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Hamas does not equal ISIL, no matter what Israel says

Jewish ad in New York Times attempts to conflate two groups that are nothing alike, somewhat like it attempted to link Hamas and other resistance factions in Gaza with child sacrifice in the Guardian. Both were failures partly because of the “schmaltzy,” conflation and tasteless, juvenile character of both ads, as well as the blatant lies. Hamas, though Islamic in character, bears no resemblance whatsoever with the Mossad/CIA-linked “Islamic State” firstly because the former has no interest outside the borders of historic Palestine, and secondly because its goals and methods are diametrically opposed to the artificial “Islamic State.” Continue reading Hamas does not equal ISIL, no matter what Israel says

Yes, we know Israel lies, but why?

Is it because of ignorance? Perhaps because of guilty conscience? Maybe it’s out of shame? Or maybe out of fear?
It is none of these reasons; the lies are intentional knowing lies, and there is no sense of shame, nor is there fear of the truth. And the journalists covering “Israel’s” crimes know these are lies as well. Because the lies are not little “white lies” or harmless fibs, these are porky’s! These are called “Big lies” as in, knowing, large and obviously untrue. Yes, most of us know this, but why do they do it? Continue reading Yes, we know Israel lies, but why?

Hasbara: Control the language, narrative and minds

You already know about “hate crimes” and “hate speech” but did you ever really think about what they mean? Have you ever thought about the fact that there are words we mustn’t use? Who decides that and why? What does it mean for our civilisation to allow a small group to determine which words are acceptable and which are taboo? And why in the world would we allow that? Such limitation of language leads to self-policing of thoughts. And by allowing that, by our participation, we have given up vital control of our minds. This is the essence of hasbara: redefine the terms, control the “narrative” and therefore your thoughts on Palestine and “Israel’s” occupation, oppression, domination, siege of Gaza, creeping annexation, overt racism and bigotry and outright inhumanity and barbarism. Continue reading Hasbara: Control the language, narrative and minds

Israel, Jewish groups fear truth in UK

“Israel” has a hasbara (propaganda) machine that is well-oiled, well-funded and has infiltrated all Western countries, media and university campuses, and has think-tanks as well as is able to harness the Jewish community groups to exert pressure on governments. But this propaganda and pressure can only go so far. In the past these Jewish pressure groups would donate generously to political parties in exchange for fealty and favours later on. And when it didn’t materialise or a member stepped out of line by using a term that made Jews uncomfortable (read: not putting them and “Israel” above all other considerations, particularly the country in whose government they are in), the propaganda machine and pressure groups spring into action. Continue reading Israel, Jewish groups fear truth in UK

Israeli propaganda has no connection to reality

Israel calls its propaganda “hasbara,” which means “explaining” in Hebrew. But it doesn’t explain, it obfuscates, it doesn’t illuminate it hides, and it serves only to reinforce the Israeli “narrative” as it wants people, especially the Americans, to believe even when faced with facts that prove the contrary. It has no bearing on what actually is, or what they like to call “facts on the ground,” nor is it supposed to. It is to manufacture sympathy, false consent for the war crimes and crimes against humanity it commits and to foster the bi-polar victimhood/strength ideal of Israel. It doesn’t make the myths per se, but reinforces them (having to negotiate with Palestine is “diplomatic terrorism, ” the lifeline tunnels from Gaza into Egypt are “terror tunnels). The government pours money into hasbara programs, even has a Ministry of Hasbara and offers monthly stipends and tuition for students to spread its propaganda online. But it’s not limited to the Internet, the mainstay of hasbara has been the news media. Its propaganda is not just vile and untruthful but dangerous as well. Continue reading Israeli propaganda has no connection to reality

Israel: Lies, lies always lies even when proof emerges

Consistent with its long-standing propaganda (“hasbara” in Hebrew), Israel lies. It always lies, it always denies. When photo or video or physical evidence of its malfeasance emerges, it claims it will ‘investigate’ itself. No surprise that it nearly always finds no wrongdoing on the part of its military or police when it comes to abusing Palestinians or breaking international laws. But those lies aren’t working any more and the world is starting to see it very clearly, now that it is being exposed for the dysfunctional, irrelevant, and reprehensible entity that it really is. Continue reading Israel: Lies, lies always lies even when proof emerges

