Israel ‘shamed and confused’

Both extremes of dysfunctional, maladaptive states at the same time is the sign of psychopathology, a symptom of the grossly racist, xenophobic, supremacist and paranoid nature of its rotten society. “Israel” began with bluster and bravado promising to destroy Gaza and all resistance to its domination and humiliation, but even after 51 one days of genocidal frenzy with its American-donated military, it all ended with shame and confusion. It can’t figure out how what it derisively considers a rag-tag group of subhuman Palestinians could possibly withstand the onslaught, full weight of the barbarity, deprivation and vicious hatred. It can’t fathom why or how Palestinians in Gaza hadn’t turned on their resistance factions and stubbornly refused to submit to their ‘benevolent’ jailors. It can’t understand how not just one or two but over a hundred “soldiers” lost their lives, hundreds more wounded – all spilt precious Jewish blood… for nothing really. Their blood lust is not sated, they are enraged and already considering the next war on Gaza.

27 August, 2014 VLNnews
The Likud Central Committee was set to convene in Ashkelon in two weeks to discuss the operation in Gaza, committee chairman MK Danny Danon announced Wednesday.

Danon said the committee would also deal with security policies regarding the challenges posed by Hamas, Hezbollah and Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria.

“The Protective Edge war that began with huge support ended with Israel shamed and confused,” he said.

Bayit Yehudi MKs and ministers said Wednesday that even though they were disappointed with the outcome of the operation, they would not leave Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s coalition or topple his government.

“We will not overthrow a right-wing government in order to gain a couple of mandates,” Bayit Yehudi faction chairwoman Ayelet Shaked told the website Walla News.

Labor leader Isaac Herzog said he did not expect Netanyahu to take any diplomatic steps following the cease-fire. He hinted that an election was the only chance for a diplomatic deal.

“It will be up to the public to decide,” the opposition leader told Army Radio. “Only a revolutionary diplomatic process can guarantee us a better and quieter future.”

“I know it will take time for the public to realize it, but whoever wants to prevent Judea and Samaria from becoming Gaza will have to understand that we need to go toward a diplomatic manoeuvre.”

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