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Hamas agrees: one step closer to unity government signing Rome Statute

Hamas has signed agreement to accede to the Rome Statute and join the International Criminal Court. This gives it jurisdiction to accept a case filed by Palestine for war crimes and crimes against humanity perpetrated on its soil currently and retroactively to 2002, the date of the creation of the ICC. This is what “Israel” fear almost more than losing the patronage, protection and largess of the Americans. Colonialism, apartheid, genocide, violations of the Geneva Conventions and war crimes are likely charges to be levelled against the “Israel.” The UN Human Rights Council will be investigating these -of both “Israel” and resistance factions in Gaza, their report is due to be completed in March 2015. Continue reading Hamas agrees: one step closer to unity government signing Rome Statute

Gaza collaborators eliminated to save lives

In most countries execution is the penalty for collaborating with the enemy during wartime. Collaborators are traitors who have the ability to endanger and even kill thousands, hundreds of thousands or millions. In Gaza, where the unemployment, poverty and food insecurity rates are staggering, thanks to the siege and destruction of factories and the economy, “Israel” exploits the hardships it created and dangles food, shekels or even life-saving medical procedures in return for collaboration. And collaboration starts small, but once the person accepts, it is ever-escalating betrayal of not just all Palestinians in Gaza, but in al-Quds/Jerusalem, the ‘West Bank,’ all in the diaspora, all who have been slain by brutal Jewish supremacists, and all Palestinians yet to be born. And this weighs heavily on the minds of most collaborators. They do have opportunities to turn themselves in and receive amnesty. Some do, many don’t. Those who don’t kill their brethren and their brethren’s children. So before recoiling in horror that collaborators are executed, please consider the situation in its totality, and put yourself in the shoes of a Palestinian in Gaza who cannot leave and is forced to endure savage massacres and hardships by the occupier, “Israel.” Continue reading Gaza collaborators eliminated to save lives

Israeli laments lack of inventiveness in torturing Palestine

“Israel” is bemoaning the lack of military victory over Palestinian resistance, despite the mechanised, high-tech American-donated armaments. The armament industry in “Israel” itself is big business. It takes armaments other countries have invented and changes them a bit, repackages them, tests them out of Gaza and then stamps them with “brand Israel.” This has been documented in “The Lab” and has been also published in “Israeli” media. But despite this, it still has no definitive military victory over Gaza, all the destruction of infrastructure and protected facilities notwithstanding. Great frustration is being expressed in the “Israeli” Jewish media that all the methods of torture and destruction of Gazans haven’t weakened Hamas or Palestinians in general and this is due to a “lack of creativity” on behalf of the military. Amazing. Continue reading Israeli laments lack of inventiveness in torturing Palestine

Utter absurdity of requiring Gaza be “disarmed”

“Israel” is considered still the occupying Power of Gaza, though it typically has no “soldiers” stationed inside Gaza Strip. In international law  “Territory is considered occupied when it is actually placed under the authority of the hostile army. The occupation extends only to the territory where such authority has been established and can be exercised.” (Laws of War: Section III, Article 42). A siege: controlling all the ingress/egress, imports and exports, population registry and so on, constitute “effective military control” and therefore occupation. That the occupying power, who regularly assassinates citizens of the territory that it occupies, ‘counts calories,’ works to keep the economy of the territory at a level just above a ‘humanitarian disaster’ and makes war upon it repeatedly would demand that any reconstruction of the infrastructure that it intentionally destroyed, including homes, be linked to total disarmament is out of the Twilight Zone. It is absurd on its face, has no connection to international law and is simply the wish of the occupier to ensure that the population it so occupies is more vulnerable to its predations and more subservient and docile. It is, in a word, madness. Continue reading Utter absurdity of requiring Gaza be “disarmed”

