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Hamas agrees: one step closer to unity government signing Rome Statute

Hamas has signed agreement to accede to the Rome Statute and join the International Criminal Court. This gives it jurisdiction to accept a case filed by Palestine for war crimes and crimes against humanity perpetrated on its soil currently and retroactively to 2002, the date of the creation of the ICC. This is what “Israel” fear almost more than losing the patronage, protection and largess of the Americans. Colonialism, apartheid, genocide, violations of the Geneva Conventions and war crimes are likely charges to be levelled against the “Israel.” The UN Human Rights Council will be investigating these -of both “Israel” and resistance factions in Gaza, their report is due to be completed in March 2015. Continue reading Hamas agrees: one step closer to unity government signing Rome Statute

Gaza: Israel’s position of weakness and its false flag attack

Unsurprisingly, “Israel” wants to continue its siege and occupation, assassinations, and general repression and oppression of Palestine. So used to being able to bully, badger, wheedle, whine and blackmail in order to get its way it is unused to dealing with a strong opposition. The feckless Fatah and “Palestinian Authority” are merely lackeys and subcontractors, though Hamas is anything but. And Hamas is not going to abandon the legitimate and lawful rights of Palestine: sovereignty, which entails control over its land/sea and airspaces, imports and exports, and ingress and egress. With the ceasefire extended for 24 hours, “Israel” and its friendly-neighbourhood ally, al-Sisi of Egypt, are trying to divide-and-conquer the Palestinian delegation in order to avoid any concessions. But make no mistake, “Israel” is actually negotiation from a position of weakness. Continue reading Gaza: Israel’s position of weakness and its false flag attack

Bad day: More fallout for Israel’s war on Gaza

“Israel” have been used to unconditional support, thanks to the Jewish-owned and dominated media, the numerous Jewish lobbies and of course access to all raw data collected by the American NSA which gave it plenty of blackmail material with which to use in order to ensure that support by members of governments worldwide. But though it still receives the spying data, political discourse and media coverage have changed. And outside of the protection of its patron, America, a commission of inquiry has been initiated by the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) to investigate war crimes in Gaza. But also unlike in the past, “Israel’s” application of pressure wasn’t able to skew the odds in its favour in the selection of persons on that commission. Continue reading Bad day: More fallout for Israel’s war on Gaza

Gaza: UNOCHA Report 6 August

OCHA 6 Aug Hospital StatusThe first day of the 72-hour cease-fire, which entered into force on 5 August at 08:00, has passed without serious incident, as negotiations continue under Egyptian mediation to reach a more permanent agreement. Markets and shops gradually resumed operating as Gaza residents overcome fears from the experience of previous, short-lived pauses. Municipal workers and service providers are clearing streets and rehabilitating and repairing infrastructure. Many of the displaced have returned to check if their homes are still inhabitable or their contents salvageable. Medical and rescue teams succeeded in reaching previously inaccessible area and to recover the dead from under the rubble. Of growing concern are the thousands of explosive remnants of war which are scattered throughout civilian areas, posing a major threat to children, farmers, IDPs returning home and humanitarian workers Continue reading Gaza: UNOCHA Report 6 August

Lack of cooperation with investigation won’t protect Israel from ICC

The Foreign Ministry of “Israel” has advised Prime Minister Netanyahu not to cooperate with any UN investigation into war crimes the country committed in its genocidal project in Gaza. But this tactic will not shield the military state from prosecution of war crimes. In fact, the overt lack of cooperation shows the need to hide information that show war crimes were committed. Continue reading Lack of cooperation with investigation won’t protect Israel from ICC

al-Malki at the ICC: Deconsruction of the hasbara in Western Media

Israeli hasbara (its propaganda) is ubiquitous in Western media and is consumed uncritically by most, especially the Americans. It’s already been established that hasbara has no connection to reality, but this article will deconstruct how the hasbara “talking points” infect coverage in one article run by Reuters. Continue reading al-Malki at the ICC: Deconsruction of the hasbara in Western Media

Gaza: Will this be the final straw or final solution?

After the “harsh words” of shock and condemnation that Israel, once again, attacked an URWA school (that transmitted its precise coordinates 33 times to “Israel’s” authorities), will there be action? The Secretary-General of the UN called it “another blatant violation of international humanitarian law” which clearly means that the other violations are not only known but recognised. The Secretary-General has the power and authority to refer a case to the International Criminal Court, but will he? Will the Americans veto another Security Council resolution on behalf of their client state? And what about the ‘final solution’ being spouted by Ministers of “Israel’s” parliament for Palestinians in Gaza? In the totality, the world must unite to stop this genocidal, rogue state. Continue reading Gaza: Will this be the final straw or final solution?

