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Violent Jews set Palestinian school on fire

Violent, heavily armed Jewish squatters constantly harass students of the school, whether on the way to or from school. In their minds, neither the Palestinian students or teachers have a soul (are soulless animals), are polluting “their” land and they are within their moral guidelines to harass, injure or even kill them. Such is the ideology of Judaism and these violent Jews squatting in Palestine. The purpose of this attack is to deny Palestinian children education, to punish them for being born Palestinian as well as to exact revenge for the Palestinians who have the temerity to stay in their own land. Continue reading Violent Jews set Palestinian school on fire

America threatens: Join ICC and face sanctions

In an inversion seemingly straight out of Orwell’s 1984, “Israel’s” patron, the United States, reportedly threatened Palestine with sanctions if it accedes to the Rome Statute and joins the International Criminal Court. This is done to protect “Israel” from the consequences of its many war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in Gaza, al Quds/Jerusalem and the ‘West Bank’ of Palestine. Continue reading America threatens: Join ICC and face sanctions

Complex matrix of control

Exploiting the genuine security related worries of the Israeli people and the majority’s wish for a political parting from the Palestinians, the Sharon government is constructing a system of fences that will not achieve separation, that will not draw a border, and that will not, eventually, bring security. What we are facing in the “fence” is yet another typical, thoroughly calculated “Sharonic” act of deception. The real purpose of the walls is very different. They are intended as another layer–maybe the ultimate one–in the complex matrix of control which constitutes the Israeli occupation: the settlements, the roads, the roadblocks, the curfews, the closures, and the use of brute military force. The walls that Sharon is building now are intended to render Israel’s hold over the land it captured in 1967 irreversible. They are the last nail in the coffin of the two-states solution. We shall wake up, in another year and a half from now, to a drastically different reality: a cruel state consisting of pens enclosures will stretch between the Jordan river and the Mediterranean.

Yigal Bronner, 23 September 2003

Video: Iron Wall


In 1923 Vladimir Jabotinsky, leading intellectual of the Zionist movement and father of the right wing of that movement, wrote:

“Zionist colonization must either stop, or else proceed regardless of the native population. Which means that it can proceed and develop only under the protection of a power that is independent of the native population – behind an The Iron Wall , which the native population cannot breach.”

First published in Russian under the title O Zheleznoi Stene in Rassvyet, 4 November 1923. Continue reading Video: Iron Wall

Historical maps of Palestine

History of Canaan and Palestine

“He who controls the past controls the present; he who controls the present controls the future.” G. Orwell famously wrote in his story 1984. It is of course true. And ignorance of the past, fostered for this very reason, allows “Israel’s” propaganda, it calls ‘hasbara‘ to thrive and take root in the minds of the ignorant. One of the arguments that its hasbarists make in order to assert their mythical ‘claim’ on Palestine, is that “Palestinians are neither Canaanites nor Phoenicians. These don’t exist anymore and ‘Palestinians’ (in scare/insult quotes) are merely ‘Arabs’ and therefore migrants from Arabia who came to the area for economic reasons only after European Jews arrived and made the desert bloom.” Of course maps and old photographs and history itself show that this is patently false and base propaganda designed to deny peoplehood to Palestinians and take advantage of myths the Jews wrote for themselves. So the information conveyed here will dispel the silly myths and propaganda that Jews use to bamboozle the ignorant whilst they are busy stealing ancient Palestine. Continue reading History of Canaan and Palestine

Palestine belongs to the Arabs

Palestine belongs to the Arabs in the same sense that England belongs to the English or France to the French. It is wrong and inhuman to impose the Jews on the Arabs. What is going on in Palestine today cannot be justified by any moral code of conduct. The mandates have no sanction but that of the last war. Surely it would be a crime against humanity to reduce the proud Arabs so that Palestine can be restored to the Jews partly or wholly as their national home. The nobler course would be to insist on a just treatment of the Jews wherever they are born and bred. The Jews born in France are French in precisely the same sense that Christians born in France are French.

Mahatma Gandhi, 26 November 1938

Expansion of settler colonies in Palestine

Apparently as both compensation for losing the genocidal war on Gaza, and to keep his government, “Israel” announced the most massive land-grab in 30 years: 400 hectares of privately-owned Palestinian land in the ‘West Bank.’ And the government just published tenders for 283 new squatter flats in one of its colonies. Continue reading Expansion of settler colonies in Palestine

The land rejects you, the stones cry out against you

Though the Gentile world has been taught that the famous 10 Commandments apply to all, Jews believe it only applies to other Jews, not to their behaviour towards Gentiles, whom they regard as “innately evil,” without a soul, with no redeeming qualities, and whose property is “opened” for Jews to take at will. So Jews who have moved themselves into Palestine have an entitlement mentality, that is they are entitled to any land, resources, homes or belongings they want. But Palestine is not their land, and the land itself rejects them in their hubris and criminal, un-neighbourly behaviours. This is about an act that began with this insolent attitude and inspired an act, which did not go to plan, even with the military (whose duty, according to international law in occupied territory is to protect the occupied population). It was a good day. Continue reading The land rejects you, the stones cry out against you

Yes, we know Israel lies, but why?