Hasbara has-been: Israeli propaganda recognized, rejected

The Western world was mostly isolated from ever hearing anything about Palestinians except as “terrorists” for too many years. The Jewish-owned and dominated media ensured that the Israeli Jewish ‘narrative’ was the only one that was told. But that is changing now. Even the controlled corporate media cannot hide the war crimes of the Jewish military state, and cannot ignore Palestinians, though there are very few Palestinians invited to give interviews and they are typically bullied and shouted down. But with the rise of social media and citizen journalists too many photos, videos and personal accounts emerge to hide the truth. Israeli propaganda, which it calls ‘hasbara‘ in Hebrew, is utterly failing, even in the Jewish-owned and dominated media. It is being exposed and rejected. Continue reading Hasbara has-been: Israeli propaganda recognized, rejected

Hoax alert: Video showing “Hamas using children as human shields” is from Syria

18 July, 2014 Electronic Intifada
As the number of atrocities in which Israel kills children in Gaza mounts, Israel advocates are getting more desperate to find justifications for the slaughter. Continue reading Hoax alert: Video showing “Hamas using children as human shields” is from Syria

Not even in the top ten

All people engage in daydreams, build incorrect memories, take part in myths and believe in illusions. But a state built upon myths and illusions cannot last. It has already been mentioned about the Jewish military state’s inherent weakness, that it is unable to be victorious in a protracted war against those who fight back, and that its entire military apparatus is courtesy of the Americans and the poor tax-payers there. In an asymmetrical warfare situation, it can only prevail against the unarmed and untrained. It must engage in fierce and frenzied propaganda both at home and abroad and absolutely depends upon the domestic military gag-order and the Jewish-owned and dominated media in the West to hide its failures and destruction it is incurring.

It has been said that it is the “fourth most powerful military in the world” as a way to explain, in shorthand form, the extreme imbalance between the Jewish military state and Palestine. But this is not the case, it is another myth and spun illusion. It is not even in the top ten.

Act of desperation: Israel drops anti-Hamas lollipops on West Bank cities

Anti-Hamas sweet
Anti-Hamas sweet. © Ma’an

This is truly an act of desperation. Considering that Israel helped found and support Hamas as a means of ‘divide and conquer’ with the advent of the unity government and its recognition by the largest and most powerful world powers, Israel is feeling against the wall. Israel’s many hasbara (propaganda) programs have been resounding failures in their attempts to ‘reclaim Israel’s narrative’ and promote ‘brand Israel’ to American and European people, it is now reduced to dropping sweets with a stern message against affiliating with the one party that does not cower to Jewish violence and has never capitulated to them for paltry favours and a fat-cat lifestyle while it sells its own people into slavery to Jews. In short, Hamas is the one political party and movement that Israel fears most. Somehow I don’t think this will turn Palestinians -who voted overwhelmingly for Hamas- against them. Continue reading Act of desperation: Israel drops anti-Hamas lollipops on West Bank cities

Israeli propagandists taking over Wikipedia?

June 11, 2014 Redress Information & Analysis

The Wikimedia Foundation, the non-profit organization that operates Wikipedia and other free knowledge projects, has signed an agreement that will allow Israeli propagandists to promote apartheid Israel and its racist, Zionist policies through the pages of Wikipedia, the world’s largest and most popular free encyclopedia. Continue reading Israeli propagandists taking over Wikipedia?

Prime Minister’s Office sponsors Hasbara Program

13 August 2013

hasbara alertThe Prime Minister’s Office is weighing an online public diplomacy project using the country’s university students. The students participating in the project, who would post on social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter on Israel’s behalf, would not identify themselves as official government representatives. Continue reading Prime Minister’s Office sponsors Hasbara Program