Gaza- hospital, man burned by Jewish military strike

Israel uses banned weapons in striking Gaza: Medical Sources

Multiple witnesses reported and posted photos of Israel using missiles that “suck the air out of” their lungs, indicating “Daisy Cutter” bombs that incinerate everything directly below them, also witnesses reported, and posted photos on Twitter of missiles that resulted in enormous explosions with corresponding light that wasin the middle of the night, almost as bright as the sun, indicating the use of FAX, which has been referred to as “the poor man’s nuclear weapon.” Additionally, multiple witnesses reported and posted photos of very foul-smelling smoke, likened to a “poisonous”smell after Israel shelled areas in North Gaza.This is separate from medics and hospitals reporting the use of DIME weapons by Israel on the civilian population.

9/13 July, 2014
Andadolu Agency: Horrific images of the Palestinian victims of recent Israeli airstrikes on the Gaza Strip have revealed that the self-proclaimed Jewish state is using internationally-proscribed weapons, according to Palestinian doctors and rights activists.

Palestinian Health Ministry spokesman Ashraf al-Qodra said the bodies of most victims had been incinerated, while others had been completely torn apart.

He said Israel was deploying weapons that destroy the bodies of their victims, noting that a preliminary survey of victims’ bodies revealed the horrific nature of the weapons being used in Israel’s ongoing onslaught on Gaza.

“Israel used internationally-banned weapons in its two previous wars on Gaza,” al-Qodra told Anadolu Agency. “The same weapons are being used now.”

He called on international rights organizations to bring Israel to account for what he called “its continual violations” against the Palestinian people.

Eyewitnesses, meanwhile, have reported that Israeli airstrikes had incinerated the bodies of Palestinians who happened to be near targeted sites.

Israeli warplanes, they added, were using missiles that destroy their victims’ bodies, often cutting them to pieces.

Some activists posted photos of victims online, advising the fainthearted not to look at them.

Photos showed Palestinians whose limbs had been blown off and others whose bodies looked as if they had been subject to chemical attack.

Palestinian doctors say the Israeli airstrikes had incinerated the bodies of a large number of Palestinians, while a number of others had lost limbs.

They added that the conditions of victims admitted to hospital revealed that Israel was using internationally-proscribed weapons in its current war on the embattled Gaza Strip.

World Bulletin: The Palestinian Health Ministry has accused Israel of using banned weapons in pounding the Gaza Strip.

“Gaza hospitals burst at the seams of martyrs and wounded,” health undersecretary Youssef Abul Resh told a press conference in Gaza City late Saturday.

He accused Israel of using banned weapons in striking the Gaza Strip, home to 1.8 million Palestinians.

“Medical teams have found wounds on the bodies of those killed and injured that are caused by the banned DIME weapons,” the Palestinian official said.

“Foreign doctors in Gaza have confirmed that Israeli missiles and shells are destructive and internationally banned,” he added.

Abul Resh cited that about 40 percent of those killed in ongoing Israeli attacks in the Gaza Strips were women and children.

“Children and women make up around 62 percent of those injured in the attacks,” he said, going on to appeal to human rights organizations and the international community “to pile pressures on Israel to halt is aggression on the Gaza Strip”.

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