The Difference Between Israeli and Palestinian Children

The children of Gaza who have lived will face hardship most in the West cannot conceive. Many sustained injuries that will burden them their entire lives, like loss of limbs or sight. Others will be cursed with cancer from “Israel’s” use of banned DIME munitions and will likely die young. There are over 1800 children who are now orphans in Gaza. And virtually all will have PTSD and emotional issues from the intense trauma they have experienced, many having lived through three wars already. But not one will forget how Jews in Israel see them, how they danced and sang about children being slaughtered in Gaza, how they gathered on the hilltops to cheer as the bombs and artillery fell, how they were exhilarated at the agony and terror wrought on the children of Gaza. No, they will not forget however much they will want to. Nor will they forgive and they should not.

The Ugly Truth


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