Violent Jewish settler colonists uproot trees near Ramallah

The fanatical violent terrorist Jewish settler-colonists must have forgotten that there is a prohibition against kill trees in Judaism, as there are on covetousness and stealing. That does not stop them from burning, chopping down or uprooting trees belonging to Palestinians in the ‘West Bank’ out of revenge or just spite. WAFA reports that approximately fanatic Jewish settler colonists from the illegal settlement-colony of Halamish destroyed 15 almond and cherry trees and 35 olive trees in Deir Nizam, in order to plunder more land (about 8 dunums) for the illegal settlement colony. Jewish terrorist settler-colonists have repeatedly attacked the area in the last years, destroying up to 500 trees during that time.

Gaza resistance update: Israel now feeling the pain

Just a quick update on resistance efforts:

  • Assembly of tanks East of Zaytoun was bombarded, one tank destroyed.
  • Volley of rockets fired at Tel Aviv, Kiryat Gat, Sderot, Beer Sheba.
  • One person wounded in Kiryat Gat.
Channel 2 - damage in TA and Kiryat Gat from resistance rockets 31 July
Channel 2 – damage in TA and Kiryat Gat from resistance rockets 31 July
  • Power is out in 9 Kibbutzim (Communist communities) due to a resistance rocket hitting a power station
  • [And now the Jews in Israel will feel a fraction of the pain Gazans feel, with 5 days of no power, and 1 year needed just to repair the power station.]
  • al-Qassam has captured a “soldier” when he left his tank at Mt. Sourani.

When is a ceasefire not a ceasefire?

When is a ceasefire not a ceasefire? When you continue firing. “Israel” declared a unilateral 4-hour ceasefire 30 July, except in areas “where IDF is currently operating” but the invaders promptly violated their own ceasefire by targeting and attacking a group of civilians in the North of Gaza. Just as a reminder, the invaders have declared 44% of the Gaza Strip as off-limits, and has bombed 6 UNRWA schools to which those citizens of Gaza living in that 44% have fled. Pure evil.

Gaza: Reports another UNRWA school is being attacked



Gaza: reports of flares over al-Shifa hospital in Gaza City

May be prelude to renewed attack by invaders on the hospital in Gaza City. A lot of explosions are being reported in West Gaza City, as well as heavy shelling from gun boats.
Civilians have been ordered by the invaders to evacuate from a church in Zaytoon, East of Gaza, where they have taken refuge from bombing. In the church are 29 handicapped children and 9 elderly persons. Apparently it is about to be destroyed by the invaders. Also, heavy shelling of the massacre site, Shujaiya.
In Tel al-Hawa there was an attack next to the media building.

Flares reported over Islamic University as well.

Gaza: Resistance goes behind enemy lines, kills invader soldiers

28 July, 2014 Resistance goes behind enemy lines, kills enemy soldiers
Details of the incursion East of the Al-Qassam Brigades on Thursday says that a large group of its fighters stormed a border control tower and exterminated from the soldiers. Hamas says that all the bombers pulled out safely after the implementation process and tried to capture a soldier in the meantime but the capture could not succeed. Hamas announced that its fighters seized in the operation on the weapons and serial 438522900X95.
Translated from Arabic tweets by @BelalMD12 Israeli media report the location was Sha’ar haNegev, but typically, do not mention the deaths of their soldiers.

Gaza: As usual heaviest attacks come before ceasefires

Trying to kill, maim and destroy as much as possible before the American-proposed 12-hour ceasefire from 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. GMT, Israel has renewed attacks with a maniacal, genocidal frenzy. Still being heavily bombarded is the hospital in Beit Hanoun in Northern Gaza (the site of the the most recent UNRWA school massacre) and where the invaders are repeatedly trying to enter Gaza. There are reports of gunfire near the hospital, and one person reported to be able to see the tanks of the invaders from inside the hospital. Staff, patients and solidarity international activists are trapped inside. The hospital has undergone over 8 hours of shelling, losing its front façade and sustaining a direct hit to the ICU.

Also being heavily targeted by both gun boats and warplanes are Toffah, Zaytoun (near a mosque) and Shaja’iya, all in east Gaza city, the sites of recent massacres. Families are being wiped out in Khan Younis in the South, the site of the most recent demonic massacre by the Jewish military state. Eight Seventeen members of the al-Najjar family were killed, including four children under the age of 10 and a lady, and 10 others were wounded. These civilians fled to the home to escape an area that was being shelled, hoping to be safe in this home. They weren’t. Rescuers are still searching the rubble for more victims of this latest massacre.

