Gaza: streets flooded wish sewage Jews bombed the treatment plant, then limited fuel so there was no fuel to run it

Humanitarian Crisis Imminent: Gaza Municipality Facilities Destroyed by Airstrikes


It is a war crime (violation of the Laws of War) to target civilians, civilian infrastructure and facilities providing medical aid and hospitals. This in a long list of Israeli war crimes committed by its Jewish military. These destroyed facilities will cause a severe humanitarian crisis as it significantly exacerbates the destruction is has wrought in its previous slaughtering and devastation in Gaza in previous wars on the trapped civilian population in the world’s largest open-air prison. The world must act to stop Israel.

10 July, 2014 Ma’an
The Gaza City municipality was completely destroyed after Israeli airstrikes hit nearby areas, the general director of the Health and Environment department said.

Abd al-Rahim Abu al-Qumboz said that Israeli airstrikes targeted a building “wall-to-wall” with the municipality which caused parts of the municipality building to collapse.

The main butchery building in the city, which provides meat for the whole city, was also destroyed by airstrikes.

Abu al-Qumboz told Ma’an that facilities of the municipality in different parts of the Gaza Strip were destroyed and damaged by airstrikes; the sewage[treatment] plant which treats and refines 25 percent of wastewater was completely destroyed. [It had already been very badly damaged in Israel’s infamous slaughter “Cast Lead” in 2009, and then limited fuel into Gaza which saw the streets flooded with sewage, shown in main photo. -ed]

The airstrikes destroyed a water line that provides clean drinking water for al-Shate refugee camp.

Abu al-Qumboz called upon international institutions to intervene and stop the Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip, which will cause a major health disaster if it proceeds.

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