10 Reasons why the “missing” settler colonists was an Israeli false flag

Jew Netanyahu smirking
Jew Netanyahu smirking, “The goyim are so stupid!”

This will upset and perhaps anger some, but hard truths must be said fearlessly and equally faced with courage by those who profess to love and seek truth. Israel has quite a history of false flag attacks; some are known, others less so, but they exist: the USS Liberty (also see here), and the Lavon Affair (also see here) amongst many others – even as recent as the “chemical weapons” use in Syria, and to instigate a war against Iran (also in this video it is admitted). All along, the story of the “missing” three Jewish settler colonist teens has been dodgy with logical discrepancies and illogical conclusions being made by not only Israel but everywhere else in the media (mostly owned by Jews, so that makes sense). Here are 10 reasons some of the inconsistencies that lead me, and many others, to think that this was a classic Israeli false-flag event calculated to create maximum outrage and blood-lust amongst Israeli Jews and Jewry worldwide, and simultaneously allow the opportunity for Israel to prosecute a military offensive against both Gaza and the ‘West Bank’ of Palestine that was clearly planned in advance of the “disappearance” of the three teens and provide a guilt-cover to shield Israel from the brutality and atrocities its military has and is committing in a series of collective punishments to Palestinians.

1. It is quite bizarre that the three Jewish settler colonist teens were walking home, hitch-hiking, after 10 pm supposedly upon finishing their ‘yeshiva’ (Talmud school). What kind of parent would allow their 16-year old to have a class that late at night, and secondly, to not have any safe and pre-arranged transportation for their teen? There is not adequate public transportation in this area of settlement-colonies and no responsible parent would allow their teen to hitch-hike in an area that is supposedly a ‘war zone.’

And on that fact – this occurred in Area C, which is under full Israeli military control – the Palestinian government and security force has no authority there and cannot even enter the area. That makes the situation even more suspicious – Israeli military manning the many, many checkpoints would not have allowed a Palestinian vehicle to pass into Area C, especially at that time of night (most checkpoints close substantially earlier).

2. It was stated that the three Jewish settler colonist teens got into a car driven by a Palestinian. That is utterly illogical,  unrealistic and not credible as no Jewish hitch-hiker will ever board a car that is not Israeli. This is the most basic rule, unlikely to have been broken by Jewish settler colonists in the ‘West Bank’ where they routinely harass and torture Palestinians.  So the premise that they got into a Palestinian’s car is obviously untrue. The driver must have spoken Hebrew with a good enough accent; speaking with the driver is the second strict rule. Which leads us to the vehicle, the Hyundai…

3. The Hyundai i35 had Israeli plates, not Palestinian ones. Palestinians have license plates that are silver/white and green, Israeli plates are yellow. It makes identification and discrimination much easier.  And when the burned-out car was carted away, noticeably, the licence plate was missing! Look at the burnt car in the photo below. The license plate did not burn beyond recognition, Israeli plates are quite sturdy. While the paint may have burned off, the plate would still – with the identifying letters and numbers – remain intact. But it was completely removed from the vehicle. It was taken off in order to hide incriminating evidence. The kidnapping described by Israeli authorities was impossible, so obviously something different happened there.

Mystery car being removed from the scene - incriminating evidence removed - no license plate!
Mystery car being removed from the scene – incriminating evidence removed – no license plate!

4. The propaganda coup was just too handy, the timing was just too handy for Israel. It allowed Israel to conduct a wide-ranging military operation to round up and retake into custody every Palestinian that had been in administrative detention or convicted on ‘secret’ evidence that was recently released, in addition to as many members (or suspected members) of Hamas as they could get their bloodthirsty hands on and arrest or re-arrest them, too.

