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More Lebanon rockets strike Israeli occupied territories

I and others have been wondering about this, quite intently actually, after this article indicated coordination between Hezbollah and Hamas. Yet even after a few salvos of rockets into occupied Palestine, nothing more has been said. Seemingly every few hours on Twitter there were posts about Hezbollah arriving but they couldn’t be verified. That has been frustrating, however, at least one man tweeting from Lebanon mentioned Occupation forces’ helicopters in Lebanese airspace, as well as rockets launched from occupied Palestine into Southern Lebanon. So, I’m sure I’m not the only one still wondering whether and/or if Hezbollah is going to join the fight against the Jewish military onslaught of Gaza. But good strategy is not allowing the enemy to know plans or tactics, so I guess we’ll see when it happens, and if and when it does, the Jewish military will face serious trouncing and humiliation… again. Continue reading More Lebanon rockets strike Israeli occupied territories

Israel’s Inherent Weakness

It’s no secret that the Americans bankroll Israel, provide it with over $3 billion in military hardware each year (in addition to other foreign aid not typically mentioned) and protects it from the consequences of its action in the UN Security Council. And it is commonly stated that Israel has the fourth most powerful military in the world, but that is also a myth. Israel’s military is not up to fighting adults armed with real weapons, who are trained and know military strategy and tactics. That is why Hezbollah has defeated the “mighty” Jewish military not once but twice. Israel is only used to shooting unarmed Palestinian boys who throw rock, and farmers. It is only the illusion that keeps the myth alive, and it is only this illusion-based myth that keeps the surrounding nations and, more importantly, people in surround nations from taking on Israel. Continue reading Israel’s Inherent Weakness