Is it because of ignorance? Perhaps because of guilty conscience? Maybe it’s out of shame? Or maybe out of fear?
It is none of these reasons; the lies are intentional knowing lies, and there is no sense of shame, nor is there fear of the truth. And the journalists covering “Israel’s” crimes know these are lies as well. Because the lies are not little “white lies” or harmless fibs, these are porky’s! These are called “Big lies” as in, knowing, large and obviously untrue. Yes, most of us know this, but why do they do it? Continue reading Yes, we know Israel lies, but why?

Video: What Palestinians deal with in al-Khalil

Meet Zionist Miriam Levinger, hideous Brooklyn, New York born Jewess and arch-settler. This is what Palestinians in al-Khalil/Hebron and elsewhere have to deal with on a daily basis.
Imagine that into your beautiful vibrant city moves this woman, who, along with her highly-funded terrorist friends, tries to take it over through genocide. This is the reality in Hebron, Palestine.
Meet Miriam Levinger, U.S. citizen from the Bronx, New York… the mother of the Israeli colonial settlers in the ‘West Bank’

Filmed in Tel Rumeida, Hebron, Palestine

Violent Jewish settler-colonists torch Palestinian vehicle

Violent Jewish settler colonist committed a terrorist attack in a Salfit area village of Yasuf, setting a Palestinian’s vehicle alight and leaving Jewish-supremacist hate messages behind, like a dog “marking” its territory. Except it isn’t Jewish “Israeli” territory, it is within the State of Palestine, hence the vicious uncivilised behaviour. This is settler-colonist violence being called a “Price tag” terrorist attack though no mention is made of the reason for it. typically these terrorist attacks are revenge for something: some slight, some Palestinian not submitting enough to Jewish oppression within Palestine, or perhaps the illegal settler-colony being ruled by the “Israeli” court as being illegal. Whatever the reason, these terrorists are typically not even investigated much less held to account because the government of “Israel” approve, being Jewish supremacist themselves. Continue reading Violent Jewish settler-colonists torch Palestinian vehicle

Uprising continues, clashes all over West Bank

Palestinians in the ‘West Bank’ are not lying down, not submitting to Jewish domination, oppression or occupation. A large protest at al-Khalil/Hebron resulted in clashes with IOF in which 40 have been injured thus far.

seven have been injured in clashes with the IOF in Safa, near Ramallah.

In Bethlehem, the IOF is shooting large amounts of tear gas at protesters. Two “Israeli” soldiers have been wounded at Rachel’s Tomb.

At Qalqialiya, 4 have been injured by IOF shooting live bullets.

Violent Jewish settler colonists uproot trees near Ramallah

The fanatical violent terrorist Jewish settler-colonists must have forgotten that there is a prohibition against kill trees in Judaism, as there are on covetousness and stealing. That does not stop them from burning, chopping down or uprooting trees belonging to Palestinians in the ‘West Bank’ out of revenge or just spite. WAFA reports that approximately fanatic Jewish settler colonists from the illegal settlement-colony of Halamish destroyed 15 almond and cherry trees and 35 olive trees in Deir Nizam, in order to plunder more land (about 8 dunums) for the illegal settlement colony. Jewish terrorist settler-colonists have repeatedly attacked the area in the last years, destroying up to 500 trees during that time.

al-Malki at the ICC: Deconsruction of the hasbara in Western Media

Israeli hasbara (its propaganda) is ubiquitous in Western media and is consumed uncritically by most, especially the Americans. It’s already been established that hasbara has no connection to reality, but this article will deconstruct how the hasbara “talking points” infect coverage in one article run by Reuters. Continue reading al-Malki at the ICC: Deconsruction of the hasbara in Western Media

Child in coma after being shot by IOF near Hebron

Since “Israel’s” military cannot prevail by fighting trained, armed men in battle and it is losing most decidedly in its genocidal project in Gaza, instead it shoots children. And the result is that one is now in a coma, after being shot in the chest. Continue reading Child in coma after being shot by IOF near Hebron

Unrest in Nablus, Ramallah: live fire on people, ambulance


1 Aug ambulance shot by IOF outside Nablus. Ma'an
1 Aug ambulance shot by IOF outside Nablus. Ma’an

Typical occupation behaviour: as it is losing (but causing much death and destruction) in Gaza, it lashes out at any semblance of Palestinian unity and lack of subservience in the ‘West Bank.’ Unrest is continuing in multiple locations there as Palestinians refuse to be divided and to lay down and submit to domination and oppression during the “Day of Anger.” Continue reading Unrest in Nablus, Ramallah: live fire on people, ambulance