As well, the situation has provided cover for other long-standing plans: more settlement colonies. This has been the perfect excuse to exploit the manufactured emotional response of the Israeli Jewish public to create new settlement colonies in Palestine’s ‘West Bank’ in “memory” of the Jewish settler colonists. In fact, Netanyahu announced at a recent conference his plan to build a “border” fence/wall along the Palestinian border with Jordan. Of course, Israel’s territorial borders haven’t changed since they were claimed and recognized in 1948, but these Jews will use any situation to cynically exploit in order to steal more territory, fertile land and of course lucrative resources from the Gentile Palestinians.

And just hours after the bodies were found -by untrained citizen volunteers instead of the IDF- Defence Minister Moshe Ya’alon and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that Israel’s response will include a wave of settlement construction and the establishment of a new settlement in memory of the teenagers in what was until now the G’vaot outpost.

This had been prepared beforehand: the choice the spot demanded planning.

5. The “kidnapping” of three Jewish settler colonist teens would not benefit Hamas in any way, nor any Palestinians in any way whatsoever. In fact, it was directly detrimental to the fledgling unity government, and all Palestinians. It does not make any sense for a Palestinian to do this. Noticeably also, is the complete lack of any group taking “credit” or claiming responsibility, no demands, no ransom requests, no attempt to swap for Palestinian political prisoners at all… which leads us to:

6. Israel first tried to blame “ISIL” (Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, which is laughable. Israel’s clumsy fake pamphlet/flyer was dismissed as quickly as its fake flyer in Ukraine, meant to scare Jews there. When that didn’t work, it turned to its next oh-so-handy-adversary, Hamas. But Hamas denied and still denies any involvement, which is not typically its modus operandii. That in and of itself, is hugely suspicious, as Hamas usually takes credit right away for anything that it does.

Jews fake ISIL flyer
Jews fake ISIL flyer

7. Then there is the matter of Mossad just happening to predict a kidnapping shortly before it supposedly happened. After the kidnapping, Ha’aretz published an article entitled “Mossad chief’s chillingly prescient kidnap prophecy.” The subtitle was “Ten days ago, Tamir Pardo outlined a scenario that was spookily similar to the kidnapping of three teens missing in the West Bank since Thursday.”

It reported words uttered during a National Security Cabinet meeting analysing the Proposal of the Jewish Home party that that “prohibits granting pardons to terrorists.” In other words, it prohibits swaps of prisoners, the phrasing used is misleading. “Terrorist” is someone who inspires terror; the State of Israel was defined as such by the Human Rights Council of the UN following Operation Cast Lead.

Since then the bill passed the preliminary reading, the first stage of parliamentary approval.

Pardo opposed the law because it would limit the government’s room for manoeuvre in future abduction cases.

“What will you do if in a week three 14-year-old girls will be kidnapped from one of the settlements?,” he asked. “Will you say there is a law, and we don’t release terrorists?”

This was enough to recognize his precognition powers by Hebrew media. Others know better and judge this enough to recognize Mossad Director’s involvement in the false flag operation.

8. The suspicious phone call. A few minutes after boarding the car, Gilad Shaar from Talmon called the Israeli Police emergency number. In this case, the call reached the “Judea and Samaria District” of the Police.

It means that they boarded the car willingly without having any suspicions on the driver. The driver made an unexpected U-turn, and Gilad got suspicious.

Hiding his movements, he dialed 100. After the call was answered, he whispered “I had been kidnapped.” The Hebrew is short (“hatfu oti”), thus this could not be stopped.

The call was recorded and has now been released. After the two words, somebody shouts in Hebrew “Head down! Head down! Down!” Following shouts, three groups of gunshots can be heard, cries of pain and then the call is ended.

Israel Police waited almost five hours before entering in action. They intentionally allowed time for hiding the bodies.

9. There is the strange burial, as if they were meant to be found. The three were buried in in Khirbet Arnaba (Arnaba Ruins), north of the village of Halhul, in the northern outskirts of Hebron, Palestine. The bodies had been hurriedly and shallowly buried in a wadi (a narrow stream), between Halhul and Beit Kahil, the car surrounded the city of Hebron and was burned south of it.

