Explosive tank upright Rafah

Use of barrel bombs show Israel’s desperation

As more information emerges from the deadly genocidal project on Gaza by “Israel” the facts show the increasing desperation of the latter’s military. It’s toy “soldiers” -even their best- could not be victorious against Palestinian resistance fighters on the field and were routed at every turn. It could only kill from afar with fighter jets, gun boats and tanks. But it has now been made clear that its desperation mounted enough to opt for unconventional weapons, the kind that when used in Syria, have caused international outcry. This also shows that the intent of the military state was not to destroy tunnels or Hamas or stop rockets, it was to destroy Gaza.

5 August, 2014 PIC
Israel’s resort to explosive barrels as new deadly weapons targeting Palestinian civilians and homes has come into sight during the series of Israeli incursions into eastern Gaza over the past few days.

Israeli barrel bomb, Khuza'a outside Khan Younis. Issam Sammour
Israeli barrel bomb, Khuza’a outside Khan Younis. Issam Sammour

A crowd of Palestinian citizens gathered around an iron barrel, turned into a pile of rubble, near the house of Dr. Mousa Abu Daka in al-Zana neighborhood, east of Khan Younis. The crowd said the barrel rocked the area a few days ago, leading to remarkable damage among civilians’ homes. Abu Daka’s home was razed to the ground in the process.

Palestinian citizen Jalal Abu Hamad said: “The Israeli occupation has not only been unleashing weighty missiles to kill our offspring but also gigantic, deadly barrels.”

Israeli barrel bomb used over Rafah
Israeli barrel bomb used over Rafah

“The world has gone mad over the use of such barrels by the Syrian regime. We have not seen any such fuss made over Israel’s.”

The state of affairs in Khuzaa town has not been better off as a gigantic explosive barrel knocked down Abu Rijaila neighborhood.

“This is just unfair. They’ve spoiled our lives. How come they hit us, innocent civilians, with such a lethal barrel?” Abdul Rahim Abu Rijaila charged as he mentioned the six members of Abu Rijaila family killed all at once in an Israeli barrel attack.

Academic at the Palestinian Center for Human Rights, Yasser Abd al-Ghafour, said during a documentary tour in Khuzaa town he came across a 210-cms-long bomb released by the Israeli occupation a few days ago and which turned more than 15 civilian homes into ruins.

Israeli barrel bomb used over East of Rafah
Israeli barrel bomb used over East of Rafah

Abdul al-Ghafour called on expert authorities to launch an investigation into the nature of the barrels used in stepping up the Gaza offensive amid a striking international silence and complicity over the crime.

According to Ghafour’s field documentation the barrels have been used in different areas of Khan Younis, where seven members of al-Ghalban family were killed at their own homes.

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