Gaza: UNOCHA report 2 August

Following yesterday’s collapse of a 72-hour humanitarian cease-fire brokered by the UN and the USA, hostilities intensified. The Rafah area in southern Gaza was subject to the heaviest shelling and fighting recorded since the start of the emergency, as well as the advancement of Israeli forces westwards into the most densely populated areas. According to Israeli media reports, these developments took place in the context of the Israeli army’s attempts to locate a soldier missing in action and reported to have been captured. Continue reading Gaza: UNOCHA report 2 August

Gaza: 7th UNRWA School hit,10 dead 30 wounded

Israel is a rogue state that disregards international laws. Given the exact coordinates of all UNRWA facilities, its intentional shelling in the immediate vicinity of the school that was sheltering almost 3.000 internally displaced Gazans killed 10 and wounded 30. Continue reading Gaza: 7th UNRWA School hit,10 dead 30 wounded

Gaza: the Laws of War in context

It is said that “truth is the first casualty of war.” Every war sees propaganda put out by each party for domestic consumption, enemy consumption (comprising an aspect of psychological warfare), and international consumption, and this recent genocidal project is no different. But noticeably absent from any commentary or news reporting is how the Laws of War are being followed or broken. Accusations without evidence simply constitute propaganda, however, there is ample evidence of violations of the Laws of War in this genocidal war on Gaza that Israel call in Hebrew “Operation Strong Cliff.” Continue reading Gaza: the Laws of War in context

Israel fears investigation, and it should

What Israel dreads almost as much as loss of American military and financial support and diplomatic protection is investigation into its acts in Gaza and the ‘West Bank’ of Palestine. There is ample evidence of war crimes such as targeting undefended civilian dwellings and protected facilities (medical and UN schools), using banned weapons such as DIME and flechette shells. And there is also ample evidence of crimes against humanity. Somehow Israel managed to get itself on the Human Rights Council, but it shouldn’t be mistaken that it can derail investigations into its bad acts. Continue reading Israel fears investigation, and it should

Israel: Lies, lies always lies even when proof emerges

Consistent with its long-standing propaganda (“hasbara” in Hebrew), Israel lies. It always lies, it always denies. When photo or video or physical evidence of its malfeasance emerges, it claims it will ‘investigate’ itself. No surprise that it nearly always finds no wrongdoing on the part of its military or police when it comes to abusing Palestinians or breaking international laws. But those lies aren’t working any more and the world is starting to see it very clearly, now that it is being exposed for the dysfunctional, irrelevant, and reprehensible entity that it really is. Continue reading Israel: Lies, lies always lies even when proof emerges

Video: Israel bombs 6th UN school in Gaza

30 July, 2014 Al Jazeera: Israeli shells have struck a UN school in the Gaza Strip, killing at least 19 people and wounding scores.Christopher Gunness, the UNRWA’s spokesman, said the attack was a “source of universal shame” and blamed Israeli forces.Al Jazeera’s Imtiaz Tyab reports from Gaza.

UNRWA school shelter bombing: it was no mistake

“Didn’t know it was a school sheltering civilians”? No. “Didn’t know it was there”? No. “Errant ‘khamas’ missile”? No. None of the lies and excuses so often put forward by Israel will suffice. No one believes them any more. In fact, the “precision” about which it has boasted is now an indictment on its intent to commit war crimes. It was given the precise coordinates to the UNRWA school in Jabiliya at total of seventeen times. The Jewish military state targeted and attacked it intentionally, and precisely. This makes the fifth sixth school it has precisely targeted and attacked. Continue reading UNRWA school shelter bombing: it was no mistake

Gaza: UNOCHA Emergency Situation Report 29 July

29 July, 2014
The Gaza emergency enters its fourth week amidst a severe deterioration in the humanitarian situation. Last night witnessed one of the heaviest Israeli bombardments so far, resulting in dozen of additional civilian fatalities along with widespread destruction of civilian property. An external wall of Shifa, the largest hospital in the Gaza Strip, was hit and damaged, and another UNRWA staff member was killed, mounting to five UNRWA staff killed so far. Continue reading Gaza: UNOCHA Emergency Situation Report 29 July

Policy Statement, State of Palestine Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Palestine continues to struggle with mourning, grief, and loss. However, The Palestinian people remain proud, refusing to surrender to humiliation, murder, and wanton destruction that is borne out of racism and fueled by a resounding international failure of morals and responsibility. Continue reading Policy Statement, State of Palestine Ministry of Foreign Affairs

UN Satellite image shows utter ruin of Gaza

Channel 4 reports a United Nations agency releases satellite imagery showing the level of destruction of buildings and infrastructure in the Gaza Strip. Satellite image taken 25 July an area in the northeastern Gaza Strip, including areas of Gaza City – Shajaiyah, Toffah and Shaaf, the location of a massacre. 604 destroyed structures, 236 severely damaged structures and 46 moderately damaged structure were identified in the Unosat analysis (report here, pdf).
UN satellite photo - ruin of Gaza

Let it end: ceasefire without end of seige is useless

It really isn’t too much to ask. Palestine is a separate country, no many how many deranged people say it isn’t, or wish it wasn’t. And as a state, it is entitled to sovereignty and not be under the Jewish jackboot of oppression, occupation and siege. This is recognized worldwide, though the Americans for some reason insist on allowing its client state to violate all international laws and norms. This is ending. Continue reading Let it end: ceasefire without end of seige is useless

