Gaza - 20 July another ambulance attacked by Jewish military in al-Shujaiya

Israel desperate to avoid war crimes charges

Despite the fact that the patron of “Israel,” the USA, are not a ratified signatory of the Rome Statute, “Israel” have begged its patron to help it avoid war crimes charges. And it has employed other means designed to avoid the ICC as well: initiation of its own Commission of Inquiry, which of course will find no unlawful acts or wrongdoing. And that COI will drag on for years, hoping the world will forget the barbarity of the genocidal project on Gaza. We won’t.

This fear of war crimes charges at the Hague is an existential one. Not only will it affect past and present ministers of government, but will utterly destroy the ridiculous moniker of the “most moral army in the world” and further expose their savagery. In turn that will also demolish the cultivated identity of victimhood and righteousness -despite its savagery- of “Israel.”

But thanks to courageous Gazans, some international journalists and photojournalists, photographic and video evidence has thus far shown only a mere fraction of “Israel’s” military savagery. Doctors, both Gazan and international, have collected evidence of “Israel’s” use of banned weaponry. And Gazans and international activists present are collecting physical evidence of those banned weaponry as well. DIME munitions and flechette shells are banned for use in populated civilians areas by the Laws of War Article 23.

It has also intentionally attacked medical facilities, ambulances and medics, all of which are protected persons and facilities according to the Laws of War Article 27.

It has attacked undefended towns, and dwellings, in violation of the Laws of War Article 25.

It has committed genocide within the meaning of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide.

So desperate is “Israel” to shut down an investigation, it has barred Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International staff from entering Gaza. It hopes to limit the collection of physical evidence that will inevitably be used in an ICC case against it. And, in a likely replay of the infamous “Cast Lead” 2008-9 slaughter in Gaza, it will not cooperate with the UN Human Rights Commission of Inquiry.

But these acts are the acts of a party that knows it is guilty.

Gaza - 25 July little children sitting next to their dead parents lying on the ground
Gaza – 25 July little children sitting next to their dead parents lying on the ground who were attacked when they were fleeing.

Barristers, experts in international law, have written an open letter decrying “Israel’s” war crimes and cited specific acts. Numerous horrific stories are now surfacing about executions of civilian prisoners in Gaza, like the six men found in Khuza’a  whose throats were cut with a knife meant for slaughtering chickens, and dumped in a bathroom. Then there are the defenseless civilian families that were fleeing the bombing who were picked off by snipers as they fled.

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