Invaders carrying one of their wounded on stretcher

Playing both ends – expand invasion, ask for ceasefire

Although it seems insane, it’s quite the Talmudic method of behaviour and negotiation: ask for something you want while appearing to do the opposite. Israel is losing: “soldiers,” equipment, enormous amounts of money in its economy, and international support. And despite the braggadocio of its leaders, it desperately needs a ceasefire. So the prime minister approached the American Secretary of State John Kerry and asked him to procure one, albeit one in which the Jewish military state gets to continue to oppress Gaza and continue the siege. At the same time, the cabinet was meeting and decided to call up 16000 additional reservists for a total of 86000 “soldiers” to widen the invasion of Gaza. Because 70000 clearly isn’t enough. It has admitted defeat.

So, now that the international community is thoroughly outraged at the destruction of the 6th UN school that was sheltering refugees (internally displaced persons) at night killing children as they slept, Israeli PM has declared to “destroy tunnels with or without a ceasefire” which means it will continue the genocidal campaign until a strong force in the world stops it.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Thursday that no ceasefire could stop Israel’s army from continuing to destroy cross-border tunnels used by militants in the Gaza Strip.

That strong force may be a sole power, like the USA cutting off all aid and political support (veto in the Security Council) -which is not going to happen- or it may be a combined strong force, either the addition of Hezbollah assisting Palestinian resistance or Hezbollah in addition to other Arabs in the Middle East doing the same, or it could be more states cutting trade ties and formally boycotting the maniacal Jewish military state and destroying its economy.

The latter two are more likely. Hassan Nasrallah, the head of Hezbollah has publicly stated that he supports Palestinian resistance and pledges assistance on all levels to it. I have yet to see any evidence of Hezbollah fighters alongside resistance in Gaza, but that doesn’t mean it’s not occurring. Also, Lebanon’s Grand Mufti Mohammad Rashid Qabbani has called for “jihad” (struggle) to liberate “Palestine’s sacred land” from Zionist foreign occupation during his Eid al-Fitr congregational prayer sermon.

And all of this comes after al-Qassam released a video showing an incursion into the Nahal Oz military facility near Sderot and utterly humiliated the Jews in Israel and their “soldiers.” Palestinian resistance factions have made absolutely clear in no uncertain terms that they only engage with and kill “Israel’s” excuses for “soldiers” never civilians, though it has the opportunity to do so. And those “soldiers” that are attempting to invade Gaza, including the “best” they have, the Golani brigade, are being routed every time.

So this declaration is not so much puzzling as it is revealing.

Remember that at first the reason given was “rockets fired on our civilians,” then when the airlines stopped flying into Ben Gurion airport, the reason morphed into “terror tunnels.” There is a reason the “reasons” keep changing:

The Jews in Israel are beside themselves: they are filled with bloodlust frenzy at killing as many of the inferior Gentile Palestinians as possible in revenge and just because it’s “fun.” And they are infuriated at being held back from killing them all, by the international community and political considerations. Then of course there is the impotent rage at being bested by what they considered to be a ‘rag-tag’ coalition of militias – again. The humilitation of being beaten by Hezbolla, twice, still makes them flush with rage, and they don’t want to repeat that.

And the leadership in the Jewish military state clearly has no real military plan except to make Gaza utterly un-livable. The emotional aspect of the plan is to punish the civilians in Gaza (80%+) for not self-deporting and quietly leaving so Jews from Brooklyn can have nice flats on the Mediterranean. And the Gush Katif crew wants revenge as well.

These, no matter what is said publicly in its sad attempts at diplomacy, are emotionally-fuelled, not pragmatic. They are not legitimate military goals. Prosecuting a war from an emotional standpoint is a recipe for defeat. Sending in toy “soldiers” in their late teens against well-trained armed men is a recipe for defeat. Punishing civilians because you are losing against real soldiers is a recipe for defeat. Attempting to bomb a people into submission is a recipe for defeat.

Israel has already lost.

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