “Israel” can muster, the hubris of destroying the homes and infrastructure of those they occupy in Gaza -in blatant contravention of international law- it now demands that its own economy benefit from any and all reconstruction of Gaza. Due to its unlawful siege of Gaza and subsequent total control of goods entering the crossings into Gaza, “Israel” restricts all construction materials that are not sourced from its own Jewish population’s companies. Outside construction materials procured by the EU from sources outside “Israel” are held captive on various pretexts and not allowed to enter Gaza or with such incredible delay that those materials, in the interest of expediency, were procured from “Israeli” Jewish companies in order to complete reconstruction projects. This is how it has been and how it is now, in a manner that evokes the nefarious and unethical business practices that we are all assured repeatedly are merely “canards” though they are documented historically. Keep in mind that “Israel” intentionally destroyed concrete factory in Gaza, specifically so that it would not be possible for that construction materiel could not be natively sourced. Continue reading Israeli economy to benefit from Gaza reconstruction

Israel ‘shamed and confused’

Both extremes of dysfunctional, maladaptive states at the same time is the sign of psychopathology, a symptom of the grossly racist, xenophobic, supremacist and paranoid nature of its rotten society. “Israel” began with bluster and bravado promising to destroy Gaza and all resistance to its domination and humiliation, but even after 51 one days of genocidal frenzy with its American-donated military, it all ended with shame and confusion. It can’t figure out how what it derisively considers a rag-tag group of subhuman Palestinians could possibly withstand the onslaught, full weight of the barbarity, deprivation and vicious hatred. It can’t fathom why or how Palestinians in Gaza hadn’t turned on their resistance factions and stubbornly refused to submit to their ‘benevolent’ jailors. It can’t understand how not just one or two but over a hundred “soldiers” lost their lives, hundreds more wounded – all spilt precious Jewish blood… for nothing really. Their blood lust is not sated, they are enraged and already considering the next war on Gaza. Continue reading Israel ‘shamed and confused’

Gaza ceasefire: the terms and the stakes

Despite having an advanced, American-donated military, dutiful puppets in governments worldwide and a patron with veto-power in the United Nations Security Council, “Israel” still lost. It wrought massive and far reaching destruction of infrastructure as well as agricultural lands, homes and historic mosques. It made roughly half a million Palestinians in Gaza homeless, killed over 2100, wiped out nearly 100 families entirely and made almost two thousand children orphans. But it could not break Gaza. It did not destroy all or even a significant fraction of tunnels, nor the ability of resistance in Gaza to respond to its barbaric savagery. It also committed blatant war crimes in full view of the world, which will be impossible to explain away. The International Criminal Court will not accept cartoons as proof, nor will the pretext that over 10000 houses all had rocket launchers inside in the kitchens. The enormity and savagery of the genocide shocked the conscience of the world in a way that other conflicts haven’t and brought millions out into the streets to demand their governments stop capitulating to Jewish power politics and lobbies. The public of the world was horrified, disgusted and enraged that the population of the largest open-air prison in the world was subject to such brutality with nary a peep from the UN or our governments, most particularly the Americans (whose public, despite being larger than Britain’s, did not take to the streets en masse). Regardless, the southland of “Israel” was shut down, as was its airport and large sections of its economy, most notably tourism. And while Jewish media in “Israel” try to put a happy face and bluster with typical bravado about how ‘the khamas was khumiliated’ not even the Jewish public believes it. So after the retired American Marines General John Allen, former former commander of US forces in Afghanistan, arrived on an unannounced visit Monday night, it was made clear to the lunatics running the asylum that is “Israel” that they really had no choice but to accept a truce since they could not, even after 51 days, militarily defeat Gazan resistance, and that the patron would not be able to shield the mad dog from the world any longer. Tuesday, 26 August it was announced that a ceasefire agreement had been reached to take effect that evening. So what did it say and what is at stake? As is par for the course in the Gordian knot that is the Middle East: everything and nothing and everything. Continue reading Gaza ceasefire: the terms and the stakes

The Difference Between Israeli and Palestinian Children

The children of Gaza who have lived will face hardship most in the West cannot conceive. Many sustained injuries that will burden them their entire lives, like loss of limbs or sight. Others will be cursed with cancer from “Israel’s” use of banned DIME munitions and will likely die young. There are over 1800 children who are now orphans in Gaza. And virtually all will have PTSD and emotional issues from the intense trauma they have experienced, many having lived through three wars already. But not one will forget how Jews in Israel see them, how they danced and sang about children being slaughtered in Gaza, how they gathered on the hilltops to cheer as the bombs and artillery fell, how they were exhilarated at the agony and terror wrought on the children of Gaza. No, they will not forget however much they will want to. Nor will they forgive and they should not.