Violent Jewish settler colonists attack their own military – again

Violent Jewish settler colonists from the settlement colony of the ultra-fanatical in Yitzhar, have committed multiple “price tag” attacks against property belonging to their own country’s military, in revenge for having the Yitzhar yeshiva (religious Talmudic school) “occupied.”

The popular Israeli newspaper Yediot Ahronot reported today that fanatic Jews slashed the tires of a flatbed lorry that brought portable toilets to the illegal settlement colony. The fanatic Jews were protesting both in support of the missing settler colonist teens and also against steps taken by their own government regarding settler colonies that are considered illegal even under Israeli law. [NOTE: All Israel’s settlement colonies in Palestine are illegal under international law. -ed]

And true to the typical Jewish double standard – fanatic Jews that throw rocks or attack or injure Israeli soldiers are not shot, tortured or charged with terrorism, because they are Jews.

YA also reported that this most recent “price tag” attack is the third one (towards the Israeli military) in the last two months. Police have “opened an investigation” though when a Jew is involved there is typically not much effort put into it and are typically no arrests made, unlike if a Palestinian is suspected when all resources are used and persons arrested and detained that are not even charged with any crime.

Israel’s illegal settlement colonies and the violent fanatical Jews who inhabit them are the golem of Israel’s own making and will be its undoing.

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