Unsettling the Jewish settler colonists

The settler-colonies are illegal, it is undeniable. But too many attempt to start explaining the issue or proffering a solution in the middle, instead of the beginning. That will never work. In order to expel the hostile invaders colonising Palestine, one must begin at the beginning to understand the colonial mentality and process. Then the end will come. Continue reading Unsettling the Jewish settler colonists

Mass arrests in al-Khalil, East al-Quds

“Israel” certainly has its hands full. It’s losing in Gaza and the Palestinians in the ‘West Bank’ are rising up in defiance of the occupiers and oppressors. So its continuing the campaign of mass arrests in order to deter further vocal popular support for fellow Palestinians in Gaza, and to punish those who do so. Of course this strategy is unbelievably stupid, but that is no comfort to those who enter the Kafkaesque ‘administrative detention’ inside “Israeli” prisons. The uprising will continue. Continue reading Mass arrests in al-Khalil, East al-Quds

Karama al-Hashlamon found burned to death near Hebron

This is not an aberration. it is not the first time. There have been multiple kidnapping attempts by vengeful Jews [and see here, here and here] in order to maim, torture and kill Palestinians out of impotent rage that their military is inferior to Palestinian resistance. Continue reading Karama al-Hashlamon found burned to death near Hebron

Worldwide, West Bank protests continue, deaths and injuries reported

Dozens of Palestinians were shot and injured, Saturday, across the West Bank region, with at least two reported dead, including one child who died of critical injuries suffered earlier in the day, during clashes which occured near Bethlehem. Supporters from New York to London and Paris continue to march in solidarity with Gaza. Continue reading Worldwide, West Bank protests continue, deaths and injuries reported

The uprising continues – Al-Aqsa opens fire at Qalandia

The people of Palestine are one! Clashes in Bethlehem, al-Khalil/Hebron and Qalandia checkpoint continue. As confirmation emerged today that Hamas had nothing to do with the “missing” 3 Jewish settler colonists and the terror inflicted on the ‘West Bank’ of Palestine was merely revenge and a political propaganda stunt Palestinians there rose up last night in the largest marches seen in 13 years. Continued tonight, the occupiers have sent thousands of ‘soldiers’ to the flashpoints, dividing its forces between the ‘West Bank’ and Gaza. This comes after a televised statement by Hassan Nasrallah, leader of Hezbollah, proclaiming support to the resistance in Gaza and devastating losses by the invaders of many of its Merkava tanks and “best” soldiers. The ever-timid so-called Palestinian Authority has called for a ‘peaceful’ intifada, as if to bestow upon the occupiers bouquets of flowers and cakes. The people of Palestine have had enough. Continue reading The uprising continues – Al-Aqsa opens fire at Qalandia

5 killed in West Bank, one shot by violent Jewish settler colonist

After last night’s #48KMarch to the Qalandia checkpoint to al-Quds/Jerusalem from Ramallah, in Nazareth, Bethlehem, Hebron, Nablus to the Huwara checkpoint, and inside al-Quds/Jerusalem, the occupier was overwhelmed and panicky. Laser-sights for live ammunition on weapons fitted with silencers claimed at least 4 lives. One Palestinian was shot by a violent Jewish settler colonist – also panicky and shocked because heretofore, the settler colonists had felt ‘safe’ behind their fences, walls and protection by the IOF. Last night showed how wrong they were. Continue reading 5 killed in West Bank, one shot by violent Jewish settler colonist

#48kMarch Palestinians will not be silenced or silent


Here are some live ‘tweets’  in various areas on different aspects of this march. There are reportedly over 70.000 Palestinians involved; occupiers are using live ammunition, with laser sites and silencers. They are terrified; they are losing in all ways despite American-donated military equipment and monies. This will be updated through the night. You can follow the ‘hashtag’ #48kMarch or #Intifada2014 on Twitter. Continue reading #48kMarch Palestinians will not be silenced or silent

Updated: Protests in West Bank and Jerusalem growing

In solidarity with brothers and sisters in Gaza, Palestinians in the ‘West Bank’ and al-Quds/Jerusalem are protesting, with increasing numbers.

In Ramallah, 500 coffins are being carried through the city as a symbolic gesture for the fallen in Gaza. At Qalandia checkpoint, more than 5.000 are marching:

In Jerusalem, massive demonstrations and clashes are being reported, with a heavy hand by the occupiers:

IPS special unit assaults Palestinian prisoners

Just when you think it cannot go any lower, it does. the air assault on Gaza failed. The ground invasion of Gaza is failing – their expensive equipment is being destroyed, soldiers killed and taken prisoner, their “best” soldiers are bested by Palestinian resistance. World opinion is turning rapidly against the Jewish military state. They are getting humiliated. The Palestinians in the ‘West Bank’ are getting uppity and unruly. So the ethno-supremacists inside Israel turn to their captives, many who are held without charge. This shows the level of intense fury and spirit of vengeance so central to the society inside the Jewish military state. Continue reading IPS special unit assaults Palestinian prisoners