Also an area of Al Shate’ refugee camp was targeted by warplanes as was Deir al-Balah.

Israeli occupation has just targeted, by three missiles, a civilian house belonging to Qandil Family, in Maghazi refugee camp, in the central ‪Gaza‬ Strip.

Targeting undefended civilian dwellings, hospitals/medical facilities and ambulances, mosques and schools are violation of the Laws of War and are war crimes.

Lynching outside of Jerusalem

Not content with killing women and children and elderly in Gaza, the violent Jewish settler colonists, apparently unsettled by last night and tonight’s continuing uprising, have attacked two Palestinian men outside of Jerusalem.

Gaza: Beit Hanoun hospital under direct attack

War planes are attacking the hospital in Beit Hanoun. International activists report:

Israel rejects Kerry cease-fire proposal, doesn’t get what it wants

The Jewish military state’s cabinet voted unanimously to reject the American Secretary of State Kerry’s cease-fire proposal as “being too much like Hamas’ demands.” Translated that means it doesn’t get total surrender and capitulation: no lifting of siege, can re-occupy Gaza and transplant Jews from Brooklyn to the ancient city of Gaza. Oh, and Gaza’s resources of offshore gas and oil of course. Hamas’ initial demands were sovereignty, though it has since modified these demands unfortunately watered down. Israel is throwing a tantrum and all its toys out of the pram. That’s the result of so many years of molly-coddling by the Americans, though things are about to get very uncomfortable as there has no been a complaint lodged with the ICC on behalf of the State of Palestine.

Gaza: Beit Hanoun medics targeted, resistance kills invaders

Amidst heavy artillery in Beit Hanoun, the invaders are now targeting medics attempting to retrieve wounded in Beit Hanoun, the same area in Northern Gaza in which the Jewish military state bombed the fourth UNRWA school in four days. Even the American reporter Charles Engels of MSNBC was targeted in an ambulance. Al-Akhbar English reports that paramedic Hamed Al-Borai was killed in an Israeli strike on an ambulance in Beit Hanoun. International activists are “pinned down” by gunfire at the hospital of Beit Hanoun. Al-Qassam brigades have killed 15 invaders are are preventing the invaders from retrieving their dead, holding their ground.

Earlier the head of Hezbollah, Nasrallah, gave a speech highly supportive of Palestine and Gaza in particular, and in which he pledged assistance on political, financial and military levels.

Over 500 invaders have been severely wounded since the ground invasion of Gaza. The Golani brigades aren’t faring too well. Many tanks have been destroyed by the resistance who are defending the people of Gaza from the onslaught of the Jewish military state that would re-occupy and oppress them.

Gaza: Operation expanded

While there are supposedly a cease-fire initiative coordinated by American Secretary of State, John Kerry, Israel has decided to expand its genocidal project in Gaza, by air, sea and land.

Reports from Gazans present of heavy shelling by tanks from the East and gun boats in the west as well as F16s from the air.
Artillery fire on Al-Zanna East of Khan Younis in the South. North and East of Gaza City is being heavily shelled and Beit Hanoun in the North and Jabiliya in the East.

Gaza: Reports main power generator attacked

Reliable reports coming in that the main power generator in Gaza has been attacked. This is no mistake – it is another intentional attack on Gaza’s civilian infrastructure, just like the water and sewage treatment facilities, hospitals/clinics/ambulances with medics and rescuers, and the media buildings and offices. The Jewish military state is desperately attempting to cover its war crimes in Gaza. If there is no power, how will journalists recharge their batteries? How will the remaining few hospitals perform surgeries and maintain life-support systems for the critically injured? That is entirely the point and rationale behind these vicious and illegal attacks on protected facilities and buildings. Israel doesn’t want the world to see what it is doing.

Gaza: Shelling, heavy fighting near Deir al-Balah and Maghazi

Reports that Khan Younis, Deir al-balah and Maghazi are being heavily shelled both from gun boats in the East and tanks from the West. Also reports of heavy fighting East of Deir al-Balah and Maghazi as invaders attempt another incursion into Gaza. Resistance is holding the invaders off, expect reports of deaths and casualties of invading soldiers. They are not capable of fighting armed, trained men, only little boys with rocks.

Civilians East of Deir al-Balah are fleeing West to avoid the heavy shelling of the Jewish military tanks.
For reference, see this map, made by the invaders [click to enlarge]:
Gaza - DEBKA map of IOF invasion

Gaza: Medics again denied entry- now in Khan Younis

The invading military has declared Khan Younis a “closed military zone” after heavy and sustained shelling and are not allowing medics entry to collect the wounded and dead. Reports of ‘tens’ of injuries and many dead in Khuza’a, but of course despite many calls to medics, they are unable to reach the victims.

