West Bank

The so-called ‘West Bank’ of Palestine, or East Palestine exists within the territory of the State of Palestine, at the easternmost edge of Palestine, bordering the River Jordan to the East and Israel to the West.

The Oslo Accords established a limited-autonomy within Palestine called the “Palestinian Authority” (PA) and designated three (3) areas within East Palestine, Area A (ostensibly under full PA control), Area B, under joint PA-Israeli military control, and Area C under full Israeli military control. In actual practice, Israeli military (the Israeli defense force or IDF) practices full control in all three areas in East Palestine, often conducting raids -even at night- in areas under ostensible PA control, and arresting Palestinians (including children) holding them in ‘administrative detention’ with no criminal charges. In Area C, IDF routinely demolishes Palestinian homes and structures and confiscates Palestinian property under the guise of ‘closed military zones’ which are then transferred to the Jerusalem National Fund (JFN) and administered by the Israeli Land Authority (ILA) and used to build Jew-only colonies in the State of Palestine, in contravention of numerous international conventions (to which Israel is a signatory) and international laws.

The State of Palestine has formed a new, interim  ‘unity government’ of technocrats, effecting the reconciliation between various political factions and plans to hold elections in the year 2014.

If the truth offends, stop living the lie. Truth is necessary to understand and decide accordingly

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