Palestinian resistance: how it evolved

Everything evolves or devolves, and the resistance in Palestine to Jewish domination is no different. It certainly has surprised many in “Israel” and worldwide by its evolution into an organised, highly trained, efficient army. But it was always going to be this way, as long as “Israel” continues to lay siege to Gaza and oppress and dominate Palestine. Now the “Israeli” toy “soldiers” are finding that, like Hezbollah, Palestinian resistance not only fights them but wins each confrontation on the field of battle. This explains why “Israel” prefer to drop bomb and lob artillery from tanks and gun boats. But it is losing even with those mechanical, removed means of causing the death of innocents. Continue reading Palestinian resistance: how it evolved

Is Israel’s goal of turning people against Hamas working?

One goal of “Israel’s” continued ritual slaughterings in Gaza is to make the citizens so miserable that they turn against Hamas and turn towards Fatah. It hoped that it’s siege that deprives the people of so many tiny things, coriander for example, besides human dignity and self-determination that the people will rise up, abandon Hamas and resisting the oppressors and turn to them in love and welcoming instead. And in this latest campaign of utter destruction (implementing the Dahiya doctrine) it hoped to cause such death and misery to accomplish the same. But is it working? Continue reading Is Israel’s goal of turning people against Hamas working?

Gaza: No victory image, only exit image for Israel

When a government set unachievable goals for a military campaign, it necessarily dooms it to failure. Considering that Israel keep changing the reasons it launched the genocidal campaign against Gaza, and the astounding losses racked during it, there is no happy “victory image” that can be sold to the Jewish public. Too many funerals of Jewish “soldiers,” too many equipment losses and not one military success to be had. This has been stated by myself and others several times, and it has been confirmed in the Israeli Jewish press as well. And the most recent time was yesterday. Continue reading Gaza: No victory image, only exit image for Israel

Gaza: the Laws of War in context

It is said that “truth is the first casualty of war.” Every war sees propaganda put out by each party for domestic consumption, enemy consumption (comprising an aspect of psychological warfare), and international consumption, and this recent genocidal project is no different. But noticeably absent from any commentary or news reporting is how the Laws of War are being followed or broken. Accusations without evidence simply constitute propaganda, however, there is ample evidence of violations of the Laws of War in this genocidal war on Gaza that Israel call in Hebrew “Operation Strong Cliff.” Continue reading Gaza: the Laws of War in context

Gaza: Israel still bombing during ‘ceasefire’

The invaders have bombed three residential towers during its so-called ‘ceasefire’: Al -Jondi, Dawoud and Al-Helo, in addition to its new massacre in the crowded market in Shujaiya, which has resulted in many traumatic limb amputations. 7 have been murdered in Khan Younis, 4 of which are from the same family.
Names of some of the dead in Khan Younis: 1. Abdullah Fayaz Fayyaz, 23; 2-soel valid safety 23; 3. Ibrahim Yousef Al-Astal, 35.

Israeli artillery shelling targets Alnusierat and Alburij refugee camps.

5 members of al-Batsh family have been killed, that’s the one that already had 20 killed. Mr. al-Batsh was the police chief.

Death toll rises to 1322, injuries top 7500.

Resistance has responded to IOF aggression by targeting configurations of tanks near Shujaiya (killed some and wounded other “soldiers”), as well as Mt. Surani, east of Jabiliya, and karem Abu Salem. 3 invader “soldiers” have been killed, 25 injured (per invader’s media). They will continue to stop the invaders, protect Gaza and cause very high mortality and damage to the invading “soldiers” and their oppressive, occupying state.