The location of the burial is illogical as well. GPS places Dura at 31°30’22.07″ N 35°01’33.83″ E, which is well South-East of Hebron. Dura is just 24 km (15 miles) South via Rt.60 from where the Jewish settler colonists were allegedly picked up. How could it take an hour to drive 24 km and why would they haul the bodies 12.8 km (8 mi.) back toward the scene of the shooting to bury them at Halhul? There is plenty of empty land just a little under 5 km (~3 miles) East of Dura where the bodies would never have been found.

10. There are strange numerical significances. In America, the emergency services number is 911, and the attack on the Twin Towers in New York and so on was perpetrated on 11 September, which Americans write backwards: 9/11. The date sears into the collective memory the trauma and helplessness they felt on that fateful day. It is a perfect manipulation of people’s fears. Scare and Rule is the latest development in political theory, also referred to as trauma-based mind control due to the fact that a person or group are more easily mentally manipulated when they are traumatised as the brain has lower barriers at that point. This situation is similar for Israel.

In Israel, the media counted days hysterically. President Peres emphasized the 18 days passed.

In Jewish culture, the number 18 is a symbol of life. The necklaces reading “chai” mean “live” and “18.” Jewish men and women do not marry, they make a commercial contract. They sign a “ktuva” (“written”), a written agreement in which the husband promises to pay a given sum if he divorces his wife. Multiples of 18 are a popular sum in a ktuva due to their symbolizing life. The number 18 can be seen on Israeli streets more than 911 in New York.

It took the IDF 18 days to find the bodies buried less than ten minutes away from where they had been kidnapped, while the alleged perpetrators were in custody.

From now on, Israelis seeing the number 18 will see death instead of life. As subtly instructed by their government, they will blame Palestinians, as they always do.

It is always the fault or responsibility of someone else, never the Jew, they cry “Victim!” whilst they victimise others, even in their own false-flag attacks.

So, now that you have read the 10 reasons and inconsistencies, and illogical conclusions, you may be wondering,  “What does zuddhi think happened?”

It seems to me, this humble truth-loving blogger, that this false flag was performed by Israel -most likely Mossad- which has no ethical qualms about ‘losing’ a few members of the tribe here and there (in fact, there were no qualms about letting many European Jews die in WWII, so long as they got to steal Palestine when it was over), if it means that Israel can steal more territory of the State of Palestine, more fertile agricultural land, more resources, and get to arrest/re-arrest and/or kill more Gentile Palestinians.

All of this confusing information from Israeli news sources can only come from IDF itself. If the journalists are getting stories that differ so drastically in such a major way, it is becaise the IDF is floating contradictory info. The government of Israel moves in and destroys or confuses the evidence to the point where nobody will be able to sort it out. That fits the pattern of Israeli Jewish false flags and atrocities, and it fits the IDF’s ridiculous statements to the press when it is caught commiting atrocities.

One must not transpose our civilised thoughts and societies onto Jews, they are totally different. We mustn’t confuse our sensibilities with theirs – their bloodlust is stronger than love for their faceless individual members of their tribe. If they will be able to kill many Gentiles they will gladly sacrifice a few of their tribe – to them it is worth it. They will cry about it publicly, lament annoyingly loudly and always, always blame Gentiles, knowing in their hearts the truth, and delighting in it. Such is their implacable, irrational hatred for all humanity, of which they do not want to, and choose at every turn not to join.

This situation has been played to the propaganda maximum (even Germany noted this, which is heartening), and the governments of the world have only acknowledged the situation when browbeaten by Jews who pester them mercilessly, but they don’t really care. For what responsible parent would bring their children into an illegal settlement colony in a foreign country supposedly a ‘war zone’ that required constant military occupation , and allow them to take classes that last late into the night much less hitch-hike home with total strangers? No, there is no sympathy and none is deserved.

The Jews who did this to the two teens and one adult Jewish settler colonists have no remorse or sympathy either.


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