Jewish soldiers night time raid Abbas Momani/AFP/Getty

968 Palestinian Civilians Rounded up Since Launch of IOF Arrest Campaign

Before the “missing” Jewish settler colonists’ bodies were found, Israel could pretend that its mass-arrest campaign was ostensibly geared towards finding the settler colonists. But the entire world knows that a kidnapping is a crime, and crimes are solved by investigations conducted by police, which is a civilian institution. Armies do not solve crimes. Large-scale military revenge-round ups are not investigations, so the world wasn’t fooled by this pretence. Now that the bodies were found, Israel’s Jewish military is continuing it’s mass-arrest campaign, showing quite clearly that it never had anything to do with the “missing” Jewish settler colonists at all, but was -and is- targeted at any Palestinians that are members of, affiliated with or have any affinity with Hamas, to cause a split in the new unity government, and targeted toward any Palestinian that is uppity enough to not lie down and take the occupation politely and ask for more repression, oppression, humiliation, home demolitions, administrative detention, assassination and lack of dignity from the Jewish military occupation. Even the Americans are starting to see the light.

10 July, 2014 PIC
The Israeli occupation army and police forces rounded up 33 Palestinian civilians Wednesday evening and early Thursday morning following a series of incursions into the West Bank and 48 Occupied Palestine, bringing the total number of Palestinians captured since the launch of IOF mass-arrest campaign to 968 captives.

According to a statement issued by the Palestinian Prisoner Society on Thursday, the Israeli patrols apprehended 2 Palestinians from Bethlehem, 2 from Ramallah, one from Jenin, and another from Tulkarem.

12 Palestinians were arrested in Occupied Jerusalem, including 10 from Shufa’at and Ras al-Amoud and two others from the Old City, PPS lawyer reported.

Ayman al-Haj Yahya, Secretary of the Arab Association for Ex-Prisoners in 48 Occupied Palestine, further documented the arrest of 15 Palestinian youths in Negev, al-Tayba, al-Jalil, and Ara.

PPS statement further pointed out the geographical distribution of the captives detained since the launch of the Israeli military campaign across different cities and provinces.

Al-Khalil/Hebron hit a record high of 243 detainees, followed by 166 from the 1948 Occupied Palestine, 136 from Occupied Jerusalem, 114 from Nablus, and 96 from Bethlehem.

72 citizens were rounded up in Ramallah and al-Bira, compared to 67 from Jenin, 31 from Tulkarem, 20 From Qalqilya, and 23 From Salfit, Tubas and Ariha.

PPS lawyer Jacqueline Frarja kept record of prisoners’ sworn torture affidavits. A recent testimony delivered by Bethlehem native Suhaib Taleb Shousha, locked up in Etzion jail, unveils the heavy beatings, boot-kicking, and moral humiliation to which the prisoner has been subjected, besides of the dire detention circumstances inside of Israeli lock-ups.

Lawyer Frarja said following a visit to Etzion prison traces of severe torture and injuries appeared on Suhaib’s body.

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