Death toll of Israeli soldiers on the rise, equipment losses mount

It’s dangerous to believe one’s own propaganda, and the Jewish population in Israel has no other conception. It believes all its own myths and participates in retelling and reinforcing them. And the devastation felt at the deaths of its best “soldiers,” losses of tanks and American-donated fighter jets, serious damage inside their country is quite upsetting. They believed they could ‘eliminate Hamas in 12 days’ but they were wrong. Continue reading Death toll of Israeli soldiers on the rise, equipment losses mount

Gaza: Government buildings attacked, over 30 killed

So far, banks, media buildings, finance and agriculture ministries, post buildings, power plant and fuel tanks, water lines and sewage treatment facility, the port and the fishing boats, factories including paper box and fizzy drink, mobile towers, football stadium, agricultural land, mosques, hospitals, schools and of course homes have been attacked. The intent is manifold: destroy the ability to have any government, destroy the civil infrastructure to the extent that it will be un-repairable at least while there are Gazans as second or third-time refugees sheltering in UN schools. It is destruction on such a large scale that realistically, it will have to be almost totally evacuated while bulldozers clear debris and repairs are made to the civil infrastructure. That is the ultimate intent: if Israel cannot have Gaza, then Palestinians in Gaza cannot either. Continue reading Gaza: Government buildings attacked, over 30 killed

Israel cannot win, must make a fateful choice

Israel couldn’t beat Hezbollah, what it considered a rag-tag militia. It lost to Hezbollah twice. Israel cannot beat Palestinian resistance in Gaza, what it also considered a collection of rag-tag militias. It is finding out that just as it did with Hezbollah, underestimating one’s adversary is fatal. It’s losses, in terms of “soldiers” and equipment are mounting, the damage from resistance rockets inside 1948 Israel are being hidden from the world, but they are mounting as well. it’s inherent weakness is becoming more obvious by the day, despite destroying entire neighbourhoods in Gaza. International isolation is growing, calls to boycott by members of governments are becoming more common. It has lost billions in revenue from tourism and manufacturing. It is losing on all fronts, and it must make a fateful choice. Considering its history, it will chose wrong, again. Continue reading Israel cannot win, must make a fateful choice

Gaza: Resistance goes behind enemy lines, kills invader soldiers

28 July, 2014 Resistance goes behind enemy lines, kills enemy soldiers
Details of the incursion East of the Al-Qassam Brigades on Thursday says that a large group of its fighters stormed a border control tower and exterminated from the soldiers. Hamas says that all the bombers pulled out safely after the implementation process and tried to capture a soldier in the meantime but the capture could not succeed. Hamas announced that its fighters seized in the operation on the weapons and serial 438522900X95.
Translated from Arabic tweets by @BelalMD12 Israeli media report the location was Sha’ar haNegev, but typically, do not mention the deaths of their soldiers.

Gaza: North told to evacuate, resistance fighting invaders

After the shameful massacre of children on the beach playground in the al-Shati refugee camp and on al-Shifa hospital in Gaza City, the government cabinet’s decision to widen and continue the ground invasion of Gaza has been seen. The invaders heavily shelled various parts of Gaza and sent ‘warning texts’ to residents in the northern cities of Beit Hanoun, Beit Lahiya and Jabiliya. Many homes in Jabiliya have already been attacked and flattened with deaths and wounded reported.

There are reports of heavy fighting between the resistance and invaders near Jabiliya in northeast. Again their “best” will die, as they are not used to or capable of fighting armed, trained men. Shooting boys with stones and activists with cameras doesn’t count.

IOF outmatched at Shujaiya, admits panic bombing

It sent its “best” into Gaza, the Golani brigade, but was outmatched by Palestinian resistance fighters at Shujaiya. In a stunning admission in Jewish Israeli press, it is admitted that it resorted to panic-bombing a densely populated civilian area because it couldn’t beat Palestinian resistance and feared too many losses. Continue reading IOF outmatched at Shujaiya, admits panic bombing