Gaza: Heavy shelling, gun battles

Reports are coming in that there are heavy shelling from Israeli gun boats to the shore, war planes hovering at low altitudes, huge explosions in the centre of Gaza City (where fleeing civilians were supposed to go) Rafah and Khan Younis in the South and Deir Balah. Heavy bombing in the North and reports that the mosque in al-Zaytoon has been demolished, in addition to a house belonging to the family of Abu Ras at Zaytoun neighborhood east of Gaza. Also that Shuhada Al-Aqsa Mosque behind Abu Assi Petroleum station, at Wehda St in central Gaza has been targeted. Al Abrar mosque in Dier El-Balah, Al Farouq mosque (very old) was hit in Rafah by Israeli attack. At least 6 mosques were attacked in the last 24 hours in Gaza. Al Shams gymnasium in Southern Gaza city was also struck.

The focus of shelling in the North appear to be Beit Hanoun, Beit Lahiya, Sudaneya and Attatra from both gun boats and tank shelling. This means that either it is preparation for another attempted incursion into Gaza by the invaders, or there are numbers of their wounded that need to be evacuated so it is ‘cover fire.’

There seems to be two patterns of the Jewish military state:

And the ‘insult added to injury’ – remember the 4 little boys who were slaughtered while they played football on the beach? Their family’s home has been trgeted and destroyed.

Gaza: Death toll rises as entire families are slaughtered

The Abu Jamaa family, twenty-four members dead. al-Halaq family, eight members dead. Siyam family, twenty-seven members including 8 month-old baby girl and seven other children are dead. How is this happening? Watch (sorry I cannot embed it here).

Too much truth: Israel tries to ban Al-Jazeera

The truth scares the Jewish military state more than Palestinian resistance, which says a lot. The vast majority of Western media is Jewish-owned and dominated, especially in America. And while Qatar frequently plays both sides against the middle, such is the way it goes in the Middle East. But the Qatari-owned al-Jazeera is causing the Jewish military state some particularly big headaches. The former Moldavian nightclub bouncer and present Foreign Minister of the Jewish state, Avigdor Lieberman wants to ban al-Jazeera from operating within his country, the Israeli daily Ha’aretz reported. What an admission of weakness!

The world is saying loudly and clearly: this war is wrong!

The prime minister of the Jewish military state has stated that “the world” backs his country’s genocidal project in Gaza. Perhaps he is drinking, or smoking some hashish or something, or is just a delusional psychopath. I’m not sure. But I am sure that this war criminal is clearly wrong.

Gaza: not going so well for invaders, their best get killed

The “Golani” brigade is supposedly the the Jewish military state has to send, but they aren’t that good after all. This unit hasn’t been able to invade very far into Gaza, and their commander has been killed by Palestinian resistance who are defending Gaza from this aggression by the Jewish military state.

Gaza: Resistance captured enemy invader prisoner of war

To be clear, soldiers are held prisoner of war with all rights of the Laws of War afforded them, not “kidnapped” from Mummy’s garden.

Gaza: Confession of War Crime

More about these weapons here and here. Please share this, especially with international bodies, your government and media.

When Jews lie and have to apologise they punish others later

This is typical Jewish military state propaganda, as I mentioned it earlier: the excuse it gave for intentionally targeting ambulances (a war crime) is that “‘terrorists were riding in them with women and children.” The ICC will never accept that as a defence. Now the military state has had to retract that claim, publicly:

Someone is going to be punished over this, and you can be certain it will be Palestinians both in Gaza and the ‘West Bank.’

The Jewish military state was embarrassed earlier this year over a truly stunningly offensive remark about the remembrance day for Hiroshima and Nagasaki victims (only Jewish suffering counts, everyone else should ‘shut up’) and had to apologise. Mysteriously, some days later every copy of the Anne Frank “diary” in every library in Japan had some pages torn out – on the same day, something physically impossible for one person to do. Then Japan had to apologise to the Jewish military state. That is how it operates, that is how deceitful, duplicitous, vindictive and vengeful the mindset is in that rotten Talmudic society (and world Jewry, though the religious tend to hide it from Gentiles a bit better).

Gaza: Humanitarian truce agreed to until 5:30

Finally the Jewish military state agreed to an humanitarian ceasefire for two hours so that the medics and ICRC could at least go collect the dead from the massacre at Shujaiya, Gaza City. The cesaefire was proposed by the Palestinian Red Crescent Society. Hamas agreed immediately, the Jewish military state declined immediately but when it became apparent that was not a good public relations move, it relented.