Mourners hold flag at Mohammad Abu Khdeir's funeral

Three of the butchers of Abu Khdeir confess, eldest will plead ‘mental illness’ in defense

The savage revenge-murder of Mohammad Abu Khdeir, 16, by violent Jewish settler colonists rocked all of Palestine to the core. Learning the details of his demise was even more shocking, but then once found, several of the confessed murderers have been remanded to ‘house arrest’ (with no guard of course) until their trial. And that was another outrage. Now we find another level of duplicity and deviousness in this sordid, tragic affair: the eldest confessed murderer will plead ‘mental illness’ defense to escape punishment, assisted by an organization that receives grants from the Americans. The cousin of Mohammad, Tariq, a Palestinian-American on holiday in al-Quds/Jerusalem, was brutally beaten by violent Jewish police while watching a demonstration from his relatives’ yard, and then made to pay the Jews a fine! The Jews in Israel will desperately want to acquit their fellows of the tribe, to help them escape what passes for Justice there, due to the fact that not only do the people condone and celebrate that act of horrific revenge-murder, but no matter what they say in public the leaders do, too. There seems to be no end to the depravity of this “shitty little country,” as a famous Frenchman called it.

14 July, 2014 Reuters
Three Israeli Jews arrested for the murder of a Palestinian teenager have confessed to abducting him and burning him alive, officials said on Monday, an incident that helped trigger a week of Israeli-Hamas fighting around the Gaza strip.

Easing a court gag order on the case, Israel said the suspects, two of them minors, had told interrogators that in killing Mohammed Abu Khudair they sought revenge for the murder of three Jewish seminary students in the occupied West Bank last month.

The names of the suspects, remanded by an Israeli court pending a formal indictment, were not immediately given.

Tensions escalated around the two incidents. More than 166 Palestinians, most of them civilians, have been killed by Israeli action against Gaza, run by the militant Hamas group. Hundreds of rockets have been fired from Gaza into Israel.

The adult suspect facing the gravest allegations might plead mitigation in citing past mental illness.

“I expect soon to get the investigative material, in which I will look for support for the assessment there is a complex problem in the matter of of my client’s criminal culpability,” an attorney for Honenu, an ultranationalist legal aid organization, said.

According to Israel’s Shin Bet security agency, in the early hours of July 2, as Muslims marked the end of the daylight Ramadan fast, the three suspects “patrolled Arab neighborhoods of Jerusalem for a number of hours, in an attempt to find a victim to abduct, until they spotted Mohammed Abu Khudair.”

Bundling him into their car, they drove to a forest outside the city where the 29-year-old suspect beat him on the head with a tire iron (wheel brace) and, helped by the two 17-year-olds, doused him with fuel and lit it, the Shin Bet said.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who had blamed Hamas for the killing of the Jewish youths and launched a crackdown against the Palestinian Islamist group, deplored Abu Khudair’s murder as “loathsome”. He ordered police to find the culprits swiftly and pledged to see them prosecuted to the full.

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