Netanyahu looking worried

Strategic expert: Netanyahu ordered the ground operation because aerial strikes failed

As the illusion of Jewish military “might” crumbles, it is left to make foolish and short-sighted decisions: strategic mistakes. The centrality of vengeance and revenge to the Jewish consciousness is not readily understood by the majority of Gentiles, nevertheless a cursory review of history bears this point out and it becomes clear. The blood-lust for Palestinian deaths and gore-worship has been mentioned, and it is even the subject of a CNN clip. The reporter tweeted an honest statement and was promptly reassigned to Russia for her journalistic ethics. But that is the Jewish-owned and dominated Western media modus operandi. And that is not the only journalist removed for conveying too much truth. It is essential that truths be kept out of the media to retain and reinforce the myths and illusions that have kept the Jewish military state going. And there is not just blood-lust, vengeance and revenge at play, but panic as well.

18 July, 2014 Middle East Monitor
Egypt’s strategic military expert General Safwat El-Zayat said the Israeli army’s decision to initiate the ground operation is clear evidence of its failure to suppress the Palestinian resistance through the aerial operation waged against the enclave for nearly two weeks.

In an interview with Al-Jazeera Mubasher Mirs, El-Zayat pointed out that the Israeli army is trying to create a safe area on the outskirts of Gaza because it is afraid of the anti-tank missiles system possessed by the Palestinian resistance.

He noted that if Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was confident of the capabilities of his army, he would have ordered the ground incursion on day one, but he was forced to order it now because he feels that he has fallen into a deep crisis.

El-Zayat stressed that the Palestinian resistance leaders appeared confident while the Israeli leaders appeared confused, noting that the Palestinian resistance did not stop its rocket fire, but has identified and hit specific targets within the Israeli territories.

He said launching the ground operation 11 days after the aerial aggression on Gaza is a mistake because the Palestinian resistance realised that it is a possible scenario and prepared for it.

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