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Gaza: Israel’s position of weakness and its false flag attack

Unsurprisingly, “Israel” wants to continue its siege and occupation, assassinations, and general repression and oppression of Palestine. So used to being able to bully, badger, wheedle, whine and blackmail in order to get its way it is unused to dealing with a strong opposition. The feckless Fatah and “Palestinian Authority” are merely lackeys and subcontractors, though Hamas is anything but. And Hamas is not going to abandon the legitimate and lawful rights of Palestine: sovereignty, which entails control over its land/sea and airspaces, imports and exports, and ingress and egress. With the ceasefire extended for 24 hours, “Israel” and its friendly-neighbourhood ally, al-Sisi of Egypt, are trying to divide-and-conquer the Palestinian delegation in order to avoid any concessions. But make no mistake, “Israel” is actually negotiation from a position of weakness. Continue reading Gaza: Israel’s position of weakness and its false flag attack

More Evidence that “Missing” Jewish Settler Colonists Was an Israeli False Flag


Israeli Mossad logo- by way of deception
Israeli Mossad logo: “By way of deception we make war.”

I already gave 10 reasons why I (and many others) believe the “missing” Jewish settler colonists disappearance and murder was an Israeli false flag – something Israel has employed many, many times before and something at which it excels. I have had several thoughts since then, which are quite relevant to share now. 1. There were supposedly 3 Jewish settler colonists and they got into a Hyundai compact car with 4 seats. 2. The car had Israeli plates and the driver spoke Hebrew like a Jew (as opposed to a Palestinian). 3. The three got in willingly because – the driver (1 person) could not have forced them all in, and one of them was in the IDF and well acquainted with weapons and tactics, and, had the driver tried to force them, the three could overpower the driver probably easily (3: 1). The inescapable conclusion is that they willingly got into the care of an Israeli Jew. But… for all Israel’s successful false flags of yesteryear, Israel had forgotten (or not taken into account) that one of those Jewish settler colonists was an American citizen, (almost as stupid as them beating nearly to death another American) and so the Americans did their own investigation. The new Reuters report below highlights more evidence that the situation was not, and is not the way Israel portrayed it to be. And of course beyond that, others have noted how Israel has cynically used the situation to rebuild its entirely undeserved empathy from the world. Continue reading More Evidence that “Missing” Jewish Settler Colonists Was an Israeli False Flag

An Historical Look At Israeli False Flag Operations

22 February, 2009 Ascertain the Truth

Israeli Mossad: False Flag Specialists
Israeli Mossad: False Flag Specialists

With all that we see happening with the London bombings, I think it is wise for us to consider the following. History could be repeating itself. British and American targets have been bombed before, and the evidence seemed to point to a specific perpetrator. But the evidence was faked. Continue reading An Historical Look At Israeli False Flag Operations

Israel’s Use of False Flags in Global Terrorism

14 September, 2013 American Free Press

Israeli false flag
Israeli false flag: terrorism meant to look like someone else did it

Those who believe that Israel is behind the alleged chemical weapons attack in Syria—hiding behind a “false flag” designed to implicate the Syrian government—have very good reason to believe in such a scenario. Continue reading Israel’s Use of False Flags in Global Terrorism

10 Reasons why the “missing” settler colonists was an Israeli false flag

Jew Netanyahu smirking
Jew Netanyahu smirking, “The goyim are so stupid!”

This will upset and perhaps anger some, but hard truths must be said fearlessly and equally faced with courage by those who profess to love and seek truth. Israel has quite a history of false flag attacks; some are known, others less so, but they exist: the USS Liberty (also see here), and the Lavon Affair (also see here) amongst many others – even as recent as the “chemical weapons” use in Syria, and to instigate a war against Iran (also in this video it is admitted). All along, the story of the “missing” three Jewish settler colonist teens has been dodgy with logical discrepancies and illogical conclusions being made by not only Israel but everywhere else in the media (mostly owned by Jews, so that makes sense). Here are 10 reasons some of the inconsistencies that lead me, and many others, to think that this was a classic Israeli false-flag event calculated to create maximum outrage and blood-lust amongst Israeli Jews and Jewry worldwide, and simultaneously allow the opportunity for Israel to prosecute a military offensive against both Gaza and the ‘West Bank’ of Palestine that was clearly planned in advance of the “disappearance” of the three teens and provide a guilt-cover to shield Israel from the brutality and atrocities its military has and is committing in a series of collective punishments to Palestinians. Continue reading 10 Reasons why the “missing” settler colonists was an Israeli false flag