Palestinian Resistance: an icon for those who long to live free

Resistance does not equal terrorism, the two are totally opposite. To dispel the myth that the resistance in Gaza is illegal, please remember that UN Resolution 3103 says that all people have the right to resist against colonialism and alien domination, which is what Gaza suffers. The Laws of War, Article 1 also state that militias are legal as long as they have an identifiable insignia (patch, headband, etc.) Keep in mind that so many militaries wear camouflage and all that distinguishes them is the insignia on a patch on their camouflage. Al-Qassam brigades, Islamic Jihad and the other resistance factions honour this by wearing insignia identifying them. To Palestinians, the resistance are heroes. There is no one else to defend them from aggression by the Jewish military state; they are not gifted with American-made fighter jets or missile defense systems. Yet they, against all odds, are defending the people, holding off the invaders from re-occupying Gaza. Continue reading Palestinian Resistance: an icon for those who long to live free

Gaza: Not just against Hamas and Islamic Jihad

In a surprisingly frank admission, columnist Ron Ben-Yishai on 21 July admits in the Israeli daily Yedioth Ahronoth that the massacre in Shujaiya is not just about Hamas and Islamic Jihad: it’s about ‘deterrence.’ Deir Yassin was about deterrence, too, and that crime against humanity will never be forgotten. And because of that, the people of Gaza know well this strategy of the Jewish military state, and will not again fall into that trap. Continue reading Gaza: Not just against Hamas and Islamic Jihad

101 Israeli troops hurt in Gaza ground assault: TV

Due to the inherent weakness of the Jewish military state, and it’s highly unstable society, it relies on propaganda both internally and externally. For this reason there are strict gag-orders on what the military censors allow to be published with regards to the utter failure of its genocidal project in Gaza. The true numbers of dead or wounded soldiers and civilians, as well as the extent of the damage caused by Palestinian resistance is much, much higher, although the military censors will not allow this to be published, unless it is already published elsewhere and there is no way to deny it. We are not seeing a lot of photographs of the damage in Israel because there are not a lot of international photographers capturing those images. But it is present and growing. The “best” soldiers of the Jewish military state are being decimated by Palestinian resistance – they are essentially worthless outside of their tanks or American-donated F16 and F22 fighter jets. When faced with an actual battle with other armed and trained men, they lose. Continue reading 101 Israeli troops hurt in Gaza ground assault: TV

Gaza: not going so well for invaders, their best get killed

The “Golani” brigade is supposedly the the Jewish military state has to send, but they aren’t that good after all. This unit hasn’t been able to invade very far into Gaza, and their commander has been killed by Palestinian resistance who are defending Gaza from this aggression by the Jewish military state.

Palestinian resistance groups claim numerous attacks against Israel army

That Palestinians in Gaza would just lay down and submit? That the people of Gaza would turn against each other and welcome the invaders? The foolishness of the Jewish military state may actually be unparalleled in history. Palestinians are strong and support the resistance. Resistance forces have inflicted casualties and damage to invaders both inside and outside of Gaza. Continue reading Palestinian resistance groups claim numerous attacks against Israel army

Gaza: invadors killed

The spokesperson for the Jewish military has admitted two additional casualties today a Major and a Sergeant at the hands of Palestinian resistance. There are more but there is a tight lid on this since it would further ravel the myth of the military state’s ‘invincibility.’ And their casualties will mount as they keep attempting to invade Gaza, Palestine.

Hamas requirements: Eminently Reasonable so it will be objected of course

Westerners have a very hard time understanding why Palestinians resist, and why they resist with arms when they must know that the retaliation by the Jewish military state will be with overwhelming force at the cost of lives and property. The reason is that they have been ethnically cleansed from land upon which they have lived since before there were even any Hebrew tribes; they have had relatives massacred; their villages razed; they are refugees who are -in contravention of international law- are not able to go back home; they are strangled economically and geographically; slandered and libelled as “terrorists;” they are repressed and oppressed and humiliated and degraded by Gentile-hating Jews who see them not as fellow human beings, but as chattel with no soul and who stand obstinately in the way of dreams of mythical glory and lebensraum for Jews from Brooklyn. There is no question of peaceful talks with the Jewish military state – the absence of armed hostilities has not accomplished anything for Palestinians except more of the above. So here is what Hamas, the democratically elected governing party of all of Palestine (it was Fatah who took over the ‘West Bank’ in a coup, contrary to Jewish-owned and dominated media’s lies) and Islamic Jihad require, which is sovereignty and self-determination– guaranteed by the UN Charter and Declaration of Human Rights. It is quite reasonable and surely the people of the world would only want the same for themselves and their children, which is exactly why it will be rejected by the Talmudic state. [Look at the photo above – Gaza is one of the oldest cities in the world, full of beauty and an ancient and mature culture, which is why the Jews want to destroy it.] Continue reading Hamas requirements: Eminently Reasonable so it will be objected of course

