Palestinian prisoners

IPS special unit assaults Palestinian prisoners

Just when you think it cannot go any lower, it does. the air assault on Gaza failed. The ground invasion of Gaza is failing – their expensive equipment is being destroyed, soldiers killed and taken prisoner, their “best” soldiers are bested by Palestinian resistance. World opinion is turning rapidly against the Jewish military state. They are getting humiliated. The Palestinians in the ‘West Bank’ are getting uppity and unruly. So the ethno-supremacists inside Israel turn to their captives, many who are held without charge. This shows the level of intense fury and spirit of vengeance so central to the society inside the Jewish military state.

22 July, 2014 PIC
Soldiers of the Matsada, the Israeli prison service’s special unit, attacked Palestinian prisoners in Megiddo prison at night while offering Tarawih prayers.

Fuad al-Khafsh, the director of the Ahrar center for prisoner studies, said on Tuesday that Matsada unit soldiers broke into ward six of Megiddo jail, allocated for Hamas prisoners, on Sunday night and beat up the prisoners.

He said that altercations between the soldiers and the prisoners ensued after which the prisoners were forced out of their ward for search.

Khafsh stated that similar incidents took place on Monday night in a number of other prisons, adding that the Sunday night raid in Megiddo coincided with the Qassam Brigades’ declaration it had captured an Israeli soldier.

He said that Israeli special units stormed prisoner rooms in Negev, Nafha, and Raymond jails during which TV sets were confiscated.

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