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Hamas agrees: one step closer to unity government signing Rome Statute

Hamas has signed agreement to accede to the Rome Statute and join the International Criminal Court. This gives it jurisdiction to accept a case filed by Palestine for war crimes and crimes against humanity perpetrated on its soil currently and retroactively to 2002, the date of the creation of the ICC. This is what “Israel” fear almost more than losing the patronage, protection and largess of the Americans. Colonialism, apartheid, genocide, violations of the Geneva Conventions and war crimes are likely charges to be levelled against the “Israel.” The UN Human Rights Council will be investigating these -of both “Israel” and resistance factions in Gaza, their report is due to be completed in March 2015. Continue reading Hamas agrees: one step closer to unity government signing Rome Statute

Administrative Detention

Palestinian prisoners
Palestinian prisoners

Israel uses the illegitimate tool of “administrative detention” as a handy method of keeping Palestinians who are ‘dangerous’ because of their activism or popularity –or because they are much too effective– away from the rest of the Palestinian population as a political prisoner without recourse. These political prisoners are automatically labelled “terrorists” whether they committed any violence or not, and thus is a pejorative used to stop discussion and deny identification with or sympathy to the inmate (much in the same way the ‘anti-semitism’ trick is used). This position paper details what “administrative detention” is, how Israel uses it, its status under international law and implications. Continue reading Administrative Detention