al-Qassam: Leave our lands

Did you miss it? al-Qassam televised statement, video, photos

“When you are strong, appear weak. When weak, appear strong,” says Sun Tzu. Certain persons have studied this and it is obvious the enemy Jewish military state has not! Its inherent weakness is being laid bare for all to see. It sends in toy “soldiers” to fight men, and it cannot win, so it takes revenge on women and children and elderly. It is dishonourable and despicable. But the people’s resistance, al-Qassam and other factions fight with honour – they fight only the enemy “soldiers” not civilians, even when they have the chance to do so. There was a televised statement by Mohammad Deif, commander of the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, at 10 p.m. local time with a lot of surprises! What follows is a translation (thanks to Ahmad Nimer, @ANimer), a video and some photos.


What the [Israeli] artillery, and bombing failed to achieve, won’t be achieved by ground operation. The enemy is sending his soldiers to a holocaust! We choose to fight and kill the soldiers although we can target civilians!

We were ready for this, with already made plans, not as a stupid reaction like the enemy.

We will not accept any ceasefire on the expense of our people’s dignity that does not comply with our conditions.

Thanks the Palestinians for hosting the resistance! God protect you, and shall show you victory!

al-Qassam infiltration into Nahal Oz military facility, which is an Israeli settlement just outside Gaza near Sderot. Al Qassam fighters sneaked into the military base and killed IDF soldiers.

Tweet with photos of the weapons taken from the “soldiers”

You may have guessed this, but immediately after the televised statement, the invaders pounded the Gaza Strip extra hard. What was that about taking out vengeance on women and children and the elderly?

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