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Medical personnel claim Israel tested new weapons during war on Gaza

It’s established and admitted that “Israel” used banned DIME munitions and flechette shells, but “Doctors describe injuries inconsistent with previously used ammunition” in previous wars on Gaza. The wounds described are like something out of science fiction, but considering that the “Israeli” armaments industry is big business (and tied to the government), and the complete lack of respect for Gentile life, it’s not surprising that “Israel” would test its most advanced and diabolical weapons on Gaza. It wouldn’t be the first time. But the sights were horrifying and no doubt those paramedics and doctors will have nightmares for years to come. Continue reading Medical personnel claim Israel tested new weapons during war on Gaza

IOF soldiers violate ceasefire, fire at ambulance cars

Israeli occupation forces (IOF) violated the humanitarian ceasefire on Saturday morning and fired at Palestinian citizens and ambulance cars while trying to enter Khuza’a town to the east of Khan Younis. And 11 hours into the 12-hour ceasefire, the IOF finally allows medics in without attacking them. Continue reading IOF soldiers violate ceasefire, fire at ambulance cars

Gaza: Death toll soars – 985 dead including whole families 5840 wounded

At least 5840 Palestinians, including children, women and elderly, have been injured.

The casualties listed below are victims of Israeli military attacks on Gaza. As more are pulled from the rubble of their homes, the count will increase dramatically. A running list of the savage butchery of the genocidal war on Gaza is here, updated daily.

Killed Saturday, July 26
  1. Husam Abul-Ghani Yassin, 15, Gaza.
  2. Ismael Abdul-Qader al-Kojok, 53, Gaza.
  3. Mohammad Hosni as-Saqqa, 20, Gaza.
  4. Islam Ibrahim an-Naji, 19. Gaza.
  5. Mohammad Matar a-Abadla, 32, Gaza.
  6. Yorsa Salem Hasan al-Breem, 65, Gaza.
  7. Mohammad Ahmad Abu Wadia, 19, Gaza.
  8. Hani Adel Abu Hassanen, 24, Gaza.
  9. Abdullah ‘Ayesh Salam Ermeilat, 39, Deir al-Balah.
  10. Eman Hasan ar-Raqeeb, Khan Younis.
  11. Bara’ Mahmoud ar-Raqeeb, 11
  12. Khalil al-Najjar, 59, Khan Younis.
  13. Jona al-Najjar, Khan Younis.
  14. Ekhlas Najjar, Khan Younis.
  15. Amna al-Najjar, Khan Younis.
  16. Mutaz al-Najjar, Khan Younis.
  17. Majed Sameer Al-Najjar, 19, Khan Younis.
  18. Ghalia Mohammed al-Najjar, 56, Khan Younis.
  19. Ahmad Khaled al-Najjar,14, Khan Younis.
  20. Eman Salah al-Najjar, 20, Khan Younis.
  21. Ulfat Hussein al-Najjar, 4, Khan Younis.
  22. Sumayya Harb al-Najjar, 50, Khan Younis.
  23. Kifah Samir al-Najjar 23, Khan Younis.
  24. Rawan Khaled al-Najjar, 17, Khan Younis.
  25. Husam Hussein al-Najjar, 7, Khan Younis.
  26. Samir Hussein al-Najjar, 2, Khan Younis.
  27. Ikhlas Sameer Abu Shahla, 30, Khan Younis.
  28. Amira Hammoudeh Abu Shahla, 1, Khan Younis.
  29. Islam Hammoudeh Abu Shahla, 4, Khan Younis.
  30. Riham Fayez al-Breem, 19
  31. Fadel At-Tawaneh, Gaza City.
  32. Arafat Abu Oweily, Central District.
  33. Abdul-Rahman Ouda at-Tilbani, Central District.
  34. Nidal Ahmad ‘Issa Abu al-‘Asal, 27, Rafah.
  35. Salim Salaam Abu ath-Thoum, 87, Rafah.

Gaza: As usual heaviest attacks come before ceasefires

Trying to kill, maim and destroy as much as possible before the American-proposed 12-hour ceasefire from 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. GMT, Israel has renewed attacks with a maniacal, genocidal frenzy. Still being heavily bombarded is the hospital in Beit Hanoun in Northern Gaza (the site of the the most recent UNRWA school massacre) and where the invaders are repeatedly trying to enter Gaza. There are reports of gunfire near the hospital, and one person reported to be able to see the tanks of the invaders from inside the hospital. Staff, patients and solidarity international activists are trapped inside. The hospital has undergone over 8 hours of shelling, losing its front façade and sustaining a direct hit to the ICU.

Also being heavily targeted by both gun boats and warplanes are Toffah, Zaytoun (near a mosque) and Shaja’iya, all in east Gaza city, the sites of recent massacres. Families are being wiped out in Khan Younis in the South, the site of the most recent demonic massacre by the Jewish military state. Eight Seventeen members of the al-Najjar family were killed, including four children under the age of 10 and a lady, and 10 others were wounded. These civilians fled to the home to escape an area that was being shelled, hoping to be safe in this home. They weren’t. Rescuers are still searching the rubble for more victims of this latest massacre.

Also an area of Al Shate’ refugee camp was targeted by warplanes as was Deir al-Balah.

Israeli occupation has just targeted, by three missiles, a civilian house belonging to Qandil Family, in Maghazi refugee camp, in the central ‪Gaza‬ Strip.

Targeting undefended civilian dwellings, hospitals/medical facilities and ambulances, mosques and schools are violation of the Laws of War and are war crimes.

Gaza: Beit Hanoun hospital under direct attack

War planes are attacking the hospital in Beit Hanoun. International activists report: