Terrorist attacks on Christians and Muslims

Jesus son of whore - we will crucify youIsraeli citizens, often of out a fervent belief in the tenets of Talmudic Judaism, attack both Christians and Muslim Gentiles and their properties in terrorism. These are not published in Western mainstream media but they are not uncommon and they are not without result, whether psychological or physical. It is quite common for Christians (and priests) to be spat upon by Jews, as well as crosses, for church an clergy property to be destroyed and/or defaced in hateful and terroristic attacks, and for Muslim citizens likewise to be subject to racist and religious attacks on their person and property.

Jewish ideology, not only from the Talmud (the holiest books to Jews) designates the entire world that aren’t Jews as ‘chattel’ or ‘goyim.’ This allows, and indeed instructs as a religious an ideological/ethnic imperative, Jews worldwide to lie to, cheat and steal from, and oppress Gentiles since Jews are taught that they are the only humans with living souls and the rest are merely animal in human form, created only to serve Jews.

The term ‘price tag’ was coined in Israel regarding these racist and terroristic acts to Gentiles and their property. Is patently obvious that if Israel desired to stop these attacks, it could. Clearly it shares the Jewish belief in the superiority of “Jew” over all Gentiles in the world or it would allocate resources, finances and stop this terrorism.

If the truth offends, stop living the lie. Truth is necessary to understand and decide accordingly

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