Boycotts of Israel gather steam

While its patron, America, protects it from within the UN Security Council promising to veto any Chapter 7 resolution with actual military consequences, “Israel” is not completely covered. It seems that it has forgotten that individual nations are perfectly free to enact their own sanctions, outside of the rubric of the United Nations, and that is something even their erstwhile ‘superpower’ patron cannot protect it from facing. Growing calls for boycotts and arms embargoes worldwide from individual nations continue to mount, hopefully, to finally get this rogue “mad dog” nation to heel and curb its voracious appetite for destruction and deaths of Gentiles in Palestine. Sound harsh? That’s just plain honesty. And that’s not a fraction as harsh as the Jewish ethno-supremacists’ thinking or speech about genociding Gaza and completely subjugating the ‘West Bank’ of Palestine. It’s time to call a spade a spade and reject the thought- and language-policing that has enabled this repellent slaughter and oppression to continue.

16 August, 2014 NewsTalk KB
A national day of protests in support of Palestinians has begun, with groups across the country expected to take part.

They say over the past month unprecedented numbers of New Zealanders have turned out to marches and rallies, protest against the actions of Israel.

Spokesman John Minto says there’s currently a wave of New Zealand support for Palestinian people.

“Public opinion has shifted quite dramatically and it is moving very strongly behind the Palestinian cause.”

Rallies began early this morning in Whangarei. Events in Hastings and Wellington begin at midday.

Protests are also planned Auckland, Hamilton, Palmerston North and Christchurch this afternoon.

Northland residents write messages of peace

Northland residents are making their voices heard on the conflict in Gaza.

Several hundred people passed through the anti-war set up at the old Shell station in Whangarei this morning, to write messages of peace to the people of Gaza.

One organiser, Jessica Collins says the government needs to sit up and pay attention.

Ms Collins says people from as far away as Kaitaia came to take part.

Newstalk ZB reporter Charlie Greenhalgh attended the sombre morning vigil.

“People are wanting to get the message across that New Zealanders do care, with signs of arohanui and messages in Maori of peace and hope.”

Far North residents boycott Coca-Cola 

Some Far North residents have been boycotting Coca-Cola in response to the conflict in Gaza.

Coca-Cola has invested in an Israeli bottling plant since the 1960s.

One organiser of Whangarei’s Gaza vigil this morning, Jessica Collins, says many people from Kaitaia have stopped buying drinks marketed by the company.

Ms Collins says this sends a clear message on New Zealand’s stance towards funding Israel’s war.

Labour unhappy with Super Fund’s decision

Meanwhile, Labour’s not satisfied with the Super Fund’s decision to keep its stake in a company which makes white phosphorous.

The fund has a shareholding in Israel Chemicals worth about $900,000.

Chief executive Adrian Orr says a review has found no evidence of the chemical being used in the current flare-up in the Middle East.

But Labour’s David Shearer doesn’t trust Israel’s denials.

“I’ve heard the Israelis say that they haven’t been using weapons like this in the past, and we’ve found out that they have. I’m sorry but I just don’t trust this sort of assurance.”

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