Maldives: man holding up Jewish military state flag - KILLER.

Gaza: Israel’s position of weakness and its false flag attack

Unsurprisingly, “Israel” wants to continue its siege and occupation, assassinations, and general repression and oppression of Palestine. So used to being able to bully, badger, wheedle, whine and blackmail in order to get its way it is unused to dealing with a strong opposition. The feckless Fatah and “Palestinian Authority” are merely lackeys and subcontractors, though Hamas is anything but. And Hamas is not going to abandon the legitimate and lawful rights of Palestine: sovereignty, which entails control over its land/sea and airspaces, imports and exports, and ingress and egress. With the ceasefire extended for 24 hours, “Israel” and its friendly-neighbourhood ally, al-Sisi of Egypt, are trying to divide-and-conquer the Palestinian delegation in order to avoid any concessions. But make no mistake, “Israel” is actually negotiation from a position of weakness.

“Israel” has backed itself into a corner. While it seems to be strong it is not, it seems to some to be negotiating from a position of strength (due to its oppressor status and American-donated military gear), but it is not. Recent events must be analysed in context.


Despite the enormous destruction “Israel” has wreaked on the tiny Gaza strip, it has not militarily won. It made the mistake of attempting to fight the “American way” against guerillas. Its military is used to shooting boys with rocks or adults with flags, signs or cameras, not fighting real soldiers. And dropping bombs from F16s, lobbing artillery from gun boats and tanks may feel powerful and blow up buildings (and kill civilians) that’s a losing strategy. Its defense officials have admitted they have no idea how many tunnels there are, where they start or end, so any percentage they give as to how many they’ve destroyed is obviously meaningless and only for domestic consumption. They also had and still don’t really have a real grasp of Palestinian resistance abilities and resources. The domestically produced drone, sniper rifle, and anti-tank munitions shocked them. The new drones penetrated “Israeli” airspace and took surprisingly good photos of the airport. The “Ghoul” sniper rifle has ended the lives of more “soldiers” than the IOF will admit, and numerous Merkava tanks have been totally destroyed by the anti-tank munitions. The resistance fighters display far more skill and savvy than was assumed. “Israel” cannot win militarily against them. Its “best” units have been routed by resistance every time.


“Israel’s” economy is being bombarded from three sides: tourism, lost domestic business revenue during the past month and trade.

When Palestinian resistance successfully shut down Ben Gurion airport, hundreds of tourists were stranded, thousands more decided not to go to “Israel” at all. The four airlines lost so much revenue they have demanded the government compensate them and “bail them out” to avoid bankruptcy. And due to those tourists cancelling reservations at hotels, restaurants, shops and tourist attractions lost quite a bit of shekels as well. Farms in the southland could not work their fields or harvest, so their loss of revenue is just as great. Factories also couldn’t produce and require compensation from the government. Trade was down 40% just two weeks into the genocidal project on Gaza, and has only gone down further.

Maldives has instituted a formal boycott, Chile cut of trade negotiations, Ecuador eliminated the visa waiver and the issue of formal boycott is being raised in governments. Furthermore, arms embargoes are being discussed in various Western countries.

The EU labelling laws require a correct, truthful country-of-origin, and will no longer accept dairy, poultry or produce from “Israel’s” illegal settler-colonies in Palestine’s ‘West Bank’ which will reach into hundreds of millions of lost revenue for Jewish settler-colonist farmers and factory owners. The EU is “Israel’s” largest market, and where is the government going to get the shekels to compensate everyone? The Americans certainly are not going to foot the bill.

Palestinian resistance has been clear that it is prepared to fight a war of attrition, and it has the ability to do so. “Israel,” even with the wealthy Jews worldwide, cannot sustain itself and would lose economically to the point that it would require the IMF to bail it out.


The level of shock and revulsion for “Israel’s” naked savagery is unprecedented. Even those European countries that had been browbeaten into supporting “Israel” have expressed strident disgust. It has become clear to them who is the aggressor and the displays of overt glee in “Israel” at the slaughter of children and destruction shows the depth of depravity. The mask of civility is off, and even government ministers are horrified. They are constrained as to how that horror and disgust is expressed publicly, but Europeans are no longer behind “Israel” despite all the guilt foisted upon them by the shameless sheisters that have secured billions.

And the perennial patron, the United States, can no longer protect “Israel” from its self-defeating, violent and vile violations of international law. It may rule the UN Security Cabinet, but not the Human Rights Commission or the International Criminal Court, though it is frantically exerting pressure behind closed doors. Even that cannot protect “Israel.”

Public Opinion

The world now see the true face of “Israel.” Those who were in the middle of the road have now seen the images of little children with brains bashed in, the mother and infant in a last embrace as their home was destroyed upon them, the four little boys who were playing football on the beach, and numerous other examples of the depravity of the vengeful Jews in “Israel’s” military.

Millions of people worldwide have turned out to demonstrate their solidarity with the Palestinians in Gaza and make clear to their governments that the perpetual protecting of “Israel” and support of its violent repression of Palestine must end.

Ceasefire violations

When the 5-day truce was announced, “Israel” began shelling Gaza. It stated it was doing this (itself a ceasefire violation) to “test” the sincerity and commitment of Palestinian resistance. This non-logic was rejected as preposterous to the majority of people.

And throughout the latest ceasefire, “Israel” repeatedly violated it by shooting at fishermen as well as sporadic artillery, though Palestinian resistance kept their part of the ceasefire and did not break it even once. Of course the Jewish-owned and dominated media don’t report ceasefire violations by “Israel” but instead act as stenographers for its military. This is no less true than what occurred today.

Considering that it does not serve Gaza (or Palestine in general) in any way to be seen as acting in bad faith and violating the ceasefire, we must consider the following regarding the collapse of the ceasefire.

  1. Long history of false flag attacks
  2. Collaborators within Gaza (who can fire rockets on “Israel’s” orders at convenient moments)
  3. Uncomfortable position in negotiations (it must end siege)
  4. Commission of Inquiry by UN Human Rights Commission
  5. International Criminal Court case imminent
  6. F16s already in the skies over Gaza
  7. Statement by Netanyahu two minutes after rockets allegedly fired from Gaza
  8. “Israeli” delegation was ordered to return from Cairo three minutes after

It’s quite obvious that the rockets allegedly fired from Gaza into “Israel” was a false flag well-timed to spare “Israel” from the negotiations underway and the enormous world pressure for it to end the siege of Gaza. It is in the weakest position since its founding and on its back foot.

“Israel” has already lost.


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