FINALLY! Case filed in ICC against Israel

Though the State of Palestine still has no acceded the Rome Statute, a case on behalf of Palestine has been filed by a French barrister. This comes after the UN Human Rights Commissioner, Navi Pillay, warned this week Israel may be committing war crimes in Gaza, and 4 UNRWA schools have been intentionally attacked by the Jewish military state in 4 days. The massacres in Shujiaya and Khan Younis as well as Kuza’a will be very damning. Continue reading FINALLY! Case filed in ICC against Israel

Gaza: UN agency situation reports

These reports were published before the latest massacre: the intentional shelling of a designated shelter in an UNRWA school. The UNRWA insists it gave precise coordinates to the invaders, tried to work out a humanitarian escape for the refugees sheltering there. Israel refused, and claims Hamas wouldn’t allow the civilians to leave. The UNRWA denies this categorically. There are two reports here in summaries, with links to the entire reports and one article.The situation in Gaza, as you will read, is very dire for civilians. The number of dead and wounded is higher than noted since many more have been killed since the reports and article were published Continue reading Gaza: UN agency situation reports

Gaza: Cast Lead Redux – UN School housing refugees


In a horrible repetition, the UN school housing refugees who fled their homes in Beit Hanoun, Northern Gaza, has been bombed.  Many dead, many more wounded. This is what Gazans feared: If they follow the ‘ advice’  of the Jewish military state and leave their homes, that they would be killed in the ‘ safe place’ anyway.

Continue reading Gaza: Cast Lead Redux – UN School housing refugees

Gaza: al-Shujaiya is still burning, still dying, Red Cross denied entry

At the scene of a horrific massacre, where the invading Jewish military informed the ICRC that it was a “closed military zone” and denied them entry, after a ‘humanitarian ceasefire’ so that the dead could be collected and as many survivors found and evacuated as possible, the military state is again barring the Red Cross entry. The war crimes being committed are astounding, and yet no sanctions, no Chapter 7 resolutions in the UN Security Council (thanks to the Americans) and the Jewish military state carries on with impunity. It is intentionally killing women and children and elderly, intentionally targeting medics and ambulances (see below). This is genocidal mania by the Talmudic state. Continue reading Gaza: al-Shujaiya is still burning, still dying, Red Cross denied entry

When Jews lie and have to apologise they punish others later

This is typical Jewish military state propaganda, as I mentioned it earlier: the excuse it gave for intentionally targeting ambulances (a war crime) is that “‘terrorists were riding in them with women and children.” The ICC will never accept that as a defence. Now the military state has had to retract that claim, publicly:

Someone is going to be punished over this, and you can be certain it will be Palestinians both in Gaza and the ‘West Bank.’

The Jewish military state was embarrassed earlier this year over a truly stunningly offensive remark about the remembrance day for Hiroshima and Nagasaki victims (only Jewish suffering counts, everyone else should ‘shut up’) and had to apologise. Mysteriously, some days later every copy of the Anne Frank “diary” in every library in Japan had some pages torn out – on the same day, something physically impossible for one person to do. Then Japan had to apologise to the Jewish military state. That is how it operates, that is how deceitful, duplicitous, vindictive and vengeful the mindset is in that rotten Talmudic society (and world Jewry, though the religious tend to hide it from Gentiles a bit better).

China supports full sovereignty for Palestine

Most people know that the Jewish military state is a protectorate of the Americans, who supply their military hardware, other financial aid and the ever-present veto in the UN Security Council to shield it from the consequences of its many violations of international law. But most people don’t know how much the State of Palestine has among other countries, and especially the major powers, China being one. As the Great Game progresses over the years, the flow of power moves, and it is not a uni-polar world any more, China and the other BRICS nations are gaining ascendancy whilst the United States sinks. And the Americans have recently had the tables turned and faced the bitter medicine of its many years of using its veto in the Security Council: others used their veto powers to squash resolutions the Americans and the Jewish military state desperately wanted passed. Turnabout and all… But China has been always measured, but supportive of Palestine and the right of Palestine to be, like every other nation, fully sovereign – something the Jewish military state desperately wants to avoid as it would not be able to dominate and oppress its neighbour any more. China’s statements at the most recent Security Council meeting are instructive. Continue reading China supports full sovereignty for Palestine

Gaza: water, power out in most of Gaza after invasion

Residents of Gaza are reporting that 90% of Gaza has no water or electricity for over 12 hours. One reason for attacking the power grid is to disable the ability of Gazans to communicate with each other and the outside world the atrocities and war crimes the Jewish military state is committing there, such as intentionally targeting hospitals, medics/ambulances, civilian homes and UN compounds. Gazans have been advised to disable the geo-location on their mobile and laptop as people who are reporting to the world are being targeted.

UN official: Israel used white phosphorous and sarin in Gaza

In a repeat of the nightmare of the infamous 2009 “Cast Lead”, apparently the Jewish military state has again used white phosphorous and other banned weapons in Gaza. What follows is a translation from Arabic, so please excuse any inelegant construction and lack of flow. The world must know this and stop the terrorist, rogue military state! Continue reading UN official: Israel used white phosphorous and sarin in Gaza