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Why Israel Spies On The USA (& allies): Global Crossing Is The Trojan Horse- Pt.4

Two of the things the US government/Israel do not want anyone to know are these:

  1. One of the five dancing Israelis is named Dominik Suter and Israel has refused multiple requests from the US government for his extradition back to the USA to face questioning and possible indictment related to 9-11-2001 and the financing of terrorism. Why?
  2. In the initial investigation of how 9-11 was financed the US government, specifically the FBI, focused on foreign bank accounts. One of the bank accounts that were apparently involved in the financing of 9-11-2001 was in the name of Dominik Suter.

Is that merely a Zionist Jew Coincidence? Should we all accept the shrug of the shoulders professing ignorance or innocence, or cower when they use the worn out ‘anti-Semitic’ card? I think most people can distinguish between Semites (which includes some of the Arabs) and outright damned criminals.

Think on this, to date no one has been indicted due to September 11, 2001. Even the FBI Top 10 listing for Osama bin Laden never mentioned that he was wanted for that crime. Why? I was told by the FBI that they did not have enough evidence to consider him a suspect in that crime. Compare that to the media blitz Americans were subjected to and take the Jewish owned MSM/US government Fascist Zionist Neocon propaganda blinders off.

I addressed this Dominik Suter matter in the book I wrote ‘One Way Ticket to Crawford Texas’, specifically Chapter 7, page 271:

“I keep thinking back to two things. First, those five Israelis seen taping 9-11 [2] and apparently happy [3] in watching that event unfold. I watched it and saw nothing to laugh about and anyone who could has to be one sick human being without conscience or remorse. One of them was Dominik Suter, he fled to Israel [4] and his name subsequently appeared in Europe on an FBI list to seize accounts related to the financing of terrorism [5].”

You are welcome to check on page 21 of 22 [spreadsheet] in the PDF available at this link, and it was disclosed as footnote number 320 in my book.

You can also note on that PDF that it shows Suter’s name for the foreign bank account and shows addresses in New Jersey and California. There were not two Dominik Suters in New Jersey, only the one that was head of a Mossad front company, filmed the 9-11-2001 attacks on WTC 1 and 2, doing ‘High Fives’ they were so happy to see WTC 1 and WTC 2 in flames, fled to Israel and then the bank account was found in Europe with his name on it and it was linked to the financing of terrorism.

Surely you can do that math: already set up and recording the attacks on WTC 1 and 2, happy about it, flees to Israel where he and any other wanted Jewish felon have a Safe Haven.

In fact, the Bush Administration went way out of its way to suppress any and all inquiries into 9-11, the Cheney Energy Task Force, and even the anthrax vaccine attack inside the USA. I have also asked the FBI why they keep overlooking a potential anthrax suspect in DynPort Vaccines LLC, owned by CSC (Computer Sciences Corporation), a Bush Pioneer political donor and received huge GWOT contracts from the Bush Administration. That was all in my book, too, in Chapter 5.

My question is simple, if I can find DynPort why cannot the FBI find them because they are a potential and motivated suspect. They are not on the FBI list as possible source for the weaponized anthrax or as a possible suspect. Simple biological fact… cannot make a vaccine for weaponized anthrax unless they did in fact have that in their labs.

Sort of sounded to me like another investigation being derailed and focused on the wrong suspects and wrong directions. DynPort is a hybrid name of DynCorp, the euphemistically cited as The Mercenary Company and BioPort, the original DoD contractor for the anthrax vaccine that has ruined the health of many US military personnel and foreigners that were forced to take it as part of the coalition. That is all addressed in Chapter 5, too.

I think it is a legitimate question as to why the FBI has continued from the first day to leave out a potential suspect that is directly tied to Bush and even his father via Carlyle Group. The Carlyle Group, Bush, BioPort and DynCorp / CSC are directly related in many ways to father Bush and Village Idiot son.

Some people think I should be an investigative journalist. Actually there are thousands of people that Thank God I am not a prosecutor because they would either be behind bars for life without parole or executed for just about every law that has a death sentence as the capital punishment.

There were 957 footnotes and most readers were stunned at what I included and based my book on. I knew the USA and UK would try to block as many links as they could so the footnotes included the exact information that readers needed to see. As I expected about half of the links were blocked or deleted and it has taken many people a lot of effort to find alternative ways to keep the facts available.

This is but a small example of what appeared in the foreign media and never was published in the USA, page 437, footnote 496:

[496] December 5, 2003 -RUMSFELD ON TRIP TO CENTRAL ASIAN ALLIES: AFGHANISTAN, UZBEKISTAN AND GEORGIA; Source: The Associated Press – Uploaded/Updated: 12/05/2003 01:25:54: Here in the poor and desolate north, where the war tides first turned against the Taliban in November 2001, Rumsfeld raced through a dusty haze in a caravan of SUVs to a British Army compound, where he met with Abdul Rashid Dostum and Mohammed Atta, the two major northern Afghanistan warlords.

It has recently been released by Veterans Today that Mohammed Atta is actually Egyptian intelligence and a go-between with Israel and the CIA.

I am still waiting for George W. Bush or Kofi Annan to answer the demand for truth I put to them regarding a flight from Kosovo that left after WTC 1, 2 and 7 were smoldering rubble piles.

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