Hamas volleys strain Israel’s Iron Dome system to limit

Numerous experts have weighed in on “Iron dome” and its utter ineffectiveness. al-Qassam, the fighters of Hamas, and Islamic Jihad fighters are coordinating defense of Palestine – and despite the virtual media blackout on the destruction and damage (and deaths) in Israel, the J80 missiles and other munitions are having an effect. The panic in the Jewish military, as well as the civilian population in the capital of Tel Aviv is rising. The Jewish military state is used to shooting unarmed teens throwing rocks, adult activists armed with flags or signs or cameras – it is utterly unprepared for actual resistance from trained and experienced fighters,as was shown when it was repelled from the Gaza shore two days ago, and attempted to invade by land three days ago. Those efforts were failures, as is the “iron dome.” Continue reading Hamas volleys strain Israel’s Iron Dome system to limit

Israel Seeks Legitimation to Continue Attack on Gaza

Israel wrote the “ceasefire” proposal, as an example of its Talmudic negotiating strategy, it feigns the position of not only being the ‘victim’ and ‘injured party’ who are’ forced to kill’ Palestinian children, women and elderly, but that they actually want “peace” with Palestine. It concocted the proposal in order to seek legitimization of its genocidal project in Gaza. Continue reading Israel Seeks Legitimation to Continue Attack on Gaza

Second drone shot down over Gaza in one day

The cost of this miscalculated war against Gaza is going up and up, not just for the Americans who pay for the ineffectual “Iron dome” but also for the Jewish military state itself. The Palestinian resistance is vigilant and active. The Palestinian people will not submit to Jewish domination and oppression in their own land. Continue reading Second drone shot down over Gaza in one day

20 Gaza rockets strike Israel

Numerous experts have weighed in on the fact that “Iron dome” is junk and ineffective, but the numbers tell the story. By the IOF’s own count, the ratio of resistance projectiles reaching occupied Palestine to those it claims are “intercepted” is 49:10, which is incredibly poor performance. Just a note – there has been at least two Israeli casualties, one that was announced before this article was published and several soldiers who have been buried at night and a gag-order placed on reporting. Continue reading 20 Gaza rockets strike Israel

Shallah: Ceasefire deal must end Gaza siege

While Hamas typically gets all the press, other militias exist in Palestine as well, Islamic Jihad is one. While also portrayed with infighting and utter ineffectiveness, when it comes to Palestine and the freedom of Palestinian people in the face of Jewish military state aggression, differences are put aside and unity means collaboration, cooperation and greater fighting front. The Secretary General of the Islamic Jihad Movement, Ramadan Abdullah Shallah, spoke to Al Jazeera and made some things perfectly clear. Continue reading Shallah: Ceasefire deal must end Gaza siege

Gaza: An exclusive look into the roles of al-Qassam Brigades and Islamic Jihad

In war, those who fight are safe and civilians die but not because the Resistance is using them as human shields, like Israel claims as it lobs bombs directly at civilians. The real reason is that the Resistance is now fighting from underground and with a high level of coordination, out of sight of the Israelis, leading to a reduced number of martyrs from the armed factions. Continue reading Gaza: An exclusive look into the roles of al-Qassam Brigades and Islamic Jihad