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Gaza ceasefire: the terms and the stakes

Despite having an advanced, American-donated military, dutiful puppets in governments worldwide and a patron with veto-power in the United Nations Security Council, “Israel” still lost. It wrought massive and far reaching destruction of infrastructure as well as agricultural lands, homes and historic mosques. It made roughly half a million Palestinians in Gaza homeless, killed over 2100, wiped out nearly 100 families entirely and made almost two thousand children orphans. But it could not break Gaza. It did not destroy all or even a significant fraction of tunnels, nor the ability of resistance in Gaza to respond to its barbaric savagery. It also committed blatant war crimes in full view of the world, which will be impossible to explain away. The International Criminal Court will not accept cartoons as proof, nor will the pretext that over 10000 houses all had rocket launchers inside in the kitchens. The enormity and savagery of the genocide shocked the conscience of the world in a way that other conflicts haven’t and brought millions out into the streets to demand their governments stop capitulating to Jewish power politics and lobbies. The public of the world was horrified, disgusted and enraged that the population of the largest open-air prison in the world was subject to such brutality with nary a peep from the UN or our governments, most particularly the Americans (whose public, despite being larger than Britain’s, did not take to the streets en masse). Regardless, the southland of “Israel” was shut down, as was its airport and large sections of its economy, most notably tourism. And while Jewish media in “Israel” try to put a happy face and bluster with typical bravado about how ‘the khamas was khumiliated’ not even the Jewish public believes it. So after the retired American Marines General John Allen, former former commander of US forces in Afghanistan, arrived on an unannounced visit Monday night, it was made clear to the lunatics running the asylum that is “Israel” that they really had no choice but to accept a truce since they could not, even after 51 days, militarily defeat Gazan resistance, and that the patron would not be able to shield the mad dog from the world any longer. Tuesday, 26 August it was announced that a ceasefire agreement had been reached to take effect that evening. So what did it say and what is at stake? As is par for the course in the Gordian knot that is the Middle East: everything and nothing and everything. Continue reading Gaza ceasefire: the terms and the stakes

Gaza: destroyed infrastructure, aid mission also targeted

After destroying the power and water/sanitation infrastructure, “Israel” now attacks convoys of relief supplies! The intent is to deprive Gazans of necessities: water for drinking, cooking and bathing, food and shelter. This is a violation of international law. Targeting non-combatants, and those carrying or delivering aid is also not just heinous and despicable, but criminal as well. This rogue state must be stopped! Continue reading Gaza: destroyed infrastructure, aid mission also targeted

Rights are not negotiable

It’s absolutely baffling that anyone would accept the “Israeli” narrative and assertion that anyone’s political, social or human rights must be negotiated. Rights exist, and are also enshrined in law. Rights are not subject to the whims of this country or that. It is the height of arrogance to demand that the State of Palestine and the Palestinian people compromise with the occupying power and cede not only territory in the State of Palestine but inherent rights. It is not a requirement of law anywhere to cede rights of a State or people or individual to anyone or any country.  And it is detached from law, common sense and morality for anyone to expect Palestine to accept the absurd demand of its occupier and oppressor. Continue reading Rights are not negotiable

Gaza: Truce over, no agreement reached, bombs falling again

They are having a hard time letting go of their captive and oppressed population. Those in power typically do not want to relinquish it, so freedom must be taken by force. The requirements presented to “Israel” in order for a long-term (10-year) ceasefire were simple, reasonable, logical and most importantly, in line with international law. “Israel’s” blockade (or siege, if you prefer) is illegal, as is the occupation of the ‘West Bank’ and all of al-Quds/Jerusalem. Negotiations in Cairo did not go well, as “Israel” was employing its Talmudic negotiation strategy and, as always, negotiating in bad faith. Towards the end of the ceasefire, it -also typical– employed a ‘false-flag’ attack on itself to get out of the negotiations. It has a history not only of doing things in bad faith, but for false flag attacks. So the bombs are falling once again. Continue reading Gaza: Truce over, no agreement reached, bombs falling again

How US and Blair plotted ‘ceasefire’ scam

We now have confirmation from the Israeli daily Haaretz of what we should have suspected: that the idea for the so-called Egyptian “ceasefire proposal” was actually hatched in Washington, the messenger boy was arch-war criminal Tony Blair, and the terms were drafted by Israel. Continue reading How US and Blair plotted ‘ceasefire’ scam

Egypt claims to have brokered ceasefire agreement; Palestinian factions say they were not consulted

As shown here, this is the Talmudic strategy of negotiation used by the Jewish military state. Of course Hamas was not consulted by Egypt. al-Sisi hates Hamas and is enjoying the orgy of death in Gaza as he sees it as retribution against the offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood he has severely punished in Egypt after he took over in a coup. this is all to plan and no one should be surprised, that Hamas heard about the proposed ceasefire through the media, that Egypt didn’t even speak to them, and that the Jewish military state oh-so-magnanimously-and-reasonably agreed to a proposed agreement the other party had not even seen. It’s very Talmudic and classic Jewish manipulation. Continue reading Egypt claims to have brokered ceasefire agreement; Palestinian factions say they were not consulted

Hamas rejects Egyptian-led peace deal

Considering al-Sisi’s well-known hatred for the Muslim Brotherhood (and his draconian tactics against members) and it’s offshoot Hamas, there was never any realistic prospect for Egypt to be the broker in any agreement. There is too much bad blood and he is enjoying seeing Hamas members arrested, their houses turned to rubble and their families murdered by the Jewish military state. In addition, nothing substantial was contained in the proposed agreement, by design. Continue reading Hamas rejects Egyptian-led peace deal

Egypt agrees to attempt halt war on Gaza

As the people of the world reacted with horror and outrage to the slaughter of Gazans by the Jewish military state, the Americans – ever Israel’s protector -shielded Israel from consequences of its illegitimate actions once again. They also put pressure on Egypt to accept the role of mediator in the situation, though Egypt resisted strongly as al-Sisi is an ally of the Jewish military state and no friend of Palestine. But in the end, pressure from America was enough to produce at least the outlines of a cease-fire. It remains to be seen how much Palestinian resistance will have accomplished,and whether the Jewish military state will concede anything at all; it usually portrays ceasing blood-letting as a major concession. Continue reading Egypt agrees to attempt halt war on Gaza

Deferring to Israel: Egypt Closes Rafah Crossing

This was the only point from which injured Gazan Palestinians could escape the slaughter by Israel’s Jewish military, since hospitals and medics in Gaza are being targeted and damaged by air strikes. The severe crisis in Gaza has prompted UNRWA to declare an emergency, the WHO censuring Israel over its war crimes, and the benevolent in Scotland to offer to treat Gaza’s wounded. Egypt, where is your spine, your honour, your spirit and soul? Continue reading Deferring to Israel: Egypt Closes Rafah Crossing