Video: What the Talmud says about Gentiles

The Talmud is the holiest text of Judaism, it is often called Torah and forms the entire ideology and beliefs of Judaism. Jews memorise tracts from it from a young age.

Because it is so vile, so barbaric and intrinsically offensive, when confronted, Jews lie about it right to your face with a smile and feigned innocence and indignation, as they are taught to –as it says to do in the Talmud itself. Often it is asserted that it is ‘outdated,’ ‘not followed any more,’ ‘no one believes it’ and so on. Yet this is the entire subject of study in a yeshiva or religious school. There are yeshiva in every country, in every Jewish community in the world, so obviously those excuses are patently untrue. Jews lie to Gentiles about the Talmud because they know that if we find out what they really believe it will shock, horrify and anger us.

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