Rafah commercial centre

Residential tower levelled, neighbourhoods erased

It’s not about Hamas, it’s not about tunnels, it’s not even about rockets. It’s about control, domination and hatred. Whatever party was in government, were there no tunnels, and when rockets never flew, “Israel” hate Palestinians in Gaza, al-Quds/Jerusalem and the ‘West Bank.’ It wants control, it wants absolute domination. The furious hatred of Palestinians is because they refuse to submit to that control and accept that Jewish domination, because Palestinians still live, because they refuse to leave. So Palestinians in Palestine are punished on a daily basis: siege/blockade of Gaza, torturous fascism in al-Quds, and belligerent occupation of the ‘West Bank’ along with the creeping illegitimate annexation. “Israel” seek to erase the history in which its Jews were only a tiny part, it destroyed whole towns and villages in historic Palestine, appropriated others, and in Gaza it is doing the same. These are in fact war crimes.

Overnight, Rafah in the south of the Gaza Strip was bombarded for hours. The major commercial centre which also housed a medical clinic was obliterated.

Rafah commercial centre inside
Rafah commercial centre inside
Rafah commercial centre side
Rafah commercial centre side

In Khan Younis, entire neighbourhoods are being levelled.
Zhafer 4 residential tower was demolished leaving fourty-four families homeless.

Khan Younis has been under constant bombardment for three hours.  Rahma Charity Association was just bombed minutes ago.

Rahma Charity Association Khan Younis
Rahma Charity Association Khan Younis

“Israel” have called up 10000 reservists to prepare for an imminent ground invasion, which is as ill-advised as the last one. Of course it has been resupplied with many more munitions by its patron, America, so it has used the interim period to collect more intelligence, re-allocate those munitions, kill more civilians, plan more devastation and to foil the so-called truce discussions. “Israel” have no intention whatsoever on signing any sort of agreement that would end the illegal siege of Gaza.

An interesting note on the timing of the fury-bombing overnight: it came directly after Mahmoud Abbas, the quisling subcontractor for “Israel” secured a signed statement from Hamas agreeing that the unity government sign the Rome Statute, but once secured, Abbas stated that he would wait until after the UN Human Rights Council commission of inquiry produced their report in March 2015.

“Israel” know it has committed numerous provable war crimes in Gaza this year, as well as colonialism, apartheid and numerous human rights violations also equally provable. One can surmise that it figures that it might as well go the all the way and utterly destroy Gaza and make it finally uninhabitable, as I have stated before.

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