Gaza - Israeli home damaged in Beer Sheva

Not even in the top ten

All people engage in daydreams, build incorrect memories, take part in myths and believe in illusions. But a state built upon myths and illusions cannot last. It has already been mentioned about the Jewish military state’s inherent weakness, that it is unable to be victorious in a protracted war against those who fight back, and that its entire military apparatus is courtesy of the Americans and the poor tax-payers there. In an asymmetrical warfare situation, it can only prevail against the unarmed and untrained. It must engage in fierce and frenzied propaganda both at home and abroad and absolutely depends upon the domestic military gag-order and the Jewish-owned and dominated media in the West to hide its failures and destruction it is incurring.

It has been said that it is the “fourth most powerful military in the world” as a way to explain, in shorthand form, the extreme imbalance between the Jewish military state and Palestine. But this is not the case, it is another myth and spun illusion. It is not even in the top ten.

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