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Why Israel Spies On The USA (& allies): Global Crossing Is The Trojan Horse- Pt.4

Please take the time to watch this Brit Hume / FOX News video and connect the dots:

If you will not believe what I and other people write, watch an expose on American TV.

One of the biggest problems in the US government is Israel influence in securing what it wants regardless of the cost to the US itself and its citizens. Such actions are more defined as an enemy of the US people, not a friend and ally.

Former high level government people in Australia have publicly stated that Israel had tried to bully them into implementing foreign policies based on Israeli demands rather than what is in the best interest of their own nation. This is a regular pattern of Israeli conduct in other nations, too.

I even reported on another facet of this Israeli deceit when they were caught red handed in New Zealand obtaining fake passports and then some of those same passports showed up in Iraq after Bush and Blair completely made that war up from scratch! It is no secret that they falsified intelligence and lied to build a case for war. The New Zealand government went so far as to cut off diplomatic relations with Israel when they were caught red-handed and they refused to even apologize for such conduct.  [The diplomatic flap was reported in the Israeli Jewish news paper, Yedioth Ahoronoth, entitled, ‘NZ chose trade with Arabs over ties with Israel.’

The headline on the article in Yedioth is not the truth. New Zealand did not severe diplomatic ties with Israel due to business with the Arabs. That was Washington DC spin and lies to cast a smoke screen as to why Israel wanted New Zealand passports. The New Zealand leadership was properly furious when it got out why Israel wanted to hide their devious schemes behind New Zealand passports.

New Zealand was properly angry when illegal passports from their nation are being used by Mossad hit teams to murder adversaries of Israel. These assassins were going into places that Israelis and passport holders of Israel are not welcome. Note, not the USA enemies, Israel enemies and there was a long list of Iraq scientists and engineers that met their demise by assassination and targeted hits. I learned from US military sources that Israelis holding these false identity passports were arrested in Iraq and then released from custody on orders from the Bush Administration.

These Israelis were also obtaining Australia passports (and Ireland and UK) and one surfaced in a hit in Dubai that was extensively reported in Europe and the Middle East. The target of this Mossad team was Mahmoud al-Mabhouh who was assassinated in Dubai in 2010. The entire team used passports from multiple nations as disclosed in Der Spiegel.

Most Americans have heard about the Five Dancing Israelis that were set up on the New Jersey side with video cameras and filming the events of September 11, 2001. What was noticeably strange about their conduct was their apparent glee that the USA was being attacked. This is a friend or ally? There was nothing about 9-11 to be happy about or doing ‘High 5’s’.

They were of course reported to law enforcement authorities and later arrested and detained by New Jersey law enforcement officers. They were all released from orders from high up and fled back to Israel.

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