Violent Jewish settlers dump sewage on Palestinian land, spring

9 July, 2013 Press TV

Jews dumped sewage on Palestinian cropland
Violent Jews dumped sewage on Palestinian cropland

Villagers in Wadi Fukin near Bethlehem were attacked by Israeli settlers from a nearby settlement, when they intentionally poured thousands of tons of sewage into the only natural water spring and the land.

Israeli settlers from the nearby settlement of Betar Elit poisoned over 100 dunums of Palestinian agricultural land, rendering both the water and crops unusable.

A farmer from Wadi Fukin explained to Press TV that due to the high concentration of acids in the waste water, it has caused widespread damage to the farmers’ only source of livelihood.

Manasrah further explained that they have filed complaints of continuous settler violations against local residents but they have never been prosecuted or brought to justice.

The village of Wadi Fukin is encircled by the illegal Israeli settlements Beitar Elit, Hadar Betar, Movit Betar and Hadassa, which have expropriated the majority of the land from their Palestinian owners. Last month a large military force along with a staff from the Israeli civil administration raided the village and left four notices ordering the farmers to evacuate the land and remove all crops in order to seize it, stating the land was for the Israelis.

The sewage dump has affected around 50 farmers and their families in the area. The village council has called upon the Israeli and Palestinian Authorities to take action against the settlers’ constant harassment and illegal dumping on their lands although Israeli authorities have not yet responded to the complaints.

The dirty sewage water has destroyed the farmers’ crops and livelihood and has left their land as an infertile wasteland. These crimes often go unpunished as observers say the settlers are protected by the Israeli army and are not brought to justice.

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