The economy of the State of Palestine has been intentionally hampered by Israel in order to foster dependency and hopelessness in Palestinians. The World Bank has noted in a report that “Area C” is vital to the economy of the State of Palestine and especially, that Israel has hampered Palestine’s economy.  The economy of Palestine is hampered not only in West Palestine (also known as the ‘West Bank’) but also East Palestine (also known as ‘Gaza’ or the ‘Gaza Strip’) by preventing farmers from accessing their property and fisherman from fishing in Palestine’s territorial waters to within especially stringent boundaries far short of six (6) nautical miles to Israel’s preferred (and altogether insufficient) three (3) nautical miles. Israel attacks fishermen from Gaza with gunboats who venture beyond Israel unlawful and illegitimately imposed three (3) nautical mile limit, contrary to the cease-fire agreement between Israel and Hamas that was affected through the intermediary of Egypt in 2013.

If the truth offends, stop living the lie. Truth is necessary to understand and decide accordingly

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